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Old August 21st, 2012 #681
Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Golden Dawn Slow on Malaria

I am surprised that the party hasn't jumped all over this. This is a wonderful opportunity to bash Stone Age Africans and demand that they be sent back to Africa.

Health Officials Say Malaria on the Rise in Greece

By A. Papapostolou on August 20, 2012 In News

The Greek Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) has warned that malaria could be making a comeback in Greece 38 years after the country was officially deemed free of the disease.

According to KEELPNO, as the daily Kathimerini reported, 40 cases were detected in the first seven months of this year. In six of them, those infected had no history of travel to countries where the potentially deadly disease is still endemic. The numbers are so far similar to last year, when there was a spike in September. In previous years, there had been a total of 30-50 cases recorded but almost exclusively among people who had traveled to Greece from countries where malaria is still prevalent.

KEELPNO attributed the rise in malaria cases to climate conditions, the activity of mosquitoes and a greater influx of immigrants. This prompted the watchdog to warn of a “real prospect” of the disease re-establishing itself in Greece.

(Sources: KEELPNO, ANSA)
Old August 21st, 2012 #682
Donald E. Pauly
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Las Vegas
Posts: 4,130
Smile 600 More Negroes Investigate for Deportation

The climate of fear is continuing among Greek invaders. Now they need to start deporting the ones with papers.


More immigrants detained as crackdown continues , Monday August 20, 2012 (20:54)

Almost 600 migrants were detained by police in central Athens on Sunday, taking to nearly 9,500 the total number of immigrants stopped and questioned by officers since earlier this month, when the Xenios Zeus operation aimed at tackling illegal immigration began.

Of those detained on Sunday, 50 migrants were arrested as they did not have legal residence papers. The total number of migrants arrested so far has risen to 1,870.

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Old August 21st, 2012 #683
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 40,415
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Alex Linder

They did get their blood bank going.
Old August 21st, 2012 #684
Donald E. Pauly
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Las Vegas
Posts: 4,130
Smile Mosquito Blood Bank?

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
They did get their blood bank going.
I hope that the mosquitoes weren't drawing the blood in the Golden Dawn blood drive for Greeks. My honey Voula Papachristou was talking West Nile Virus in her 15 minutes of fame. Inquiring minds want to know.
Old August 21st, 2012 #685
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 40,415
Blog Entries: 16
Alex Linder

The People's Voice Messages - Letters Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I welcome the National Struggle. I am a new Military, even in Military School. I am a nationalist since childhood and I and I and I from my side to help me the Nation. I live in Athens since I was born. The gift of my city and the beginning of this summer is bicycle theft, theft of accessories from my car, and then the following ... I still do not get officer and without unnecessary costs, only 1000 € thefts not cope with economically. The previous generation well organized crime we are experiencing today. Athens has been emptied and thieves - clandestine immigrants and non celebrated daily, while politicians enjoy their summer vacation. Few times but your ... The world wakes up day after day and eventually will tremble EARTH WALK DOWN THE AP.


Anonymous Sponsor

Good afternoon! Recently I stumbled on female site of the Golden Dawn "Women's Front" that were organized in Athens basic self-defense courses for women. It was very useful for us to watch Patrinos such seminars and would appreciate if you are scheduled to do so and in Patras.

The other day I returned home at noon followed by Afghan reasonably rob me, I ran to get into the gate and cried my dog, who began to bark and then he ran away. The problem with the Afghans and Somalis in Patras is huge, especially in the municipality Beach recently made the episodes but also in the area of ​​Agia outside where they try to make camp. The incident is recounted one of the many that have happened to me and my fellow citizens. Your presence here I will give a breather for people to feel calmer. Many Patras not react because there are groups of "anti-racism" that will marginalize and then is daktylodeiktoumenoi. The issue is that we have made such brainwashing that nobody reacts now consider that we must learn to coexist with them and endure the everyday as it is. I wish to deal with one issue and how to make the presence of the Golden Dawn sharper Patras to see that not all citizens sleep the sleep of the just.



Thoughts ...

A renowned anthropologist - biologist had made in an article by a great truth:

'' It's tragic really disappearing species of the animal kingdom after human intervention, yet tragically altering the colorful mosaic of peoples in the world on behalf of the new order of things.''

Fortunately there are still forces that resist this new class. I feel lucky to have met you and became a supporter recently. You say truths that do not like at all. If you feel hostility and attacks from the mass, it is good to prepare for cheirotera.To money is very sweet and strike to kill the petty interests. Continue to be authentic and real and not afraid of anything. They raped the Greek people for decades spreading false promises. Even now, at the last moment they call their own. Trying to hang bells on each supporter Nationalist movement. Always raising the flag at home on national holidays and always wore the overalls with my typical small blue and white on trips. Even in Turkey. With featured graphic then. Kitsch. Do not let any fellow to tell you what you are. We GREEKS, blood, honor, and soul will continue to fight any foe.

With dedication

George G.


Gentlemen, I greet you.

I watch as much as possible to your course and your presence online, so the official page, and in the video you uploaded to Youtube. The main reason why I felt the desire to communicate with you is the fact that never before since the Golden Dawn has a strong presence in the political arena, are my personal opinions, principles and generally my way of thinking, were not identified so much with the positions of any political party. I can, without a trace of hesitation, say that the "face" of the Golden Dawn, see the first political party, which, as thinking logically as I want to believe that I am, I could not include in the total members of this gang, the which for decades behind the mask of "Greek political scene."

I'm not a racist, certainly not in the strict sense of racial discrimination and position on "superior" and "inferior" races (rather the opposite of this term put myself). But I am an advocate of precision, clarity of speech and loyalty. But this violated the borders of my country, I call him "illegal immigrant" and not just "immigrant", "economic / political refugee", "tourist", or whatever. I am not cruel ... or enjoy watching people being tortured or dying. It happens but I am very skeptical toward supposed "official statistics", according to which, the knowledge that he will suffer severe punishment does not deter the potential offender to commit the crime that he has in mind. By contrast, far I'm skeptical in the face of what I see with my own eyes and what I experience every day. I know first hand what happens to the place where I am, like what ... not happening in my country.

Here where I live in Germany have been eliminated almost 100%, the incidence of serious crime, but even the "light" delinquency. The reason is simple, as though the statisticians refuse to admit: The law is merciless toward criminals and the sentences imposed, applied in practice and just like their name says. When the court imposes such "Fifteen years in jail", this translates to fifteen years, effective encapsulation. Neither "good conduct" or nonsense like "exit permit to the offender," or early release. The aspiring pickpocket or a burglar, he knows he will serve five years ... and think twice whether to stretch out his hand in foreign property. The driver, knowing that the first time you caught driving drunk will both pay a very heavy (under unbearable here average earnings) fine and the other, denied his diploma for three months. In which case, who come for the second time in the same misconduct for lifelong removal of the patent ... and seize the car. "Heavy" offenses such as drug trafficking, murder, human trafficking or rape, the offender means that he will forget the color of the sky, for fifteen to twenty-five years.

Yes, there is fear in the idea that they will be against the law. My view is that there is very welcome. Afraid of the law, only those who have reason to fear him. I, who do not have such a reason, I feel safe to an incredible degree. I can if I want, dear sir, to release foot and alone, in the most secluded street of my town, even at three a.m., without the slightest concern. May not meet the road ... nor cat, but pedestrian and patrol police (evgenestaton conventionalism and police) will definitely meet every few minutes. In the street there, those who do not fear the law, because we have not "soiled our nest" and those who care to not be afraid of anything. What could be a danger to the community, or are currently incarcerated, or "doing the duck." Particular because they know very well that the police here are not obliged to wait to empty a magazine against him before ... dare to pull his gun from the holster.

I had time for several years, the season may move to Athens, without shaking the possibility to find yourself slaughtered even in broad daylight. Now just nostalgia and regret for katantima of state in my country, which forced the peaceful and law-abiding citizens to live in poverty, the indignity and fear. If there is even a glimmer of hope, a time when nostalgia to return as a reality in Greece through political action, I believe that can emanate only from a political party like the Golden Dawn.

