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Default Wow !! What a terrific time I had today firing both barrells of double ought

I did the gig today at Missouri State University before the religious studies students, Springfield, MO - Professor David Embree presiding (tel: 417-861-2995). Phone for confirmation and critique. Only a few claimed to be christians, though.

No holds barred, no quarter given to the 2 kikess' present, and though I was allotted only 45 minute to speak, plus a 15 minute Q&A period, the 16 students and I ran our mouths, nonstop almost for 2 full hours and 5 minutes. Time flew.

The two extremely ugly kikes, one fat one skinny, did not deny one single charge I made against the jews. Their several questions were incredibly stupid, really. They did remain defiant with frowns the whole time, though. Noses stuck up in the air as if to dare me to do something about jewish attrocities.

Some subjects: The holyhoax, black crime, Federal Reserve, WWII, jewish leadership of the bolshevik revolution which the profession knew and admitted, god's chosen people, white birth rates and the jewish genocide against us, jewish control of government, media, and FR, Henry Ford and his book (incredibly the professor had a copy on hand), books Jewish Supremacism and They Dare to Speak Out (left two copies of The Aryan Alternative and a copy of my own book, for students to pass around), and other subjects.

I also showed a short, 10-minute video of the WPP marching in Raleigh and part of one of my 1985 speeches on a very large classroom screen.

I not only gave out website addresses,,,,, and several other websites, I insisted students write them down, as well as my phone number.

About half seemed genuinely interested, one "half-Cherokee" gal, a blonde gal about 40 presumably a teacher, and maybe two others seemed hostile. All the young men, except one who felt the need to tell me he has a black friend, seemed favorable.

The skinny kike and I got so heated at one point, I raised up and blurted out, "Hell yes, I hate you and all jews, and you all deserve my hate for what your people have done to mine. Later she asked if I thought all jews knew about the jew attrocities I spoke about. I said that all intelligent jews do, and that since Germans are collectively blamed , jews should be also. She denied knowing anything, and I called her a "typical jew liar".

Towards the end, I asked if anyone could point to one single lie I'd made. None did. The Cherokee gal promised she'll do some research in order to catch me in lies.

Ending I said: "I've proven in simple math that our race is dying out rapidly. I've also given you evidence that the jews are responsible. Your only answer can be that you will or you won't do anything about it. Frankly, I hope there's a young Hitler among you." (Words to that effect)

I felt absolutely TERRIFIC and CONFIDENT, even braggadocious, and offered to come back for a repeat at anytime, after giving them plenty of time to research and catch me in a lie.

Oh, glory day !!! Nay, nay, nay. It was even better than that.

Heil Hitler !!!

(PS: Most likely a few of the students, and possibly the professor, will read this. I invited them to and also to join VNNF.)
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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