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Default Varg and Marie

I see that the Breivik/Vikernes connection was discussed earlier here at VNN and also at counter-currents.

Last month, thinking VNN's "Varg" was, in fact, Varg Vikernes, I did some research. I watched the youtubes Varg Vikernes Talks about Killing Euronymous and Varg Vikarnes about Christianity and read a few articles.

What I found interesting about Varg Vikernes was the work he and his wife, Marie Cachet, are embarked on, Atala-A journey to the Golden Age, and her book, The ForeBears. I'm enticed, for example, by this in the chapter one; B. The Homo genus (en)
1. Transition animal / human
The human is a communicating animal, but it is an animal. The transition from animals to humans should be simple, yet it is almost impossible to achieve it peacefully. So we need a bit of insolence. Subsequently, we use the term “human” to speak of the homo genus, and not to speak of homo sapiens for example. The homo genus is part of the tribe homini which also includes the pan genus (chimpanzees), this tribe is included in the subfamily Homininae, of the family Hominidae of the superfamily Hominidea of the order Primate of Mammals…
I wasn't able to find much about Cachet's educational background and she does not provide any recognized sources to back up her ideas, since they're apparently entirely original. I haven't finished reading the chapters, and unfortunately I'm not qualified to judge their merit.

I began wondering about what evolution really looked like, in slow motion, when I was researching the predator-prey relationship, which I mentioned somewhere in an earlier post here. As a layman, my interest in these subjects far exceeds the knowledge base from which I launch my attacks