I remember myself in discussions on any topic, I chose the language of truth, regardless of whether it bothered me. If for some "no-name", or non-public entity, the choice does not lead despite personal consequences (not that it is unworthy of reporting barely often very heavy and expensive, both in social acceptance, and a professional course. ..), usually for a political means (unfortunately, due to poor attitudes of the majority of voters) "political end." I found that choosing the same language, both inside and outside parliament, that supported the language with similar transactions that do not caress the ears of anyone. These were not the only reason to form a favorable opinion of me for you, but if only they would be enough.

It is the first time I saw all the members of a political party, to refuse to practice (both "sweet" for all other politicians) Privileges of Members, whether they relate to the excessively heavy immunity, either provocatively high economic returns, the Once the simple people must suffer with laws and anxious. It is the first time in my life so far, I wanted to get in contact with any political party, believing that to openly express their beliefs, I will not go to waste. Not because I expect to influence you with my opinion. Just because of my hope that the words of another "non-branded" Greek, maybe even a little boost, your faith effort to do grave.

I urge you to continue with the same commitment to your principles, but I do not even have to ask. I am convinced that it will do so for the first time I feel that my faith is based.

Good strength!

M. Constantine, 44

Thrace - Tours Kiki Bank

The major problem in Thrace to 40% of the population is tourkoislamistes past few years seems to widen and add the bank Ziraat Turkish interests that lends systematically and zero interest rates to Muslims only buy land in the wider region of Xanthi - Komotini. Others seem to refuse to do so ( ).

What will finally become the most important issue that affects the Greece right now is the threat on the east; would establish new settlements repatriated? Would attract Greek Orthodox from the ends of the earth to 'rthoun to invest and settle in Thrace or beautiful will continue to become prey to the Turks? Directly above (borders Bulgaria - Greece) 650,000 Turks living others waiting to create independent Thracian provinces. Bulgarians also lurk to drive them out of their lands and would not say no to something. What will happen? Can not this site remains with 200,000 Greeks against Turks 20,000,000 of Istanbul - Turkey Pat and 800,000 others in and around the northern Greek borders. Must change policy and focus your interest there with works by attracting expatriates creation expatriate villages. There are 5,000,000 to 5,500,000 + expatriates, can not we bring 150 to 200,000 people to settle there??

Our hearts tremble with total inaction of governments. We need new blood up there.

K. E.
Old August 21st, 2012 #686
Donald E. Pauly
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Las Vegas
Posts: 4,130
Smile Repatriation for Greeks

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
What will finally become the most important issue that affects the Greece right now is the threat on the east; would establish new settlements repatriated? Would attract Greek Orthodox from the ends of the earth to 'rthoun to invest and settle in Thrace or beautiful will continue to become prey to the Turks? Directly above (borders Bulgaria - Greece) 650,000 Turks living others waiting to create independent Thracian provinces. Bulgarians also lurk to drive them out of their lands and would not say no to something. What will happen? Can not this site remains with 200,000 Greeks against Turks 20,000,000 of Istanbul - Turkey Pat and 800,000 others in and around the northern Greek borders. Must change policy and focus your interest there with works by attracting expatriates creation expatriate villages. There are 5,000,000 to 5,500,000 + expatriates, can not we bring 150 to 200,000 people to settle there??

Our hearts tremble with total inaction of governments. We need new blood up there.
I had no idea that there were over 5 million expatriate Greeks around the world. That is half the current population. If Golden Dawn seizes power they can bring them all home and expel all foreigners. The threat of Turks will likely have to be dealt with by military means.

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Old August 21st, 2012 #687
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 40,415
Blog Entries: 16
Alex Linder

Out illegal immigrants from Thrace!
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After a 'commando' power of the government in the early hours of 4-AUG-2012 began the installation of the first group of immigrants to the building of the School Police Komotini. Preceded the installation equal groups corresponding to the School of Xanthi on the same night. Unconfirmed reports spoke of groups of one hundred fifty (150) persons. Since then, and in the infamous Operation "XENIOS ZEUS" all illegal immigrants arrested around Omonia Square promoted the (trash) in the already troubled and essentially "Turkish-'(due consulate of Komotini) Thrace. Rumors, because there is no clear official information from any institution, organization, speaking for a number of over one thousand people .. Looking course outweigh the capacity building of School!

This school is the best in terms of building infrastructure from all relevant nationwide since built exclusively as an educational institution. Gyms, shooting ranges, restaurants, classrooms, spaces logistical designed and built to train police officers in a school standard. Already confirmed information from inside the former school referred to ..... facilities vandalized with what this entails.

The most important issue that already emerged is the health status of inmates smugglers. From our information, in the General Hospital of Komotini Sismanogleiou transferred several cases with evidence of communicable diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc. In fact, in cases of tuberculosis of the energy personal care then certainly "above and outside 'mandate was to release the illegally. Also recently transferred several illegal immigrants with gastroenteritis. All those directly involved (police, medical personnel-nurses) state-shocked, terrified, unable to react, of course. Institutional actors in the region consumed the usual tricks of politicians with regard to whether anyone knew what would happen, how it will be a temporary residence for illegal School etc. One course at the rally held at the central square of Komotini, did not mention that those involved are already potential carriers of all those who carry the (our guests).

Another parameter that is already known ("progressives" and "yperdimokratikoi ') sites have called on fellow to collect clothing, food and medicines at the same time many Greeks neoptochoi minute count-minute their money to buy the necessary preparations for their health. Pharmacists in the city of Komotini already helpers and supporters of the movement, when the retired OGA require the last cents to grant him his medication. Other related data-as-tragedy is that nobody has told the local population that the "guests" at this time entitled to costs not considered because kratoumenoi.TA Tragically YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

Indeed, according to rumors, two illegal immigrants escaped from the Police Academy and Komotini already searched. Result of policing very lacking in the area due to the availability of the police solely for the "illegal" (storage, transport to hospital, etc.) is the spate of thefts in the city of Komotini. Unknown recently robbed two (2) bakeries, while other reported burglaries in homes in the city of Komotini.

Golden Dawn T.O. Rodopi
Old August 21st, 2012 #688
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 40,415
Blog Entries: 16
Alex Linder

Golden Dawn timely question for fires
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Greece the memorandum, the cuts in mid Fire-prove disastrous not only for the country but also deadly

Timely question to the Chief Minister:

1. Public Order and Citizen Protection and
2. Rural Development and Food

Subject: Greece in fiery grip: 15% -20% more fires this year and the Greek state absent

We are two and a half months before the official end of the fire season and already have broken many devastating fires in the country, which killed 2 people, a fireman at Eleusis and one citizen in Arcadia. Currently apart from the disastrous fire that burns Chios fronts fiery rage in Laconia, Greece, Heraklion, Andros, Zakinthos and Salamis. In Greece the memorandum, the cuts in mid Fire-prove disastrous not only for the country but also fatal.

Asked the ministers responsible:

1. It is true that the 25 Canadair, we have, every day was only half combatant, since the rest was maintained and if so, how will the Ministry to deal with this situation?
2. Is it true that 220 fire observatories operating throughout the country, there are staffed every day of the week during fire season, but emptied the days when contractors are licensed, so there are inevitably delays announcement of fires?

Athens, 21.08.2012
The MP Erotosa
Helen Zaroulia
MP II Athens
Old August 21st, 2012 #689
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 40,415
Blog Entries: 16
Alex Linder

The People's Voice Messages - Letters
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear comrades,

On the occasion of the growing problem of illegal immigration, which has become a serious threat to the cohesion of the nation, I would like to express some of my concerns. In recent years there is an orchestrated effort by various dark circles implantation Muslim enclaves within Greek territory. Specifically granted or illegally occupied public spaces to fulfill the prayer of the Muslim ghettos districts while and built mosques with money of Greek citizens. As a result, these "innocent" economic migrants are no longer individual units instead organized into groups and sub-groups gaining strength through numbers. Imagine a lathroepoiko in the middle of nowhere, is simply a "beggarly" man. But if you collect 5,000 Muslims in a mosque or 30,000 in one stage then automatically have a foreign army within the Greek borders, which is run by a foreign-Turkish-interests.

