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[Racist Sports Wire]

The Great Black Dope: Why the Crusade to Replace White QBs with Niggers Is Doomed to Fail

Football is the main sport in America. Most popular with the fans. Most popular with the tv-watching public. Football's number-one position is quarterback. The QB is nearly as important to the outcome of a given game as the pitcher in baseball. Certainly the QB is always the locus of media attention, and the subject of endless discussion on sports radio. If the QB succeeds, he becomes the face of the franchise, a staple of the community, and a man with more philanthropic and commercial opportunities than he can handle. It is no joke to say a dominant and successful QB, such as John Elway, is second only to the president or big-name entertainers in his social and role-model power.

For all these reasons, promoting niggers as QBs is an important political mission in the controlled media, which in sports means ESPN. Given that, as I've turned the Clausewitz phrase, mass sports is politics by different means, having blacks as visible heads and team leaders in the most popular sports helps fans draw the inaccurate conclusion that these creatures of jungle really are our equals; that they really are good people it is safe to have our sons and daughters and families around; and, finally, that 'African-Americans' can be trusted to lead the way in other arenas of life just as they do on the football field. The truth, of course, is that blacks are as incompetent at QB as they are at everything else.

Historically blacks were ignored as QB candidates because of the race's mental defects. Blacks are dumb. Blacks have poor judgment. Blacks lack impulse control. Blacks lack self control. The same qualities that lead them to failure in wider society lead them to failure at QB. Too dumb to read defenses, ie figure out where to throw the ball. Too lazy to prepare their body and brain in order to realize their potential. Too apt to get into fights and draw penalties if somebody says something on the field they don't like.

The mass media overlook these racial tendencies on the football field just as they overlook them in broader society. They might blame a black individual here and there for his failings, but the racial generalization is never made. Racial generalizations are only acceptable if they're pro-black or anti-White. Never if they're pro-White or anti-black. Just as the media blame black crime and education/employment failure in broader society on racism, racism too is the culprit when it comes to why blacks have traditionally not been a factor at QB. Never, ever do blacks fail on their own merits. Always it's some white man, or some white attitude, holding them back.

To reverse history and make progress in football, ESPN and every other mainstream outlet for at least the last twenty years has promoted the idea of the black QB. The subideas are simple: blacks have everything they need, mentally and physically, to succeed at QB. The reason they have failed historically is that they haven't been tried. This is due solely to white racism, which holds they lack the mental ability to play the position. Slowly, too slowly, this attitude is changing. And we the media will hold the owners' and coaches' feet to the fire until blacks dominate the position, like they do most others in professional football. Anything short of that end state signifies that racism still exists and must be battled.

The practical effect of this jewish ideology -- whites must be driven out of all traditional power positions, in sports and society, replaced with jews and other minorities -- which underlies literally every single sports report you have ever seen, listened to or read in the controlled media, is that ESPN routinely and deliberately -- by policy -- overestimates the value of black quarterbacks. It would be comically amusing to see every last jew-ESPN-promoted black QB get overdrafted and then fail except that the opportunity cost is years of wasted time on the bench for superior but underrated white QBs. This is blatant racial discrimination - and in a league that, like the media itself, is supposedly driven by money more than by a political agenda. In neither case is is so. There is undeclared anti-white discrimination in the NFL just as there is overt and legally mandated discrimination in every other big business.

The jewish position is the sports version of the Brezhnev doctrine: what's ours is ours, and what's yours is up for grabs. In football, as in wider society, that means traditionally white positions must be taken over by blacks. While traditionally black positions must remain black. Whereas the NFL was about 50-50 black and white this time in the '80s, today in 2012 it is more like 80-20. Defenses are almost wholly black, except for linebackers and occasional linesmen. Offenses feature white QBs, occasional white FBs, and a good number of white linesmen. If whites can be displaced from playing QB, they will have very little room left on the playing field except at punter and placekicker. QB is not just another position, after all. The QB gets the most attention, so that even if every other position is filled by blacks, the QB will still get as much attention as the rest of the spots combined. For that reason it is politically necessary and desirable to install as many black QBs into the position as possible.

