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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

and cut into the fringes of Samaras’ New Democracy Conservatives, shifting votes to Golden Dawn. This is why the Conservatives, not the leftists, are the greater danger. They need to be attacked even harder so that they finally collapse and make way for the real nationalists.

Serbian gets it!

Look, men, grasp this: if you favor basic normality, that makes you a rightist. So we're all after the same thing. The average person can be a Republican or a Nazi with equal ease. You see what I mean? It just depends on which political faction is dominant. Someone is going to represent the normals, whether it's a revolutionary nationalist fighter or a bourgeois conservative appeaser. The other side is the queers: the jews, sex deviants, criminals and illegal aliens. They can be represented with equal ease by revolutionary communists or piecemeal Democrats.

When our side sucks up to conservatives and fawns over them, it makes the dimwits think they can actually lead us to victory. Even though they have a perfect record of losing. Why do we need white nationalism if Pat Buchanan, the Catholic Church and the Republican Party can get the job done? The answer is: we don't. Who are WN anyway? Some anti-intellectual Southern mudder-unregenerates and disaffected minority Northerners. They have no power. They never get on tv or radio. They're already at a huge disadvantage. When their own number (Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, Grinnin' Jimmy Edwards et al.) fawn over conservatives, and play along with the charade that you can be both radical and respectable, our cause strangles in the birth canal. This is not a difficult point to understand, but I fear that the groovy personalities of these good fellows presents them from behaving the way they may known intellectually is right. Those of us who are, cough, naturally more disagreeable, shall we say, have a much easier time seeing and accepting and acting on this.

If you attack Pat Buchanan, guess what? You lose none of his value. You can steal read and learn from his books and columns. But you give him no money and public respect. If you call him a coward, you might radicalize him. Or at least force him into a defensive position. If you say, well, he deserves respect. Hey, this guy already has millions of dollars. He already undermined David Duke in public, and picked a black as his presidential running mate. You don't worry about him. You worry about you. What has he done for your cause? Nothing. Racism is immoral, so says Pat Buchanan, just the same as his Pope and the Abe Foxman that pope goes on bended knee before.

What is that jew saying from Hillel? If I am not for myself, who will be for me? That's damn fitting for WN. You won't even take your own side in an argument, you defend conservatives who won't defend you. You make excuses for them when they don't say things they know to be true, know to be necessary - when they say, in fact, the opposite of what they should be saying. That is the wrong way to go. You should attack the conservatives and never let up. You should enjoy that attack. Conservatives are toothless and impotent. They know only one thing: whining followed by retreat. Nature made them to be kicked around by someone, why let jews have all the fun?

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