Another major problem that emanates from this phenomenon is unemployment. D ystychos a relatively large number of Greek employs illegal or legal immigrants. A low labor costs associated with profit, bring this practice emetic Greeks leaving millions unemployed at the same time that the lathroepoikoi earn black money in their countries. Moreover, due to lack of resources, the Greeks fail to preserve or create family resulting in birth rates and demographic yposkelismo of our country by our competitors. Finally, I note with sadness and great concern anepaischynti an effort by the media, as well as from the Left parties, to stigmatize as racist or fascist every Greek nationalist who points out these problems to his countrymen, while he tries to find practical solutions them. Whatever the influence of these anti-Hellenic centers think that sooner or later the masks will fall and soon the Golden Dawn Greek nation will come and restore order and prosperity.

Greece, in contrast to those who argue that international moneylenders, is a country rich in ideas, culture, mineral wealth, natural resources and history. Above all though is the Greek soul, not daunted, and never by anything that will bring national rebirth under the guidance of the right people.

Dimitris K.
Professor of English

I would like to congratulate the struggle to do the last time the Golden Dawn to keep active the true identity of the Greeks. I'm really glad the Golden Dawn came to the House, by a decision of the people of course, to monitor the movements of the other parties because, as the Lord said Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn called it many times but never nazi thieves and cheats. Moreover, the speeches State your speeches in the House I am sure that elevate morale of every Greek who wants his country is now free of any Memorandum and any crook who steals a country with a history.

Many times certainly wondered who and how organized crime in our country! What are the markets, the names and companies burned Greece. Unfortunately the game went criminals and anti-Greek natives thus systematically hide the truth and murderers of the nation. Thank you in advance and wish you good luck in your fight.
Golden Dawn to xevromisei place!


Thank you,

Perfectly informative articles on the website of the ASE. Good luck with wisdom ...

Maria - Cyprus

One unsuspecting might wonder why the heck representatives of American, German, English etc. Government cut so much for "freedom of artistic expression" under Putin and intervene in court decisions of a foreign country. United guy, first and foremost the BBC and follow our objectivity channels, "demonstrations" in Tel Aviv, was doom, condemning the "heinous" this judgment against Pussy Riot. No, it will make them the grace to pass this news on soft nails.

And we say - freedom of expression when we say what we mean? Hubris, an infringement of religious feeling, after the video was filmed by chance in the cathedral, is freedom of expression? If they had chosen to do in a synagogue, would come the Deep intermittent politicians to condemn such a decision? Leave that if this had happened specific artists I doubt pernousanapo court found pressing ch And proponents of freedom that fell finger Putin to get a conviction. I do not think that if I can still bother with what did Pussy Riot, because they do not agree with my policy. You must be a idiot to not know exactly what they have lost their sleep ever since Putin took over. So these are excuses, and the issue is elsewhere ...

The constant propaganda hits the body of the Orthodox Church is not something new, but, sometimes angry because nobody seems some - and we know very well what they are - holding banner for words like freedom - democracy etc. and hiding behind them, they want to make us forget their true meaning. And that, dear friends, is very detail. It is slow but methodical gnawing the pillars of the entire human civilization.


A few days ago, I heard from the spokesman of the Movement, Mr. Kasidiari, talking about money management for government grants. I have to make some suggestions. They can become statues or busts 'forgotten' local heroes in various villages and squares. To provide for the establishment of a Museum Balkan Games succeed. Something to keep in general. To watch the passers and think a little more who lived there. The team is responsible for running the agency that oversees this time the Greek world (also known as' Government ') prefers to spend taxpayers' money on outdoor party for person Alternatively sexual orientation "and actions against" discrimination based on nationality '. I would like to hear your thoughts on where you intend to spend your money.

Thank you.


The Schopenhauer said:
"The truth passes through three stages
1. The ridicule
2. The furious reaction
3. Accepting as self-evident "
The truth is the Golden Dawn. Now we are in the second stage. Soon we will go to third. The weather near gar ...

M. S.
Old August 21st, 2012 #690
Donald E. Pauly
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Location: Las Vegas
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Smile Illegal Immigrant Camp

It was hilarious that they housed the arrested 3rd World scum in the police academy grounds. The scum are trashing the police academy and contaminating the grounds with TB and other such diseases. This is not making any friends with the government among the police department. Golden Dawn is raking in the brownie points.
Old August 22nd, 2012 #691
Donald E. Pauly
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Las Vegas
Posts: 4,130
Smile Greek Border Patrol Rocks and Rolls

It looks like open season on 3rd World trash in Greece. Golden Dawn must be enjoying stirring the pot.


In crisis, Greece rounds up immigrants
By COSTAS KANTOURIS | Associated Press – 2 hrs 20 mins ago

Caption:Associated Press/Nikolas Giakoumidis - In this Thrusday Aug. 9, 2012 photo illegal immigrants walk along a road in Lavara village, northern Greece, near the borders with Turkey. Greece launched an aggressive campaign this month to try to seal its 200-kilometer (130-mile) northeastern border, as it faces a debilitating financial crisis that has caused a swell in joblessness and a surge in racist attacks against immigrants with dark skin.(AP Photo/Nikolas Giakoumidis)

NEA VYSSA, Greece (AP) — Border police jeeps hurtle along hot, dusty tracks past potato fields on their way to the river that marks the Greek-Turkish border. Sirens blaring, the convoys have been repelling wave after wave of migrants. Greece's remote Evros region has turned into Europe's main battleground against illegal immigration; more than two-thirds of people making the clandestine journey into the European Union pass through here from neighboring Turkey.

Greece launched an aggressive campaign this month to try to seal its 200-kilometer (130-mile) northeastern border, as it faces a debilitating financial crisis that has caused a swell in joblessness and a surge in racist attacks against immigrants with dark skin. The police operation has brought nearly 2,000 additional border guards to the Turkish frontier previously manned by about 500 officers. They fanned out with dogs, night vision equipment and flat-bottomed boats for 24-hour patrols of the Evros River that forms a natural border. At least 21 people have drowned or died of exposure crossing the river this year, while several have been listed as missing.

In Athens, the operation is being bolstered by mass roundups of suspected illegal immigrants. They are seen lined up on the streets of the capital every day, many in handcuffs, waiting to be put in detention until they can be deported. In the first week of the crackdown in early August, police said they apprehended nearly 7,000 people for identification checks; nearly 1,700 were slated for deportation.

Anwar, a 22-year-old man from Bangladesh, walked across the border near Orestiada, a small town wedged between Turkey and Bulgaria. Unaware of the immigration clampdown, he said he is looking for police so he can turn himself in. It's a well-worn ploy: Migrants have actively tried to get themselves taken to detention centers near Athens, assuming they will be released due to overcrowding and allowed to blend into the chaotic capital.

"I've come here to work," Anwar, who declined to give his full name because of his illegal status, said moments after crossing the border. "I know what will happen to me: They might keep me in detention for around three months, but then they'll let me out and I'll go to Athens." Now, however, authorities are determined to swiftly deport illegal migrants they round up.

In a recent pre-dawn operation, authorities using thermal imaging cameras spotted a group of around 60 illegal immigrants on the Turkish side of the Evros River. Officers used spotlights, sirens and loud speakers to deter them from crossing, although fifteen immigrants still made it over to a river islet in a no man's land and were arrested.

Uniformed police officers from 25 countries are already helping Greece guard the Evros River as part of the European Union's border protection agency, Frontex. Greek police figures show more than 21,000 illegal migrants were arrested in the first six months of 2012 after crossing over from Turkey, with nearly all — 20,841 — caught along the northeastern land border rather than on one of the many Aegean islands near the Turkish coast. The figures show a nearly 29 percent increase from the same period last year. Afghans currently make up the highest number of people crossing illegally, followed by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and an increasing number of people from war-ravaged Syria, according to the agency.

