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March 5th, 2007, 10:10 AM

It was with some astonishment that I discovered what an integral part of American Jewish life crime was. Our forefathers made names for themselves, such as they are, as gangsters, murderers, musclemen, hit men, acid throwers, arm breakers, bombers and all the other professions open to nice Jewish boys. Prostitution, vice, alcohol, gambling, racketeering, extortion, and all the other things that fill the newspaper today and that I gladly have been attributing as character flaws in other groups of founding fathers: Those were our things ... I was shocked at how deep our roots are in all the sinks of depravity and corruption ... The Jews were the first ones to realize the link between organized crime and organized politics. They led the way in corrupting the police and city hall. They first realized the value of gang/syndicate cartels in business to reduce the killing of each other. They were monopolists of the highest order ... We wrote the book, so to speak, on crime, but it's all forgotten."
Marvin Kitman,
(Jewish) Forward,
10-14-94, p. 9)

"The first major American drug dealer was probably Arnold Rothstein ... In the mid-nineteenth century when the government started to ban certain narcotics, drugs were smuggled in from Europe and the Far East. But it was a slapdash affair -- not a business. Rothstein changed all that. He saw Repeal coming and knew drugs could fill the void left by alcohol ... So in the late [19] twenties Rothstein retooled a mechanism he had built to carry booze. It would now carry, among other things, heroin and cocaine ... [It] became a blueprint for smuggling drugs into America." Rich Cohen,
Tough Jews. Fathers, Sons and Gangster Dreams, 1999, p. 131-132

"By 1926, [Rothstein] was allegedly the overlord of the foreign narcotics trade in America. Beginning with Rothstein, American Jewish underworld figures became prominently involved in smuggling and opium and opiates in the United States. During the 1920s and 1930s Jews competed with Italians for dominance of the trade. The Italian-Americans' racketeering predominated during World War II. This was because of the Nazis. When the Germans began to exterminate European Jewry, they also destroyed the Jewish criminals who supplied American distributors."
Robert Rockaway,
But -- He Was Good to His Mother. The Lives and Crimes of Jewish Gangsters, Jerusalem, 1993, p. 8

"An American of Russian Jewish descent, [Robert] Friedman is remarkably well positoned to report on the [Russian] Mafiya, since most Mafiya members are themselves Russian Jews. This curious fact owes its origin to the efforts, during the Nixon administration, of Democratic Senator Henry 'Scoop' Jackson to link trade concessions with Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union ... While the Italian Mafia has a singular link between Italy and America, the Russian Mafiya is more international. Ironically, in a Jewish transit camp near Rome, many Russian-Jewish career crirminals met, exchanged information and departed ... The Russians seem crazier than do the Italians. While the Mafia uses violence to punish enemies ... surgically, the Mafiya will kill the enemy, his wife, his children, and his friends, both as a theatrical warning to competitors and for the sheer joy of tyrannical violence ... Now 30 Russian crime syndicates are operating in at least 17 U. S. cities." Houston Chronicle,
5-14-2000, p. 15

"Because the Russian mob is mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area."
Robert Friedman,
[Houston Chronicle, 5-14-2000, p. 15

"Between 1880 and 1939, the Jews played a conspicuous role in 'white slavery,' as the commercial prostitution of that era was dramatically called. Not only was this Jewish participation conspicuous, it was historically unprecedented, geographically widespread, and fraught with collective political dangers ... Jewish trafficking was anchored in brothel keeping, women freelanced or kept houses while their husbands procured ... Jewish traffickers also supplied Gentile-run houses ... "By 1900, Jewish commercial vice was largely incorporated in underworld elements and many of it participants were predators
of the poor."
Edward Bristow,
Prostitution and Prejudice: The Jewish Fight Against White Slavery, 1870-1939, 1983
p. 1, 56-57, 89]

"Publishers Weekly took me to task for that 'offensive generalization' about Jews but it's true. The big machers [in the pornography] industry are Jewish -- Steve Hirsch, Paul Fishbein (who runs and publishes Adult Video News) and David Sturman [who owns [production company] Sin City." Luke Ford,
author of A History of X. 100 Years of Sex in Film, 1999, [Village Voice, March 3-9, 1999