The problem for the hebrews dictating content on ESP is that NFL is a billion-dollar business driven by money-hungry owners (most of them jews - a fact that is literally never mentioned in the jew-controlled mass media that whine about diversity nonstop) who must cater to the public to keep the profits high (1), and that White men are much better at playing QB than blacks (2). Big Jew has not found a way around these facts yet. He is reduced to pumping up yet another black beyond its ability, then making excuses for it as it falls back to earth. And after it can't be denied, even the jew will finally admit the fact, though of course it will never admit to the political impetus driving the overrating in the first place.

ESPN claimed for years, although it has backed off the last couple, that the very position of quarterback was changing. It was evolving into one that blacks are better equipped to fill, because they are fleeter of foot. The "quarterback of the future" would be a hybrid runner/passer, as likely to burn you with his legs as his arm. The star in this campaign was the Virginia ghetto nigger Michael Vick. Vick was faster even than most running backs, and could pass well enough to achieve some success. Never as much as predicted though, and given his niggery stupidity you would predict based on his background, was soon jailed for some really disgusting dogfighting. It was so off-putting whites even ventured to make protest, something they don't even do when their own daughters are molested, raped and murdered by the likes of herpes-infected Vicks.

But we stray from the point. There is no new QB. The position is not evolving. Or, not evolving any more than the other positions are - toward greater size and speed. QB remains a position that demands passing accuracy, judgment and calmness more than footspeed, and the idea that running is anything more than a significant secondary ability in a QB has been effectively disproved. A QB that can run but is weaker at passing goes nowhere. Whereas a QB who can't run much but can pass well is fully capable of winning the Super Bowl. The position remains what it ever was.

But ESPN keeps the flame alive. Keeps promoting the next great black dope as the guy who's going to change it all and redeem the headless nigger in the eyes of the racists.

Let's now run down the NFL's five (out of 32) starting black QBs and see how they're faring in relation to the ESPN 'narrative' they're supposed to be filling out.

1) Michael Vick: was to be the prototype of the 'new' QBs. He was the first black QB to be picked first in the draft. He played six years for Atlanta, was in jail two years for dogfighting, has played the last three for the Philadelphia Eagles. For all his problems, he has done better than any other modern black QB since Warren Moon. But he has never won a Super Bowl or a conference championship. Since his release from jail, the media picked right back up overrating his ability and his team's chances. Last Sunday he and the Eagles, favored by 3' on the road, got their ass kicked by a Arizona Cardinals team headed by his former white backup, Kevin Kolb. Final score was 27-6. The white and particularly the black ESPN sports 'experts' and 'analysts' predicted the Vick-led Eagles would take the game. Black analysts always side with niggers, unless the ESPN producers tell the white and black analysts on a panel to race-swap their positions on some particularly dangerous 'issue,' in order to keep down potential racial unrest. It is ok if blacks generally side with blacks, but never ok if white analysts do that. Nor is it kosher to point out that that is exactly what's going on. So far in 2012 we can say that the Eagles were overrated going into the season, and after a lucky win at extremely weak Cleveland, they are lucky to walk out of Arizona 2-1. The bottom line is they are clearly not as good a team as the media has made them out to be.

2) Cam Newton: This supersized-nigger was the talk of 2011. He came out of the gate quickly, piling up stats, but ended up fading over the course of the season. Which fact was far less remarked on. It was all him when Carolina was doing well, but when he suffered it was simply because he was a rookie going through growing pains. The guy is a straight up nigger. In college he stole someone's laptop. This is a guy who knows he's going to make big bucks in the NFL, but he lacks the mental ability to think out how a theft might limit his endorsements and hurt his career. The classic nigger inability to think even five seconds ahead is obvious in his behavior. It's obvious in face too. He has an attractive, unlined face, very large like OJ Simpson, and it's a face unlined with care because like most niggers its owner isn't capable of lines-producing thought. That's why jackoffs love to talk about those beautiful smiles niggers have. So open, so friendly. There's only a few IQ points' difference between a nigger like Cam Newton and a Down Syndrome retard, and that's why they smile the same. Drafting this nigger will in time prove to have been a mistake. Even though the guy has talent and is large and can run, he's ultimately too mentally incompetent too succeed at QB. Which is all the 'racists' -- ie, reality fans, respecters of reality -- ever said.

