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Default Fuck Ratsistance Records

"Chris Evans is a fucking rat. He testified against me and four other Hamerskins and helped put us in prison. Absolutely anybody who has any questions about that can ask me about it" --Sean Tarrant, Bully Boys drummer and founding member of the Hammerskin Nation.

"I was young and scared and my testimony didn't really hurt those guys anyway." --Chris Evans, Resistance Records webmaster and owner of Aryan Wear boot company.

"Fuck Resistance. I won't do business with those rats again. When they finish selling what they have, they are no longer permitted to sell BFG CDs" --Big Ed, Bound For Glory.

Erich Gliebe, manager of Resistance Records, refuses to fire rats and informers. Chris Evans remains the webmaster of their website. Evans has also been discovered as the owner of Aryan Wear, which specializes in high dollar boots (made in China) which feature little Swastikas on the soles. Anybody who has bought a pair of these poor quality boots has directly supported government informants. Besides, why would a person want to wear boots with Swastikas in the bottoms of them? To give the police something to follow from a crime scene? So after you kick someone's ass the prosecutor has a photo of your bootprints on some guy's face to show the jury? Maybe Evans doesn't think he has put enough people in prison. Evans claims that his testimony did not hurt the skinheads on trial, but if you take the stand for the prosecutor, it's because you are helping the prosecutor's case. Point blank. And if you will tell on your "friends" during a trial, what will you say behind closed doors, at the police station, in private? If you bouhgt a pair of those boots, take a good look at them. Good men spent a large portion of their lives in prison cells so that fat little bastard could stay on the streets and be able to give you an expensive pair of shitty, poor quality Chinese shoes. Good luck looking your children in the face.

Gliebe also refuses to kick Ryan Maziarka off of the National Alliance Board Of Directors as Treasurer, even though proper paperwork has been circulated that another skinhead, Steven Casey jones, is serving a 13 year sentence for assault because Maziarka snitched him off. Maziarka apparently spray-painted an African American church and got caught. To escape punishment for that he tipped investigators off to the identity of Jones and implicated him in an assault that took place 5 months earlier in which the police did not even have a suspect. Jones had been visiting Maziarka from out of state and was the only person who knew who he was. Maziarka and Evans are two informants that Gliebe refuses to get rid of, and the National Alliance*and Resistance Records are paying the price for it.

These are far from being the first two rats in the Resistance camp. Their photographer, Lawrence Myers, has a history of informing. Here is a link to court documents:*Gliebe has known about Myers' past for years, yet continued to send Myers to every concert and rally that Resistance was allowed to participate in with dozens of rolls of film. Supposedly, so many people were demanding action that Gliebe was forced to do something, and it is rumored that Myers has been fired, but then again, Gliebe has never made a public statement regarding this matter, so who knows what role Myers still plays? The fact is, Myers donated lots of cash to the Alliance, so his activities were permitted, putting everybody who came into contact with him at risk. Gliebe sold his own people out for cash.

So many people have ceased doing business with Ratsistance that Gliebe has been forced to strike up an alliance with other outcasts in the White Power music world, such as Micetrap and MSR. Steve Wiegand of Micetrap has a history of ripping off bands, bootlegging music, and sending e-mail viruses to those who expose him. He specializes in hacking websites and initiating phony complaints to PayPal and service providers of those he wants to silence. He does not attend concerts since he has been consistantly beaten pretty much wherever he goes. Those on the East Coast know this for a fact. Wiegand has been laying low, sending cash donations to certain influential groups and offering free web hosting, as a means of currying favor with those who may be new to things, and less likely to know what the history of this man is. Some of them may actually fall for it. It is believed that Wiegand has teamed up with Ratsistance to form a "dirty tricks campaign" against those of us who are trying to keep some standards in the movement. Micetrap supporting decent pro-white groups is like a politician kissing a factory worker's baby during an election campaign. Only suckers fall for that shit. Or people who value money over Race.

Mr. Gliebe is a very desperate man. He spends approximately 10 hours a day on the telephone, attempting to convince people that this is all a conspiracy to ruin the Alliance. The truth is that Gliebe and his crew of rats is doing a fine job of that by themselves.

The sad thing is that Gliebe will probably succeed. People have short memories, and if he can stay afloat for a year or so, he can attempt to rehabilitate himself and his group in the minds of those who may not remember the facts. If people like Micetrap can fool his way back into the scene, there is hope for every piece of shit out there to do the same thing. You can be a low-life and an informant, and just ignore it and hope it all goes away. Put some links up to various groups on your website, donate some CDs for a raffle and send a check or two. Then come out from under your rock after a couple of years*and when somebody points at you and says, "Hey, there's that fucking rat again," you can whine about "unity" and say how this is all a bunch of nasty rumors and you just don't know why everybody is picking on you.

If that is the type of filth we let in, then we deserve the type of scene we get. No rules, no standards, no nothing. .

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Rob Roy MacGregor
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Rob Roy MacGregor
Default What The Swastika Means Today...

a BULLSEYE on your forehead!

Smart WNs stay away from saying "Look at Me, FBI!"

Too funny!

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Default Resistance

So what? Skinheads appear to love going to prison anyway, what's wrong with helping them out some?
If 5 skinheads have to go to prison to help one National Alliance member stay on the streets to do productive work, that sounds like a fair arrangement.
Old December 3rd, 2003 #4
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I guess the poster is from Panzerfaust, since they are the only ones who weren't mentioned negatively.
Old December 3rd, 2003 #5
Craig Smith
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Jackboot, are you endorsing bearing (false) witness against other WNs?
Old December 3rd, 2003 #6
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Show me court transcripts of Panzerfaust or anybody else who hires, harbors, and promotes informants who put people in prison, and refuses to fire them, and I will happily post it as well.....

By the way, Panzerfaust is NOT the "only one" who was not mentioned negatively. What about MSR? Imperium Records? Final Stand Records? Diehard Records? What about the hundreds of decent European music producers who are honorable White men and women?

Is it so hard for you to believe that Resistance could possibly have been "mentioned negatively" because there happens to be the type of skeletons in their closets that should be exposed?
Old December 3rd, 2003 #7
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Originally Posted by jackboot
So what? Skinheads appear to love going to prison anyway, what's wrong with helping them out some?
If 5 skinheads have to go to prison to help one National Alliance member stay on the streets to do productive work, that sounds like a fair arrangement.
A lot of times, Skins care more about beating/killing the filthy nigger shouting obscenities in his face than what the jews will do when he does so. What's wrong with that? Most skins are younger. When you're younger, your hormones are making you crazy anyways. Add a heaping bunch of niggers, spics, and jews egging the brown bastards on and you've got a recipe for Revolution. Now let's ignite it! Fire up those ovens, and start digging for the mass graves!



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