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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
I don't agree. Jews mock and shit on christ retards in their media all the time and yet the christians don't attack back, hell the kwan ones even fight and die for them in ME shit holes.
I've made this point fifty times, never to an answer. These people, honestly, christ cranks but particularly Southerners, simply don't exist at a level where logic permeates. Mississippi is like that stratum of the sea where sunlight never reaches, and the fish are exceedingly strange. Logic is so foreign to their patterns they have no receptors for it.

I have been around christ idiots my whole life, these people don't deserve anything but scorn and ridicule. Maybe if we are persistent enough some of them may just wake up and see the error of their ways. Anyway WN shouldn't be about 'appealing' to the impotent superstitious feminine and mentally sterile. Whites need leaders who think like jews not christ morons.

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