The police operation has faced strong criticism from human rights groups, local officials, and even police officers' associations — with criticism focusing on alleged racial profiling and police brutality. Allegations include arbitrary detention, beatings and degrading police treatment.

Police video showing riot police and other officers rounding up mostly South Asian immigrants as they got off a train that arrived at Athens' main station also received condemnation from local rights groups and leftwing opposition parties.

Amnesty International called on Greek authorities to stop the roundups immediately. "While Greece has the right to control migration, it does not have the right to treat people like criminals purely because of the color of their skin," Amnesty's Jezerca Tigani said in a statement. He warned that many immigrants fleeing war zones and potential persecution from dictatorial regimes were being denied a fair asylum assessment.

"Greece may be going through financial difficulties while facing one of the highest migration flows among EU countries," Tigani said, "but these police operations violate international human rights standards and should stop immediately." Police say migrants' rights are being respected.

"Our aim is to deter illegal immigrants and arrest traffickers, but the migrants' well-being and rights are always a main priority," said Orestiada police chief Yiorgos Salamangas. The government insists the operation is working, reporting a drop in illegal border crossings by around 90 percent in the first week. "This is a massive operation that is taking place in the country for the first time and it will continue in the long-term," police spokesman Christos Manouras said. "It is widely accepted that the expulsion of immigrants who are here illegally is a national necessity, an issue of national survival."

Greece is a member of Europe's passport-free Schengen agreement but shares no borders with any of the other 25 member states. That has meant hundreds of thousands of irregular immigrants have been unable to cross the border into other European countries, trapping them in limbo in Athens and other Greek cities, typically in slum conditions.

As the country struggles through a fifth year of recession, illegal immigration and a rise in violent crime have become central issues in the political debate, with mainstream parties blamed by many for the country's near financial collapse facing opposition from more radical political groups.

The extreme right Golden Dawn party, described by political opponents as neo-Nazis, won nearly 7 percent of the vote in June general elections, a 20-fold jump since a national vote in 2009. The party denies any involvement in a recent surge in anti-immigrant attacks, and says police should be more concerned by attacks on Greeks by foreign criminals. In one suspected attack by racist gangs this month, an Iraqi man was stabbed in the street and died hours later in the hospital.

Anti-racism campaigners last month said immigrants living in Greece have been targeted in at least 300 violent attacks between early April and late July. The rise in hate crimes is believed to be one of the triggers of the government clampdown.

Authorities are using a newly built detention center near Athens and two converted police academy buildings in northeastern Greece to house detainees, while dozens of additional facilities are planned using converted Army bases.

Police associations argue that the massive deployment of manpower should have been delayed until more of those new facilities are ready. They cite the lack of detention capacity as a key reason for the country's inability to deal with illegal immigration. It's a concern shared by local authorities in the Evros region, and many residents. "As long as people know they can make it here and eventually live freely, they will keep coming," said 63-year-old Christos Kyriakidis. "Nothing will stop them."
Derek Gatopoulos contributed to this report from Athens, Greece.
Old August 22nd, 2012 #692
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Alex Linder

Europe's summer of fascism: 5 countries to watch

Xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and anti-Roma sentiment have plagued many places in Europe this summer, as a rising tide of far-right extremism washes over the continent.

Alex Pearlman
August 22, 2012 10:50

A supporter of extreme-right ultra nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi), waits during a rally in Athens in June. Many accuse the party of being complicit in vigilante violence and using neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

A legislator from Hungary's far-right Jobbik party made headlines last week when he was dismissed from the party and pressured to quit his position in the EU Parliament after news of his Jewish roots became public.

Csanad Szegedi's history of anti-Semitic rhetoric cemented his prominent place in Hungary's right wing, but now amid scandal, he says he wants to get in touch with his roots. He's spoken with a rabbi and says he wants to visit Auschwitz, according to the Independent. Jobbik maintains his removal from the party has nothing to do with his Jewish heritage, and that he was punished for suspected bribery, which allegedly occurred when his Judaism was discovered and he attempted to pay people to cover it up.

Szegedi was also a founding member of the rabid paramilitary Nazi spin-off group, the Hungarian Guard, which was banned by the courts in 2009. It bears a striking resemblance to the Arrow Cross, the feared fascist party that rose to prominence in the 1930s and had strong ties to Hitler.

But Hungary isn't alone in its surging right wing. Here are five countries undergoing a rightist resurgence.


The central European country generally stays off the world stage, but a cartoon posted on Facebook has shaken things up. The AP reports that Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of Austria's far-right Freedom Party, posted an anti-Semitic cartoon which showed "an overweight man with a crooked nose and cufflinks with the Star of David in front of plates of food, while an emaciated man looked on. The fat man represented the banking system and his thin companion the people, according to the legend."

The cartoon is similar to those used in Nazi German newspapers in the 20th century, and the Jewish community has erupted in protest.

"It's not a coincidence that a caricature of Jews, like the ones in [Nazi newspaper] 'Stuermer' in the 1930s and 1940s appeared on the Facebook page of FPOe leader Strache," prominent Jewish leader Oskar Deutsch said to AP.

But it gets worse. Strache also posted a picture of himself on his Facebook page standing next to a roast pig with the caption, "Isst du Schwein, darfst du rein," which translates to "If you eat pork, you can come in."

Representatives from the conservative People's Party, as well as the Green and Socialist parties have spoken out against the Freedom Party's anti-Semitic and Islamophobic lines, but so far Strache and the Freedom Party maintain the posts were innocent.


We've written here about anti-Muslim sentiment in France, mostly to do with the controversial ban on burqas and other facial/head coverings. But besides the sweeping Islamophobia in the country, the Roma face a similar and brutal kind of discrimination in France. Human Rights Watch and other organizations are concerned that France's methods of dealing with the Roma population violate EU and international rights laws.

Earlier this month, and possibly throughout the summer (there are three known instances, according to Reuters), authorities have swept Roma camps around France, deporting Romanian and Bulgarian ethnic Roma back to their home countries through a "voluntary" process that includes paying 300 euros and a plane ticket. Because they leave "voluntarily," the eviction system "bypasses any court review of the removals," said HRW.

“This week’s raids appear to be just the latest manifestation of France’s notorious expulsion policy targeting Eastern European Roma,” said Veronika Szente Goldston, Europe and Central Asia advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. “Rather than trying to get rid of unwanted Roma while no one is watching, the government should take a critical look at its sorry record in this area, and act to rectify abuses.”

New President Francois Hollande is facing criticism for the continued removal of Roma and razing of camps, hallmarks of his predecessor, Sarkozy. The anti-Roma movement by the administration is particularly alarming, especially considering Hollande's pre-election promise to end such discriminatory (and possibly highly illegal) practices by the French government.

“Hollande’s promises to end discrimination against Roma couldn’t ring more hollow in the wake of this week’s events,” Szente Goldston said on HRW's website. “Rather than embracing its predecessor’s approach, the Hollande government should urgently fix France’s problematic Roma expulsion policy.”

In another time, the evacuation and relocation of Roma out of France might be called forced deportation, but the 300 euros is both an incentive to move and legal cover.


Xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment has reached an alarming high in Greece this summer, capped by a victory by the far-right party Golden Dawn in the June elections, which came away with 18 parliamentary seats. Golden Dawn is known for its swastika-like symbol, a salute reminiscent of the Nazis, and a fan base of very serious nationalists.

A recent article in the New York Times and a report by Human Rights Watch explain that along with electoral momentum, Greece is seeing a wave of vigilante violence against immigrants.

The New York Times article opens:

A week after an extremist right-wing party gained an electoral foothold in Greece’s Parliament earlier this summer, 50 of its members riding motorbikes and armed with heavy wooden poles roared through Nikaia, a gritty suburb west of here [Athens], to telegraph their new power.

As townspeople watched, several of them said in interviews, the men careened around the main square, some brandishing shields emblazoned with swastikalike symbols, and delivered an ultimatum to immigrants whose businesses have catered to Nikaia’s Greeks for nearly a decade.

