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Originally Posted by Fenria View Post
One nagging question though: Why EVEN do an interview like this to begin with?
This is a valid question. And the answer is this. Basically the girls have been being chased by the media for the past 2 years telling them that they need to " come forward" and let everyone know what they think now they are "adults". They put it off and put it off. Finally they got to talking to Gell and over a period of about 6 months had many phone calls with him. Phone calls that happened when they were mad at me, each other, their landlord etc. Basically emotional. Over this period of time they were put on the spot over and over and tried to make thier point of view clear. The article was edited and only the parts that made the point that the Jews wanted was left. Lynx just now was sitting on my bed complaining" when I said I loved multiculturalism and diversity" I meant that I wanted our diversity to be preserved and I think that multiple races and cultures need to be preserved, not all mixed together....I want to have blond haired blue eyed babies mom"

That was an exact quote. So maybe you can see why I am not worried about them. They made some comments I disagree with, but basically we still agree on the majority of things..heck we hang out and they are at my home all the time....but yeah they think alot of men in the movement are "creepers". That is unfortunate.
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