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alex revision
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alex revision
Default J. Keller and Hanns Andersen: The Jew as Criminal


The Jew as Criminal

English translation of Der Jude als Verbrecher, Leipzig, 1937, by R. Belser (USA, 2002)

Introductory note of Julius Streicher

<pdf> 550K, 213 p.

The Jew is fundamentally and basically criminal. Crime is, for him, the form of existence inherent in him. He is continuously and inescapably on the attack against the natural laws of order of the Volksgemeinschaft [= ethnic community] and the communal life of the various peoples. It is by no means money per se for which he strives.

This view is a dangerous prejudice, which is apt to divert the gaze of the investigator and the politician from the essence. Money is for the Jew only a means to an end, the end goal is, for him, always the conquest of power, the usurpation of unlimited power over people.

The entire content of the socalled 'religion' of Judaism and its Chosen status is a mere monstrosity of its morbid greed for power.


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