“They said: ‘You’re the cause of Greece’s problems. You have seven days to close or we’ll burn your shop — and we’ll burn you,’ ” said Mohammed Irfan, a legal Pakistani immigrant who owns a hair salon and two other stores. When he called the police for help, he said, the officer who answered said they did not have time to come to the aid of immigrants like him.
Golden Dawn denied any of its members were involved in the threats in Nikaia. Meanwhile, HRW reports that immigrants interviewed in Greece said they won't go out at night for fear of assault and attack by "often black-clad groups of Greeks intent on violence."

Austerity and a continuing economic depression has crippled Greece, and as the summer continues, so has the uptick in xenophobic violence and governmental discrimination – curious, as Golden Dawn is a favored party of "many police officers... and disaffected youth," according to the Chicago Herald-Tribune. There have also been reports of a "fascist element" in the Greek police and deep connections to Golden Dawn for years. An op-ed from Al Jazeera also alleges Golden Dawn's police connection and describes their modus operandi.

"They terrorize immigrants, leftists, and journalists; they beat and maul teachers and students; they have infiltrated athletic clubs and have introduced hooliganism to the Greek landscape; and they have assumed the role of vigilantes," wrote Greek anthropologist Neni Panourgia in May. "Police brutality, hooliganism, and the deep-seated intimacy between fragments of the police force and Golden Dawn have made the organisation's temporary surge possible."

However, although reports of Golden Dawn members being complicit in street justice in Greece continue, there is no proof the party is actually behind the attacks, sanctioning them, or directing them, said HRW.


The Anti-Defamation League called on a Romanian lawmaker last week to apologize for what the ADL is calling "Holocaust denial."

Dan Sova, the newly appointed Minister for Parliamentary Relations, said "no Jew suffered on Romanian territory” during World War II, to the shock and dismay of many in the Jewish community in Romania and abroad. Sova was apparently sent on a field trip to the Holocaust museum, but has yet to publicly apologize for his remarks, according to Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva.

Arutz Sheva also reported that Jewish parliamentarian Aurel Vainer called Sova "unsuitable for the job," and said she is “willing to wear a black band around my arm [in protest]."

Anti-Semitism is just one of Romania's problems as anti-Roma actions continue and the government turns a blind eye to the massive issues in the ghettos.

When the Roma go back to their countries of origin from places like France (see above), more problems arise: the ghettos in cities like Bucharest are even worse than the Western European camps, according to a recent op-ed by Valeriu Nicolae, founder of the Policy Centre for Roma and Minorities.The instances of HIV/AIDS is increasing, he said, as well as crime and illiteracy. There is little incentive for Roma to leave France return to the East, where they are a despised ethnic minority and face terrible violence and discrimination, which has only increased in recent years.

But most of the serious anti-Roma action comes from Romania's neighbor to the West, Hungary.


In July, a mob descended on the small village of Devecser (famous for the 2010 sludge flood) after a 2,000-person Jobbik rally took place in the square there. The predominately Roma-populated village was an obvious choice for a rally of nationalist white supremacists, and Amnesty International reports eyewitnesses said "some members of the crowd chanted anti-Roma slogans and threw pieces of concrete and other missiles at Roma houses. The police did not act to stop the violence and it is unclear whether any arrests were made."

Amnesty called on the Hungarian government to crack down on policing Jobbik and vigilantes aligned with the party, which rose to prominence in the past few years. But there has been little movement besides a softly-worded response from the Prime Minister's office, according to, an English-language news site.

"One activist told Amnesty International that she was in the courtyard of one Roma house when it was attacked," says Amnesty's report of the incident. "The crowd started chanting anti-Roma slogans and threw bottles, stones and pieces of concrete. She was hit in the arm and injured by a piece of concrete and has since filed a criminal complaint with the police."

Hungary is also still reeling from the whiplash-inducing 180-degree turn by Szegedi, who like any good politician, will now look into better understanding his Jewish roots. But don't get excited, he's not totally reformed from right-wing anti-Semite. According to the AP, Szegedi is quoted as saying he just defines himself as having “ancestry of Jewish origin — because I declare myself 100 percent Hungarian." Because you can't be both, apparently.

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The extreme right Golden Dawn party, described by political opponents as neo-Nazis, won nearly 7 percent of the vote in June general elections, a 20-fold jump since a national vote in 2009. The party denies any involvement in a recent surge in anti-immigrant attacks, and says police should be more concerned by attacks on Greeks by foreign criminals. In one suspected attack by racist gangs this month, an Iraqi man was stabbed in the street and died hours later in the hospital.

Anti-racism campaigners last month said immigrants living in Greece have been targeted in at least 300 violent attacks between early April and late July. The rise in hate crimes is believed to be one of the triggers of the government clampdown.
Now, ask yourselves, who wrote this article? (the AP). While the AP goes out of it's way to create guilt by association between Golden Dawn and the "surge" in ant-immigrant attacks, it makes ZERO mention of any statistical evidence that crime from illegal foreigners on Greek Citizens has risen sharply with the influx (in direct proportion) of these illegal foreigners.

They then go out of the way to mention one specific "suspected" incident in the same paragraph where they mention Golden Dawn (guilt by association). The next paragraph indicates a high amount of anti-immigrant (illegal foreign criminals) crime, and then lead the reader to believe the rise in crime is a result of the government's efforts to deport these criminal invaders.

They do not mention the severe financial strain an already bankrupt country is being put under by the presence of these illegal foreigners, they make no attempt to correlate the fact these illegal criminals are not only attacking Greek Citizens, but also eachother for the limited resources available.

If you ever want to study how to lie, read racial news reported by the AP.
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Smile Second Night of Protests on Island of Paros

This is the second night of protests on the island of Paros where the Greek girl was beaten and raped by a Paki. The Golden Dawn are making good propaganda hay here. This is a machine translation from the Party website.


Second night protests in Paros
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 18:47

Second night of protests inhabitants of Paros against illegal immigration . The situation on the island is unbearable and the last two events that saw the light of day is the tip of the iceberg in a jumble of crime derived almost exclusively from illegal immigrants.

Residents knowing the practice of companies giving free tickets check cards to illegal immigrants came for the second consecutive night in the port and set the local authorities aware of their responsibilities regarding this burning on the island issue.
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Alex Linder

Greece to establish police dept to deal with racist violence

By Katerina Nikolas
Aug 23, 2012

Athens - Greece's Minister of Public Order has announced a special police department is to be established to deal with racist violence. That means violence by Greeks defending themselves against the criminal invaders supported by the anti-White 'human rights' communists, not the violence committed by the invading aliens agaisnt the native Greeks. Its creation is in response to complaints by human rights anti-White hate groups organizations that racist attacks in Greece are on the rise.

Human Rights Watch (HMW) Anti-White Commissars for Semitcal Correctness recently issued a report claiming that xenophobic violence is on the rise in Greece and attacks against foreign migrants are often ignored by the Greek police. HRW called on the Greek government to create a plan to combat racism, including special police training. In response to this Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has announced a special department within the Directorate of State Security Police is to be established, to deal with the "phenomena of racist violence." (To Vima)

The concerted effort to deal with racist attacks will run in conjunction with the continuation of operation "Xenios Zeus" which aims to tackle the pressing issue of illegal immigration. Dendias expressed his committment to continue with the drive against illegal immigration whilst stating the government has the political will to address racism.

In conjunction with Operation "Xenios Zeus" the government sent an additional 1,800 guards to patrol the Evros border where approximately 300 illegals enter into Greece on a daily basis. Since the guards were established numbers of illegal entrants have fallen, though there has been an increase in people trafficking to the Greek islands from Turkey.

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris said Greece has become the "garbage dump of Europe" in relation to illegal immigration. Xpyshavgi cites what it terms "ideological propaganda terrorizing" those opposed to immigration, referring to the continual claims that all attacks against migrants are racist whilst migrant attacks against Greeks continue unaddressed.

