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Good points, Glenn.

The only thing I would like to add is that it is OK to be fearful. Fear, hate, love are very normal and very healthy human emotions devised by nature as protective devices.

It is perfectly OK to hate anybody who means harm to you or is causing psychological distress to you. It is perfectly OK to be afraid to lose your livelihood and comfort of living, it is perfectly OK to be fearful unless you do not succumb to fear to a degree that blocks your ability to think and your will to act.

My email address is [email protected]. This is to remind myself that I am a coward and that I have to squeeze the cowardice out of myself drop by drop every single day. I am sure that Dr Pierce was fearful, I am sure that Alex Linder is fearful, I am sure that Glenn Miller would be the first to admit that he is fearful for his life and the livelihood of his family.

These are not heroes, we do not need heroes, I do not believe in heroes. These are not fearless people, but normal people who refused to succumb to fear. There is something abnormal in a human being who does not know fear.

The healing begins when you admit that your are fearful, and that it is perfectly OK to be fearful unless you succumb to fear.

How is it possible that 2% of the population can control the rest 98% ? The 2% acts as a unit, and everybody in 98% is by himself. So it is more like 2% against one person. It is even worse - it is more like 2% and 97.99999% against one person. That is the paradoxical math we have to deal with.

Majority of the people know by know the truth, even the lemmings feel it in their guts, that's why Glenn's adds bring so much psychological discomfort. They know the truth behind those adds, but they are fearful to show that they agree with Glenn, they do not have even the courage to admit that to themselves, that's what leads to discomfort.

That's why it is so important to hear somebody, who is a normal human being, saying the unsayable, and say it openly and loudly.

No worries, the fear will disappear by itself as soon as they lose what they are fearful to lose - the comfort of living. There is no way around it.