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Originally Posted by Joseph Kutz View Post

So did you listen to the Giles-MacDonald Interview?

Listening to it I got the impression that Giles was looking to get a disavowal of yourself, your message and your methods from MacDonald.

Any comments?
I haven't heard. I might listen to it and comment. MacDonald has more or less commented on my views before. KM confuses politics with propriety. Always on his lips are appropriate, productive, responsible and the rest of the middle-class buzzwords. He is a conservative without realizing it. Conservatism is not where serious change comes from, as NS and Golden Dawn show. In fact, organized conservatism is the sworn enemy of fundamental change. GD lumps conservatives with communists as The System it fights. American WN were wise to do the same. As I have written repeatedly and explained in my strategy essay.

If there's interest, I'll listen to the show and hit what he says point by point, if not I won't.

It's too bad Giles isn't smart enough to figure out the right questions to ask and must linger on personalities.

The reason Giles is insistent on legality, without realizing that Strictly-Legal-Tribunals is perfectly consistent with extermination, is that one of these dopes in the comment columns of these and those websites always quotes his "strictly legal, apple pie sort of way." So Giles thinks this means he really has something.

A more intelligent man would recognize what I've pointed out: our enemy did not obtain and does not keep power by his legal actions half as much as by his illegal actions. Giles is big on Hitler, but he has no response to what I quoted him - Hitler's saying that so long as the state followed the laws, his party would too.

I'm still waiting for someone to make the intellectual - not political, intellectual - case that jews should not be exterminated as a group - that there is a better way for Aryans to deal with them. No one can or will because the counter-case for extermination is so self-evidently reasonable and desireable that it's unthinkable anyone except a rabid jews supremacist -- by which I mean jew -- would oppose it.

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