Ekathimerini reported that the Pakastini community in Greece is due to stage a protest against racist violence in Athens on Friday. On Sunday the Muslim population of Athens was given permission to use the Olympic stadium to conduct special EID prayers. The occasion passed without any violence, though the Pakastini community had objected in advance to Greek citizens, or any members of Golden Dawn, being present in the vicinity.

HMW is concerned about the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece. The far-right party gained seven percent of the vote in June elections and is now represented by 18 members of parliament. It is apparent that in the face of rising crime support for the party has increased since the election. Golden Dawn categorically denies that it is behind any of the attacks against migrants; indeed many attacks that have been described as racist are later shown to have been committed within ethnic migrant groups.

Golden Dawn also highlights the crime and racism perpetrated towards Greeks by migrants which rarely achieve press attention. The party reiterated its committment today towards criminals being dealth with through the justice system, as it stressed that there is racism in Greece, but it is against the Greeks.

Mr Dendias did not give figures regarding the number of officers who will be deployed into the new special department to deal with racist violence.
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Golden Dawn Immigration Crack Down: The Xenophobic Crisis in Greece Xenophobia does not mean someone who wants his nation's borders defended. Typical leftist usage by which anyone opposed to their anti-White, anti-native agenda is mentally disordered, driven by hate or some other disgusting impulse.

Alina Tsui

Illegal immigrants are tearing apart the social fabric of Greek society. They’ve been blamed for the spike in crimes and the cause of Greece’s economic woes. At least this is the narrative that's repeated by the far-right and accepted by most Greeks Well that's an unusual and useful admission: that Golden Dawn speaks for the majority of Greeks.

With no end in sight of the economic crisis and punishing austerity measures, Greeks are feeling the squeeze. This week’s meeting with Germany and France to discuss the terms for the third round of bailouts will without a doubt renew class tensions between locals and immigrants.

At the same time, Golden Dawn, a far-right political group notorious for its hateful and xenophobic rhetoric, has blamed illegal immigrants. Their success in winning 18 seats in June’s parliamentary elections demonstrates at least some level of their views resonating with the masses. This group creates a hostile environment complete with its swastika-like logo and ran on the platform slogan, “Greece for Greeks.” Which part of Greece for Greeks do you object to, sweetpea? There has been some demonstrations against Golden Dawn, but the scapegoating of illegal immigrants have been somewhat accepted by the masses.

Illegal immigrants make up 10% of the Greek population, and locals view this problem as a scourge. Efforts are being made to demonstrate that Greece is serious about deporting illegal immigrants and tightening its borders.

Several human-rights NGO’s have denounced Greece for violating international law in its mass raids of immigrants without making any efforts to check the legal status of the migrants. Funny how that only works one way: these anti-White groups never seem concerned about the legal status of the monkey when it enters Humanland. Their theory is: muds have rights, humans have responsibilities. Muds play, humans pay. Furthermore, it was reported on Saturday that Greek police were accused of dumping hundreds of illegal immigrants in the middle of the night in neighboring Macedonia. Locals have grown weary of immigrants and multi-culturalism in general. Certainly the economy has played a part. In a Human Rights Watch report, an Athens resident expressed, “I was never a racist but I’ve become one. Why can’t we send them all home?”

Yet illegal immigrants without papers, work, or a place to live are finding their stay in Greece to be very unwelcoming. In past five-months, it's been estimated that 500 people were the victims of racially-motivated attacks. The typical m.o. of these attacks are similar in nature: they typically occur late at night, involving a gang of thugs, wielding weapons such as sticks, iron bars and wooden bats. Is it time to move from merely beating to killing these alien monkey pests? Their intention is to induce fear in their victims. Instances of attacks at home by Golden Dawn members have been reported in the media. Keep in mind that this is in the same network of white supremacist groups that Wisconsin shooter Sikh shooter Wade Michael Page was a member of.

In August duirng Operation Xenios Zeus (ironically, the god of hospitality), approximately 6,000 migrants were rounded up and detained in Athens resulting in 1,500 people being deported for illegal entry. It seemed the only criteria for being detained was being guilty of having a dark complexion or looking "foreign." The "success" of this event prompted officials to plan similar raids to other cities in Greece. Six detention centers are already in the works to house the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants.

The rise of the far-right has been accelerating for the past ten years says Jamie Bartlett of UK think tank, Demos. It’s a trend that’s seen all across Europe. Cultural and national identity remains a sensitive issue.

The problem that mainstream political parties in Greece face is that they aren’t able to combat the rise of the far-left/right because they’re trying to retain party support, so they’re powerless to change the situation, which leads to greater conflict between an increasingly polarized left-right political spectrum.

The above picture is one taken in a Greek train station of police waiting for an arriving train as part of the raid on illegal immigrants.This YouTube video details the same:


Leonidas Meandros
6 hours ago

no its not financial crisis
its when 3rd world immigrants rape and beat teen girls
or when you get killed because they wanted 2-3 euros
we had enough
Golden Dawn is the most popoular party in Youth.

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Golden Dawn invites men to join security brigades in Peloponnese Special

By Katerina Nikolas
Aug 23, 2012

Kyparissia - A branch of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi), in the Greek southern Peloponnese, is considering establishing a security brigade in a village with a large Roma camp. A party member of Golden Dawn has issued an invitation through local media for “men aged 15 to 70 to be alert and join forces” in the village of Oichalia, Messinia, Ekathimerini reported. The ex-police officer is potentially recuriting men to form a security brigade.

The choice of Oichalia is significant as the village has a large Roma camp whose inhabitants are responsible for a crime surge in the area. Digital Journal spoke to a local Greek businessman who had information from the police in the area pertaining to Roma crime, and the reasons why police action is futile.

Homes and land in the area are frequently robbed, and cars stolen to be sold on as scrap metal. Petty crime is rife, along with begging and harassment. However, any attempt to arrest Roma perpetrators are thwarted by the mass arrival of armed Roma at the scene. Up to 100 armed gypsies arrive at the scene if police, who have limited man-power, attempt to make an arrest, outnumbering police and outranking them in fire power.

The village of Oichalia is close to Meligalas, a town of considerable historical significance. During World War 11 Greek communists massacred 1,400 civilians. Each year members of Golden Dawn make an annual pilgrimage to the well of Meligala (To πιγαδα tou Μελιγαλάς) to pay tribute to those executed in the massacre. Now there is a sense the area is being desecrated by foreign Roma who have no respect for Greek culture and traditions. Local residents, constant victims of Roma crime, are powerless to protect themselves, hence the call for Golden Dawn to provide some kind of security. Stepping in where the state FAILS is becoming a theme with Golden Dawn. Maybe the incompetent losers running Greece should step aside and let real Greeks handle the nation's problems. To your heels, conservative cunts and SYRIZA commies, Golden Dawn is taking over.

Ekathimerini reported Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias ordered a Roma camp in western Athens to be cleared following a fire caused by gypsies burning electrical cables. Locals had protested that the burning of cables, which is a constant feature in the camp, produces toxic fumes. Dendias has set in motion an operation to deport the approximately 400 Albanian Roma who were in Greece illegally. Following a police operation to clear the camp, sanitation squads were sent in.

In June Digital Journal reported that an armed Roma mob attacked a public bus near their camp in Athens, injuring six policemen in the ensuing violence. Meanwhile Xprshavgh reports two physical attacks in the pursuit of robbery against Greek citizens in Patra by Roma. Alarmingly, a Norweigan tourist was also attacked and robbed by five gypsies.
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Golden Dawn protests migrants' detention at Corinth army camp

An MP and dozens of supporters of neofascist Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) have attempted to prevent police from detaining some 400 immigrants in the grounds of an army camp in Corinth, west of Athens.

Officers escorted the migrants to the camp after an early morning operation that was part of the Xenios Zeus campaign to tackle illegal immigration. Almost 11,000 migrants have been detained since the clampdown began earlier this month, leading to nearly 2,000 arrests.

Golden Dawn MP Efstathios Boukouras and dozens of the party’s supporters protested the transfer of the detained migrants to the camp, which is active.

