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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
The problem with Christopher Thorpe's view is that (1) he's only dealing with what Greggy says out one side of his mouth, while (2) overlooking the fact that, if Greggy really were serious about inculcating a tougher attitude, the objection to Holocaust Revisionism (on grounds of uncontrolled weepiness) that he spouts out the other side of his mouth would be rendered null and void.
The problem is no one has ever demonstrated Whites feel guilt for no reason. Johnson and Taylor and others pushing this line ignore the media factor. White guilt, as with other attitudes, is simply a function of jews controlling the media and telling them how to feel. It's no more complex than that. It's simply a response to authority, a conformist response. If the same authority were telling whites to be proud of conquering a continent, they wouldn't feel any guilt over slavery or treatment of injuns. If authority were telling whites that Anne Frank died in a hospital bed after writing her novel with a ballpoint pen that didn't exist yet, whites would laugh, not feel guilty. If they were likewise told that there was not an atom of evidence of gassings, and that 6 million was a bogus figure based on a certain historical fetish jews have, and that it should be mocked and spit on and stomped into the dirt, do you think whites would be feeling guilty? Of course not. Whites feel guilty because they believe the lies are truth. And how would they know any differently? Every authority repeats them. And even the would-be counter-authorities like Greg Johnson go along with these lies. It is to shake head over.

Greg Johnson is simply cutting his views to increase his chances of getting 501c3 satus. It's safe to blame whites, and it's dangerous to blame jews. That's why he's slowly but surely back out of WN to the conservative position that we're doing it to ourselves.

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