"Four years ago, Jewish banks in the Jewish state conspired in what has become known as Israel's bank shares scandal. Of the four banks, one was owned by Histradut [Israel's labor federation], one by the Jewish Agency, and one by Mizrachi. Last year, a New York yeshiva that was the seat for a grand rabbi was involved in a money-laundering scheme for area businesses. Some of them were reported to be illegal. Two officials of the school wer indicted and convicted. This year a prominent Wall Street figure and a lay leader of the New York Jewish community pleaded guilty to insider trading violations on what is said to be a massive scale. Several others have since been indicted -- and most so far are Jewish. And then there are the various corruptions plaguing New York: public officials betraying the public trust by lining their own pockets -- and, or so it would seem, almost all of them Jewish."
Jewish Week,
5-15-87, p. 25

"Honesty, fidelity, modesty, conscience, courage, altruism, love are not unknown in the gentile world past and present. That these qualities have survived and sometimes even prospered is largely due to the insertion of the Jewish people into history."
Shalom Carmy,
Jewish author,
Religious Zionism: A Symposium, Tradition magazine, 1994, , p. 45]

In 1994, in Montreal, Canada, Rabbi Meyer Krentzman, a former director of the Canadian Jewish Zionist Federation, former director of the Jewish National Fund of Montreal, and member of the Jewish Educational Council, was arrested for selling cocaine and heroin to an undercover police officer.
Fishkoff, Sue. Montreal Rabbi Arrested on Drug-dealing Charges. Jerusalem Post, p. 1

In 1999, also in Montreal, Rabbi Eli Gotteman, once named the "Rabbi of the Year' by the New York Board of Rabbis, was charged with smuggling cocaine and marijuana into a prison where he served Jewish inmates.
Montreal Gazette,
Rabbi Released On Bail, October 16, 1998, p. A4

In 1990, Linda Leary, a former chapter president of the National Council of Jewish Women, was extradited from Austria to stand trial in Indianapolis with her two sons for their prominent role in a drug ring that smuggled at least 250,000 pounds of marijuana into America. Leary "pleaded guilty of charges of racketeering and conspiracy for her part in the ring. She was accused of hiding drug money in bank accounts in the Cayman Islands."
Linda Leary Pleads Guilty in Drug Case, UPI, February 22, 1990

March 17th, 2007, 05:42 AM
Excellent expose, El Duce. Post the article again when we begin compiling inputs for TWPL-3, will ya ??

It'll need an accompanying explanatory article alongside, though. And a couple illustrative photos.

We'll devote 1 full page to the expose.

Now we know why the jewsmedia glorifies organized criminals, ie., The God Father, Good Fellows, etc.

March 28th, 2007, 06:26 AM
Excellent expose, El Duce. Post the article again when we begin compiling inputs for TWPL-3, will ya ??

It'll need an accompanying explanatory article alongside, though. And a couple illustrative photos.

We'll devote 1 full page to the expose.

Now we know why the jewsmedia glorifies organized criminals, ie., The God Father, Good Fellows, etc.

Huh ? I thought germans hated the Italians ?! Anywayz the biggest crooks are jews:o Along with the Italians,Irish,and Germans they were the 1st to form gangs mostly for protection against the crooked jew police! Who can blame em fight the police where they live since they do it to us:cool:

White Winger
April 2nd, 2007, 10:10 AM
It's decades overdue, for the jewish mafia/jewish organized crime, to be exposed as the single most powerful and destructive mafia,ever.

No other race - not even the Italians,who more or less started Organized Crime as we have known it - ever achieved the amount of financial,or,more importantly, political,power,over everything important to achieving and maintaining a successfull civilization, and then subverted and destroyed it.

"You jews shall not crucify the White Race on a star of david made of gold!!!!" - William Jennings Bryant, if he were alive today.

