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The mentally ill Roberto / Roberta Muehlenkamp:

Forget it. I don't give a fuck... you can stick that money up your ass... Gerdes will be free to invoke non-compliance... No money then? OK, so be it. I couldn't care less... My submission didn't comply with any of the posting rules... If Gerdes wants to use my wording and/or procedure as a pretext to deny reward payment, that's OK with me... No, I didn't fully comply with the rules... Gerdes is going to make a big fuss about my not having followed his rules and thus not being entitled to the money... And I couldn't care less.
Why is the mentally ill coward so afraid of complying with the posting rules?

Maybe heshe is too stupid to understand them?

Maybe the requirement of having to prove the existence of just 1 / 1,000 of 1 % of the fraudulently alleged remains is too difficult?