Just today the big debate on ESPN's big morning show, First Take, based around 'debates' between (black) Stephen A. Smith and (white) Skip Bayless, featured a discussion of a cartoon that came out making fun of Cam Newton. Newton, in a truly classic nigger, mugged and vamped after scoring a touchdown in a recent game. The touchdown made the score 7 for his guys to 23 for the opponent. That means nothing to a nigger, because to a nigger all that matters is the chance to promote oneself and/or act like a jackass by going into some pre-practiced routine, in nigger Newton's case, some ripping the shirt back to reveal the Superman S on his chest. The 'toon mocked this monkeyman


Very funny. Very apt. Newton acted like a nigger. In human society, you don't play the hero or the fool when you're down 23-7, you hand the ball back to the ref and try to get back in the game. Niggers don't think like this. And they don't like being called on their niggery behavior. According to negro Smith, we are the cartoon "lampooned" nigger Newton. It mocked him. He strove to make a distinction between criticizing the nigger and mocking him. It is ok to criticize the holy nigger - but only from an abject position of complete and total respect. They are owed that much for historical reasons. And they will use that "history" until the end of time to force you, white sucker, to bown down to them, and accept second place in the racial hierarchy.

This is what you can expect if blacks ever complete their takeover of the US: criticism of niggers will be overtly forbidden, let alone laughing at them. The minute you lose the freedom to laugh, you are already a subject and a clown. We owe niggers nothing. They are ridiculous and if we're not laughing at them, then we become ridiculous too. Go back to Freaka if you don't feel you're getting the proper respect, useless niggers. We don't want you here anyway. Bayless disagreed with nig Smith, but of course he did it only after a disclaimer that was three times as long as the quibble he everntually ended up registering. If that's the future you like, white man, that's the future you'll get if you keep on tolerating this shit.

White man must be every endlessly "sensitive" to niggers and their needs.

Have you ever, ONCE, heard of a nigger being sensitive to a white man? A nigger mocked by other niggers, or brought to heel, for not showing white man his due respect? Of course not. Niggers never show respect for whites, nor does any media personality ever take up for whites. But whites are called on to show endless respect for niggers. The fool you flatter is the fool you become. If you want to become a third class citizen by jews and the niggers they exalt over you, then go along with the racial submission modeled by Skip Bayless and the other white niglickers on ESPN.

If black QBs can't succeed on their own merits, why would any self-respecting white man want to help them succeed by lying about their character and ability? He wouldn't. But that is just what every single white analyst on ESPN does. They save their real venom and any sharp attacks they might care to levy for the white QBs. Of whom criticism will only raise you in the graces of the kike producers running the network.

3) Robert Griffin The Third: This guy took Cam Newton's place at the forefront of the Nigger QB Promote Machine/Hype Index after Newton graduated to the pros. Out of Baylor, Griffin is a very fast runner and decent passer. Thanks purely to ESPN analyst hype, he eventually surpassed the most polished QB to come down the college pike in 20 years, Andrew Luck, and win the Heisman Trophy, the top individual award in college football. He ended up being drafted second behind Luck.

Griffin was drafted by the Washington Redskins, a team owned by an obnoxious, litigious jew named Daniel Snyder. He was to be the leader of 2-time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan's rebuilt offense. Shanahan was betting his employment on black Griffin's success. After a week one victory over New Orleans at New Orleans, it looked like everything was on the right road. After week three, the Redskins are 1-2. Griffin has some ability, and will probably end up being a low-mediocre pro QB, rather than washing out of the league like JaMarcus Russell or Vince Young. I don't know of anything offhand to suggest his particularly stupid or niggery in behavior, and he seems fairly well spoken. The interesting racial angle as concerns Griffin is the white man behind him.