April 4th, 2007, 07:27 AM

Iranian Police Sieze Drugs and Arrange them in the Form of a Star of David

Following is an excerpt from an Iranian news report on a police drug haul, which aired on the Iranian News Channel on March 24, 2007:

Newscaster: The security forces discovered and seized 553 kg of narcotics, in several operations. These operations were carried out on the following routes: Jiroft, Kahnouj, Kahoorestan, Belar, Hormozgan, the Zahdan-Shiraz road, in Jermanshah Province, and the Ahwaz-Iranshahr and Kahnouj-Islamabad roads. 552 kg of narcotics were discovered and seized in these operations. The security forces also discovered and seized 7,500 syringes for drug use, 12,337 crates of alcohol, one Kalashnikov rifle, 3 magazines, and 30 bullets.

April 4th, 2007, 09:56 AM
by Daniel Hopsicker
NOV 29 2006

Russian Mobster Igor Borisovich “Felix” Rabaev, the heroin trafficker who was waiting at the receiving end for the arrival of a weekly drug flight coming in from Venezuela during the year 2000 on a Lear jet owned by terror flight school impresario Wallace J. Hilliard re-surfaced in the Ukraine last year, where he masterminded an attempt to assassinate a man just-appointed Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security Council, the MadCowMorningNews has learned.

Vitaliy Haiduk was then the West-leaning Ukrainian Minister of Energy, targeted for injury (or worse) in a deliberate crash landing of a private Challenger jet on January 5, 2005 at an airport in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Tensions were running high at the time, as the world watched to see what would happen during the inauguration of Western-backed President Viktor Yushchenko, scarred by poisoning during the election campaign.

Former CIA pilot Mark Shubin, who witnessed the controlled crash landing of Haiduk’s plane, received a phone threat on his life last week to dissuade him from revealing details of the incident.

But phone threat were hardly the only examples of the ruthlessness of the Russian Mafia, visible in a spate of news stories last week, the most prominent of which involved speculation at Scotland Yard of possible involvement of Russian organized crime in the killing of a KGB defector whose food was spiked with a rare radioactive substance

Did 'Pirate of Prague' know Atta?
The Russian Mob was also in the news in a bizarre case involving the FBI's terrorism unit, investigating charges Russian Mobsters were deliberately contaminating their hordes of cash with a virus designed to sicken anyone who came in contact with it, after officers in the State Police in Pennsylvania became ill after confiscating a stash of drug money.

Stranger still was a story revealing that Russian organized crime had been fingered by police in Seoul South Korea during an investigation into a disgraced Korean cloning scientist, Hwang Woo-suk, who announced Hwang made three attempts to clone a wooly mammoth, using mammoth cells bought from the Russian Mafia.

The involvement of Felix Rabaev in drug flights on a plane owned by the man whose flight school was at the same time teaching Mohamed Atta to fly was just one of several threads involving the Russian Mob in the story of the 9/11 terrorist conspiracy.

As we reported last week the FBI launched a manhunt scouring the South Pacific for Wolfgang Bohringer, a German pilot fingered as one of Atta's closest associates in “Welcome to TERRORLAND,” after he re-surfaced in the middle of the South Pacific recently to launch a highly-dubious enterprise on a tiny island over 1000 miles from a city of any size, where he planned to open a flight school which would only teach pilots how to fly DC3’s.

Bohringer was hanging out with Mohamed Atta all over Southwest Florida in the year before 9/11 while serving as the personal pilot of fugitive financier, Victor Kozeny, the so-called “Pirate of Prague.”

Kozeny ran afoul of U.S. officials after attempting to bribe his way to ownership of the state oil company in Azerbaijan. His endeavor was assisted by shady American financing, including money from AIG Insurance, whose subsidiary Coral Reinsurance, according to the Arkansas Project, was implicated during the 1980's in cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas....more

April 4th, 2007, 10:34 AM

by Daniel Hopsicker

Last week's indictment of three men with Mob ties in the gangland-style murder of gambling ship magnate Gus Boulis during Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff's take-over of the gambling cruise ship line revealed deep Mob connections at the highest levels of the Republican Party.

Now The MadCowMorningNews has learned exclusively of more Mob ties to the case. One of the principals in the scandal, Adam Kidan, an Abramoff partner and a former Republican “fund-raiser,” was the co-owner and general counsel of a Caribbean island hotel-casino with Rosario Spadaro, called "a member of the Sicilian Mafia" in an Associated Press story reporting his recent arrest in Italy in a major investigation into international arms trafficking.

