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Alex Linder

But so what? What base has he built? Don't give me any braindead "starting a fire" crap. He wouldn't have had occasion to recognize (to his immense credit) the imminent danger posed to Norway by non-white immigration if his society were amenable to righting itself by the act he committed.

That's because a society poised to right itself in such a fashion would never have become so fucked in the first place.
There's a soft side and a hard side.

The soft side is VNN/F, all White websites, any kind of educational outreach, a potential White HS curriculum (that does not exist and no one shows interest in creating).

The hard side is killing the enemy.

The people agree with us but are scared of the consequences of being called haters.

Who calls us haters, extremists and the rest of the litany?

The communists, socialists, leftists, illiberals, feminists, journalists. But who creates the terms and frames and entire ideo-structure? The jews do. They set the agenda. The determine the framework. They raise the issue and define the contestants. They define what is inside the pale and what is outside.

They cut it so everyone opposed to them is sick 'n' evil. There is no middle. You cannot be opposed to their agenda and retain your integrity in their eyes, and more importantly, in their mass media.

How do you fight this? On the hard stuff, you simply kill them off. If their technical prowess is such that they can break up cells by early detection, thanks to their pwning the FBI and other spy agencies, then obviously those who would take them out must act alone or with one or two people they'd trust with their lives to keep their mouth shut, since their lives are indeed what's at stake if they screw up, and very likely even if they don't screw up.

Once a man is willing to risk it all, a lot can be done from the hard side. That's what Breivik's act demonstrates. It's not part of a larger plan, obviously, for the reasons I just stated - the enemy is able to prevent enemy networks from being established, as far as we can tell, judging by what we've seen since WWII. So his act was propaganda of the deed. Ably executed, and with an ideological backdrop and context he made sure to circulate, so that all could see his actions as part of a wider strategy, waiting for others to pitch in and push along.

Rounder correctly said that the jews are all in while the goyim who serve them are mostly opportunists. That means, as he said, and I've observed the same myself, the goyim are more lightly guarded. Jews have been racial criminals, shifty-eyed parasites, for 2,000+ years. It's what they know. It's what they are. They don't HAVE another way to be. All their eggs are in one basket, and as Twain advised, they are guarding that basket. They don't have any plan B fallback option. They EXPECT to be attacked. After all, they know what they're doing! It is a big lie that I will not allow neocons to circulate on this site that foolish MacDonald has helped them perpetrate that "self-deception" is involved in jewish attacks on our healthy nations. Jews are some of the most detail-oriented, microscopically-observant, mini-movement obsessed people on earth. They not only know what they are doing to us, and know they obtain racial advantage from their tricks, they positively enjoy degrading our culture and torturing our people. That's the psychological and political truth: jews obtain a near-sexual JOY from TORTURING OUR PEOPLE.

These jews must be exterminated at some point - all European-jew history screams with one voice that any other way of treating the threat they present WILL NOT work because it CANNOT work. Jews can no more change the nature of their race than termites can stop eating wood. Only the catholic christ cult dogma that jews are just men like any other defined only by their non-conversion to the One True Way keeps us from seeing what is obvious.

The point is for any hard-siders, the goyim serve the jews NOT because they LIKE the jews (no matter what it's in their interest to claim in public), but because they FEAR the jews and the LIKE the benefits that sucking up to and serving the jews gets them. All that means to those who don't like the existing order is that if there were anywhere near equal and opposite pressure on these weaklings and sellouts - they would find some pretext to flee quickly to the other side.

Remember always the basic lie of the jews, their fundamental conceit: that THEY rather than WE speak for OUR community. They can get away with this monstrous imposture because they have suborned too many of our elite; they have created and surrounded themselves with goypuppets; and they control the official voices that most white humans biologically incline to respect and listen to and follow. But if the loudspeakers are taken out of their hands, and a new voice comes over them - the people will follow that which in their hearts they GENUINELY prefer, and default to WHITE NORMAL with no small relief! And the jews well know this. If they were actually self-deceptive about what they're doing, they would believe their own bullshit and not worry about 'hate' and 'extremism.' But they DO worry about it, enough to lie about its existence, to turn WHITE NORMAL into HATE, and to root out and scream down or set up anyone who dares to resist.

The jews are the ringleaders, but in pure numbers, most of their frontmen and lower-level servants are raceless, self-interested goyim. Who are much more easily gotten to (1), and (2) much likelier to yield to threats and physical pressure - because they have other options. Just as Rounder said.

An example: Rush Limbaugh used to criticize homos. One time a bunch of homos arranged to show up at his late tv show, and when he started going off, they started screaming at him. After that, he basically never criticized homos again. He yielded to a pretty small bit of verbal/economic pressure.

How many of the goyish neocons do you think would keep pumping for war if there were even a 1% chance it would get them physically taken out?

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy

Breivik's actions are a perfect example of what JFK was talking about.

You lying judeo-communists filling our clean, successful, calm Norways with violent stupid third-world rapists and murderers can call us 'haters,' 'extremists,' and 'racists,' and all the other filth terms in your liar's lexicon all day long - but you are the real haters, the real killers, and the real usurpers. And you are going to get exactly what you deserve.


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