Kirk Cousins is the backup QB in D.C. He was drafted this year, same as Griffin. He had huge success in the preseason, whereas Griffin did not. He is an exceptionally attractive and intelligent young man, as can be seen in any interview. He's out of Michigan State in the Big Ten. My guess is that he will end up starting at some other team, and have a career that dramatically outshines Griffin's. It is a sure bet that after his stellar performance in one particular game in the preseason, in which Griffin played poorly, if their races had been reversed, you would have heard immediately about QB controversy. But since Cousins is white, the them ALL the media reports pushed was that Cousins and everybody else understand that he is just the backup, and the 'Skins are Robert Griffin III's team. Is is my hope that the Redskins will continue to fail as they have the last few years, and they will turn to Cousins and he will succeed.

Notable was ESPN's Skip Bayless, for practically shitting himself on camera that someone was going to think the obvious and unthinkable - that just maybe white-man Cousins was better than black-man Griffin. Bayless, who is styled as a contrarian, with conservatism somewhat implied, beat the drum for the greatness of Griffin and may well have been responsible for his winning the Heisman over heavily favore white QB Andrew Luck. He expressed overt and explicit anger in panel discussions over the drafting of Cousins because he knew how good Cousins actually is, and he feared the competition would hurt Griffin's psyche and chances. See, everybody's a racist. Nobody believes blacks are equal to whites. But not everybody draws the conclusion about how we should act on this obvious inequality. Illiberals like Bayless draw the conclusion that blacks must be coddled, protected and excused, whether they're playing QB or committing rapes and robberies. White subords like Bayless positively get off on championing the nigger over those of their own race, even as they deliberately market themselves as badass, say-anything contrarians. It is to laugh. Skip is a punk. He's certainly astute. But that only means he knows damn well what he's doing, which makes him doubly guilty.

4) Russell Wilson: This guy is the starting QB for Seattle. He threw the winning pass in this monday's contest against Green Bay, which led to a scab-ref decision that gave Seattle the win. The nation was outraged. The ref strike was settled. But that doesn't concern us. What does is that Wilson, in light of the not so good performances by other nigger QBs has come into vogue as the now-nig to be overpromoted in terms most purple. Here (around 15:00 mark) you can listen to ESPN's Bill Simmons' professional NFL analyst Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network discuss just how ridiculously exaggerated the talk about black Wilson's performance has been. When even the controlled-media personnel are mentioing the fact, if never the reason, you know how bad it's gotten. Wilson is not a particularly niggery nigger the way Newton and Vick are, but he's small and quite slow. He figures to top out at low-average - if he doesn't wash out of the league or end up as backup.

5) Josh Freeman: This nigger came on the scene in 2009. He had a fantastic 2010, then came back to earth in 2011. It appears that his success in 2010 was more due to a weak schedule than anything else. We'll see how this former great hope will do. Tampa Bay is somewhat off the national radar, which tends to cover only a handful of teams until the playoffs at least. I don't know anything in particular against Freeman's character; he is a black-fathered mulatto from Kansas State, and 6'5" as opposed to shrimpy and often-injured Michael Vick and comparatively diminutive Russell Wilson (5'11").

There you have it. Five starting QBs out of 32 are black, and of them only one has substantial achievements: Michael Vick. And he has never won a conference championship, let alone a Super Bowl. His most remarkable achievement remains the fact that he has the fastest QB time ever documented in the 40-yard-dash: 4.33 on his Pro Day, and 4.25 another time.

Blacks will never succeed at QB in the future, apart from highly select and unusual individuals, for the same reason they've never succeeded in the past: they lack what Al Campanis, in the context of explaining why so few blacks are baseball managers, called 'the necessities.' It's true. And it doesn't stop being true because he got fired for saying it. Rather, he got fired for saying it because it's true.

[Thanks for week I will write a column about Tim Tebow, explaining the remarkable phenomenon that is his pro career and its treatment in the controlled media.]

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