“St. Maarten hotel owner arrested, linked to Mafia” read the headline.

“Italian police have arrested St. Maarten's most prominent hotel owner, Rosario Spadaro, accusing him of laundering money for the Sicilian Mafia, Italian police said Thursday,” read the AP report in the May 20, 2005 Orlando Sentinel.

“Spadora was arrested May 9 in Rome's Fiumicino airport, as soon as he landed in Italy on a flight from Caracas, Venezuela, the Messina anti-Mafia police said.”

Just how stupid do you think I am?

Kidan, Abramoff’s second-in-command at the SunCruz casino line, is reportedly soon to be indicted for the murder of Gus Boulis’ murder, on the relatively safe grounds that he wrote checks totaling a quarter million dollars for no easily discernible reason to the Gambino hit man recently charged with the crime.

April 4th, 2007, 11:07 AM

The news that Igor Borisovich Rabaev— who awaited the arrival in New York each week for thirty-nine weeks of terror flight school owner Wally Hilliard’s Lear jet—has recently been involved in a plot to assassinate Vitaly Haiduk, the new Defense Minister in the Ukraine should finally bury one of the central lies in the official story of the 9/11 attack, the one which falsely asserts that 19 hijackers moved through Europe and America unnoticed, keeping pretty much kept to themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The hijackers were not ghostly apparitions.

Based on an "investigation" notable only for failing to interview a single firsthand eyewitness, the National Commission on Terrorism’s 9/11 Report totally ignored the big dirty secret lying at the heart of the 9/11 cover-up... A war for global supremacy being fought through drug trafficking, weapons sales, and the associated money laundering necessary to keep secret armies in the field.

They stuck out like sore thumbs... like Sammy the Bull Gravano hiding out in a Hasidic enclave in upstate New York.

In this light the arrest of the alleged close associate of Hugo Chavez caught ‘holding the bag’ on Wally Hilliard’s Lear jet can be seen as just one more chess move in an ongoing global match being fought out on a chessboard as vast as the steppes of Central Asia.

No doubt, this is why when Edgar Valles-Diaz paid for each charter Lear jet flight in cash, Hilliard pretended not to notice

Rotsa Ruck
May 6th, 2007, 06:50 PM
A wise man once said "Judaism is organized crime masquerading as a religion."

I have yet to see any evidence to the contrary...

May 9th, 2007, 04:48 PM
A wise man once said "Judaism is organized crime masquerading as a religion."

I have yet to see any evidence to the contrary...
And the "perfect crime" it is!!!

All of the mobsters of every stripe, all have their "legitimate" business to hide their loot and their methods. Doesn't matter what the false front is, it is a real business through which the illegal profits can be laundered.

But only the Jews have used a "religion" as the false front. What a perfect crime!!! Religion! Something that people worldwide respect. And if it isn't their OWN religion, they turn their eyes away. What better way to hide something than in a place where no one is interested in looking!!!

The JudenVermin have had 2500 years to perfect their swindle, and they are good at it. If the police start sniffing around, "Oy, how can you not respect God, Himself!!!??? Oy, you evil policemen! God loves His holy, chosen Jews. Now go away immediately and don't peek or you will burn in hell fire!!!"

Judaism is the perfect crime.

May 21st, 2007, 06:04 AM
Surprisingly, Wikipedia has some good information about Jewish organized crime in America, much of it well sourced. I'm surprised that this has been allowed to remain on Wikipedia since all of the Jewish content of that site is carefully screened by the resident Zioncrats for anything that could possibly tarnish the 'sterling' reputation of 'the chosen.' The following links include general info, a general list, and a very extensive category listing of major Jewish-American mobsters. Some obscure stuff is found here like the "Yiddish Black Hand" gang and the "Shapiro Brothers," plus more.

+ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish-American_organized_crime

+ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish-American_mobsters

+ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Jewish_American_mobsters

June 2nd, 2007, 10:40 PM
There's hope with a scope.