In a statement, the ultranationalist party said it opposed military facilities being turned into “tourism centers for illegal immigrants.”

Local mayor Alekos Pnevmatikos has called a meeting of the municipal council on Thursday evening to discuss the matter. There were unconfirmed reports that Corinth Municipality cut off the camp’s water supply and is refusing to collect its garbage.

You ever notice that most pictures of Golden Dawn members are taken from behind? The controlled media do that with all 'neo-nazis.'
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Greece, Germany at Odds Ahead of Talks


Germany and Greece on Thursday continued their verbal sparring ahead of a fateful meeting between their leaders on Friday that could decide whether Athens is granted a reprieve in its efforts to implement painful economic reforms.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, speaking to German newspapers ahead of his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday and French President Francois Hollande on Saturday, appealed for more time to implement budget cuts and economic reforms. He pledged to step up privatization of state-owned industries good - the right thing to do and to repay all money that Greece has borrowed from international lenders. He also vowed to fulfill all obligations agreed with the troika of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund in exchange for a 173 billion euro ($271.1 billion) bailout, dismissing allegations in Germany that Greece will never pay back its loans.

"The Germans will get their money back," Mr. Samaras told the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung in an interview published Thursday. "I guarantee that personally."

The impending decision over the Greek bailout--whether the next installment of aid will be given in the coming weeks--is widely seen as a turning point in efforts to stem the euro-zone debt crisis. Without further aid, it is almost certain that Greece will become insolvent and possible forced to leave the euro, economists say. But in Germany, the paymaster for any euro-zone bailout, there is growing support for allowing Greece to default and leave the euro rather than continue to throw good money after bad.

Mr. Samaras, noting that the Greek economy is in a tailspin, is appealing for more time to implement reforms, which in the end means that Europe will have to give more money to Athens. He is asking for a two-year extension to 2016 to meet the deficit target set by the troika commission. Mr. Samaras is expected to raise the issue with Ms. Merkel on Friday, but he has also made clear that Greece is determined to fulfill its obligations.

"First we need to show everyone that we are delivering," he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, but added: "Our economy shrank 27%. Greece is bleeding. It is really bleeding."

The latest bailout for Greece was approved by European leaders just six months ago. That is too soon for Athens to come and say that the agreed aid isn't sufficient, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Thursday in an interview with Germany's SWR2 radio.

"That way you'll never gain the trust of the financial markets," Mr. Schaeuble said. "And so more time is no solution to the problems. The question is how we win back confidence. But for that we need to wait for the report of the troika that's due in September."

Ms. Merkel has all but rejected Greece's demands for more time, saying Wednesday that no one should expect any concrete decisions to come out of her meeting with Mr. Samaras.

The question of whether to grant Athens more time is likely to play a significant role in talks between Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande at a working dinner in the Berlin chancellery on Thursday evening. The German and French leaders will make a brief statement to the press at about 1700 GMT Thursday and then withdraw for dinner and try to resolve their differences over dealing with Greece. It is believed that Mr. Hollande favors granting Greece more time. Ms. Merkel has not showed her hand yet, but her coalition government is deeply divided over the issue and she risks splitting the government if she agrees to give Greece more money, say analysts.

The pro-business Free Democrats, junior partner in Ms. Merkel's ruling center-right coalition, have insisted that Greece should be given no more aid and suggested it would be better for Athens to leave the euro.

"We want to help, but there won't be any substantial changes to the agreed reforms," Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, a senior FDP FDP -0.37% official, told the daily
Maerkische Allgemeine newspaper in an interview published Thursday.

German opposition parties oppose the government's apparent hard line on Greece.

"It's not very smart to abandon all conditions (for aid) over an extension of 12 months," said Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an interview with the left-leaning Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper.
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Illegal and unconstitutional "anti-racist" concentration
Thursday, August 23, 2012

As is known, a few days ago at a joint press conference of protected amerikanosionistikis New Order of Things leftists and Pakistanis, announced the realization of 'anti-racist' concentration in the center of Athens: "Rally to protest incidents of racist violence and police in the last month, organize Friday, Aug. 24, at 6 pm, Omonia, the Pakistani Community of Greece, the European Union and Migrant Workers Uniting the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat ".

We observe that the organizers of the concentration are foreigners. Obviously, participants are foreigners alike. However, Article 11 of the Greek Constitution, which refers to congregations, is clear:

1. Greeks have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms.

2. Only at outdoor public gatherings may be attended by the police. Outdoor assemblies may be prohibited by a reasoned decision of the police authority, in general, because if their imminent serious risk to public safety in a certain area, if threatened serious disruption of social and economic life as provided by law.

Thus, under the first paragraph, which recognizes the right of assembly ONLY Greeks, the concentration is illegal and unconstitutional! And from there onwards, there are all grounds for prohibition of the transaction referred to in the second paragraph.

It has, therefore, an obligation coalition of PASOK-Left Neodimokratikis to prohibit it. Expected ...

G. Dimitrakopoulos
Retired Educator
P. Faliro - Athens

HAPPENING NOW: Incidents in Corinth
Thursday, August 23, 2012

MP Golden Dawn prohibits the entry of illegal immigrants in the 6th Infantry Regiment
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 13:34

MP Corinth Golden Dawn Boukouras Eustatius banned undocumented conversion 6th Infantry Regiment in tourism center smugglers. Despite the unfortunate attitude of the police, the MP of the Golden Dawn resisted using any right arising from his status as an elected representative of the Greek people.

Terrorist attacks against the Golden Dawn
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 12:58

Today morning at 02:30 the "known - unknown" destroyed the company that maintains the MP Corinth Golden Dawn, Efstathios Boukouras. Perpetrators with gas canisters and Molotov cocktails burned the refreshment of Mr. Boukoura in Peristeri, and two vehicles.

On the other hand, last night anarcho cowardly attacked the offices of T.O. Serres. The attackers destroyed the Greek flags and caused damage to the front of the premises. Arrested by the police in the act and lead them to justice to answer for their cowardly and offensive to all Greeks actions. THE GOLDEN DAWN states that will exhaust every legal right before the criminal and civil courts. The era of impunity and lawlessness of criminals far left has gone!

Rampant crime in Patras
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 11:11

Attacks on the streets in broad daylight at unsuspecting Greeks!

Theirs Calvary pull the residents of Patras tortured by the ever mounting crime of "economic migrants wretches!" Neither the road they may move freely, because the danger lurks everywhere!

Yesterday, a 21 year old "beggarly etc." from Romania 76chrono approached a Greek folk in the market and grabbed her purse. After some time, Square Norman. a ... multicultural group consisting of an Algerian and two Romanians attacked 56chroni Greek and ripped a chain she wore around her neck, as well as 60 euro had in her pocket.

Yesterday, five people were riding on a dirt car (the famous "sensitive" groups) attacked a 45-year tourist from Norway, and stripped a camera, two cell phones and 50 euros.

Them rejoice "solidarity" and other "anti-racist" forces!

In front of the fire and T.O. Zakynthos
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 9:48

Once again, we are witnessing a hideous and heinous crime, that of the destruction of nature by the various interests, instead of trees prefer hotel units or duplexes for their elders. For a few days, cunning arsonists taking advantage of the air, they burn our country from end to end. The T.O. Zakynthos is actively alongside the hero firefighters who complete up to 72 hours of continuous service, without being able to rest, and very often there is neither the necessary logistics to enable them to work as efficiently as possible. Tighten by hand to each one separately and declare that in this unequal battle with the arsonists and their patrons are undoubtedly and wholeheartedly on their side.

Let stand but still a black spot, the fact that anyone who has been caught committing arson, through a very simple process succeeds acquitted. As they say reliable sources, all you need is to declare that "it is well" and that he has psychological problems and so simple you can save.

And because the Golden Dawn is not just complain, but proposes solutions to the issues facing the Greek society:

Exemplary punishment of a proven cause arson, with sentences without suspensive or extenuating circumstances.

B. Prohibition scorched forest exploitation in any other manner and immediate reforestation of the area.

c Create special ranger body, staffed by retired or reservists commandos with responsibility for guarding and preventing crimes against Nature.

D. Prohibition woodland at times dangerous fires.

Really, all sensitive 'environmentalists' dime of what they have to say about the fact that a large number of falls arsonists arrested several "vulnerable groups", which both adore every way? GOLDEN DAWN TO THE PLACE AND XEVROMISEI to breathe OUR CHILDREN

Contact: 6980787960
Offices: Patriarch Bartholomew 6, against the Church of St. DIONYSIOU

Blood Bank People's Association - GOLDEN DAWN and Samos
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 8:01

And Samos opened blood bank platelets and named GREEN WING GOLDEN DAWN Samoa. Members of the Movement attended and gave us voluntarily aima.Kaloume all citizens of our county to help us in this effort.

Phone: 6984305181

Anti-racist hysteria of SYRIZA for the blood bank of the Golden Dawn
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 16:36

Antiracist syndrome hysteria seized the companions of SYRIZA (orphan Ceausescu) on the occasion of the establishment of a blood bank platelets and Pieria.

Read and marvel at what was written in the local blog "Freedom" of Uttaranchal:

Friday, August 17, 2012

READER: You GREEK ...? ... You live ~ You're not ...? Dying ...

The reason for what will be said below was an article published in Blog FREEDOM ...
The reason is the acceptance of the proposal of the Golden Dawn from the General Hospital of Katerini, on the establishment of a blood bank "ONLY FOR GREEKS" ...

It is unacceptable that question of HUMAN VALUE Separation of nationality.

The acceptance but in this case, overshadows the proposal. Everyone has the right to make any proposal. But has not he called right to accept or reject it, making decisions so recklessly against human life.

QUESTION: In the case of a traffic accident one SYNANTHROPOS our "different nationalities" needs immediate blood and the only "available" was the blood bank "ONLY FOR GREEKS", how would act the command of the General Hospital of Katerini???
We condemn this man to death because he was GREEK??? An outraged citizen of Uttaranchal ...

In a statement made and SYRIZA-MCM Himachal Pradesh:


With great indignation read the local electronic press announcement of the golden dawn for the creation of a blood bank "for Greeks' Hospital of Katerini. We once again to denounce the racist and fascist activities of the golden dawn and the attitude of the governor of the hospital that received Katerini creating blood bank "for Greeks." People do not have color and race. The blood is for everyone, whether Greek or not. This action is unscientific, illegal and racist.

Mr. Farmaki we face its responsibilities and call to cancel and annul cover DIRECTLY stopping fascist activities. We invite associations Katerini hospital employees, medical professionals health clubs etc but Pierre people to condemn these acts who sow hatred and racism. Trusting the struggles and deep democratic roots of the people of Himachal Pradesh for isolating respective practices.


In response to all the above, here's the direct response of Himachal Pradesh politician GOLDEN DAWN, C. Papadimitriou, on the same blog:

The People's link-Golden Dawn practice making his campaign promises, made ​​throughout the Greek territory cited relief ridden Greek people, offering free food, relief items, blood banks etc.

So we decided to create Katerini and a blood bank GREEKS ONLY, so if and when you need someone compatriot our blood, knowing that she is available for him and his family.

For the purely procedural to mention that whoever volunteer blood donor gives blood, simultaneously opens a "bill" let's call him, to which the name of every time they visit the donation, "credited" the respective bottles of blood. This blood, the "account" that is his and manage as they see fit. So, there are private donors who donate blood for themselves and their families, as well as various associations (cultural, sports, etc.) gathered blood for their members. The arbitrary logic of SYRIZA they are all racists and fascists and the Hospital of Katerini, in this case, should not accept the opening of such an "account"!

Lords of SYRIZA and other "progressive" forces, we understand the loathing I feel for anything and everything Greek is intended to relieve the Greek, but we promise you that we came to stay with us and will always find you before you the Hallam your anti-Greek drawings. Terrorism orphans Stalin, Ceausescu, Pol Pot and other "social activists" over. The Golden Dawn is here to defend the interests of Greeks and only Greeks.


Himachal Pradesh politician,

Pop-League Golden Dawn

and add in response to the masters of SYRIZA that indeed there is racism in our country ..... but against the Greeks by genus!

All we've seen but this is unheard of! Racism and fascism, donations ONLY FOR GREEKS! But finally, in what world do you live???

Let that fellow abolish completely unscientific existence tribes and nations, saying that people do not have color and race. Nice defense of diversity! Moreover urge the controller donation to the hospital, which he named, and associations of workers to do the illegal act of cancellation of a blood bank and a right of every Greek citizen to establish a blood bank.

Also the candy of "democratic consciousness" pet does not get anymore Greeks. Awake at last. We saw the "democracies" of the ideological fathers in the countries of the former Eastern bloc.

And peritosi accident a "wretched" lathroepoikou, do not worry the "angry citizen". There are a number of daftous in our country that will rush to donate blood.

But if you are interested so much to save their lathroepoikous first, let's make the owners of SYRIZA and "outraged" their blood bank only for illegal immigrants, according to their own doctrine is ..... you're a stranger .... Greek .... you live ... die.

However we choose to help the Greeks first!

Comrades, your speedy recovery!

From the Regional Administration of Macedonia and Thrace

Michael N. Tsakiris

The robbery after murder of Paros and the bandit-terrorist Marxist tradition
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 23:07

There are few people who were surprised by the villain of anarchist activity in Paros (after robbery murder). They are usually unsuspecting viewers, who in recent decades have brought up with the infamous "ethos of the left", the "pure idealism of the left" and similar television despite propaganda.

However, history says that listosymmoritiki action was always an integral part of the overall activity of CK! Lenin wrote the 1902 book "What to do" on the functioning of the party. The essay is not generally addressed to the people, only to party members. Here, then, Lenin emphasized the necessity of the existence of professional managers, so-called 'professional communists'. He wrote: "Give me a rebel organization and subvert Russia. We want people to devote to revolution throughout their lives, not only free evenings. The backbone of the party composed of persons who: (a) have no other gainful employment, but their profession is the revolution, namely the constant partisan activity to overthrow the political and social status, (b) live at the expense of the party and have blind allegiance to it, (c) trained in all methods of revolutionary activity ... "

Here, however, the question arose: where the party would find the financial resources to pay each month the army of servants, without other costs for offices, publications, propaganda etc.? Lenin fan of principle "the end justifies the means", he had studied all and had a ready solution to the economic problem: a dedicated small group (gang), composed of experienced, tested and totally trusted executives, under the strict supervision of the same, and under conditions absolute secrecy even from the senior executives of the party, which will carry out terrorist attacks and robberies to ... proikothiries! In this particular gang of listotromokraton, had a leading role Stalin!

The most famous, lucrative and deadly raids gang Stalin (then 'knot'), was in 1907 in the center of Tbilisi in service against the state table. The robbery was ("expropriation" language in the party), it was very risky and cost dozens of lives of police escorts of money, but ordinary passers from point people (84 in total!), Which were considered "collateral damage." However, another equally deadly robbery, probably in it that was in the port of Baku, on the steamship "Nicholas I", Stalin was injured by police gunfire in his left hand, and left a small permanent disability, on Because of which was released from his military obligations. Similar groups of bandits had set up and the other left parties in Russia in the early 20th century.

To understand the size of their business, predatory, we mention only that the putative moderate party "SRs" had committed 58 robberies in 1905, 93 in 1906 and 74 in 1907, when the gangsters were arrested. Imagine how many robberies carried out by the party of Lenin, who was eminently subversive! Not the "Leninist" parties, which subsequently established all over the world, showed similar bandit-terrorist activity.

Today, the Leninist-Stalinist bandit tradition continues in Greece, various anarchist gangs, as demonstrated previously with the robberies of 17 N. and recently after the robbery murder of Paros, from the "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire." The "ethos of the left" were saying!

G. Dimitrakopoulos
Retired Educator
P. Faliro - Athens.

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