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From the counter-currents article just posted in this section on Hitler:

...Currently, for example, World War II historian David Irving is in the midst of a speaking tour of the US, one of the few remaining European countries where free speech has not (yet) been formally outlawed as “hate,” “terrorism,” “Holocaust denial,” or “defaming the memory of the dead.”

A few days ago he spoke to a handful of people at a hotel in Oklahoma City. Irving and his listeners are forced to meet furtively in private, indeed, under conditions of utmost secrecy, otherwise armed, Leftist “antifa” thugs who stalk the writer across the United States will criminally break up the meetings.

But these masked stalkers and domestic terrorists will receive little more than a slap on the wrist from the System, if that. In essence, police, prosecutors, and courts smirk about it, as they have done for more than half a century now.

There is no great mystery about why our race is in the peril it’s in. It is not a mysterious puzzle. It is a lie to say that “we did it to ourselves.” The real reason is plain: violence, hatred, force, power, and government-approved criminality designed to suppress civil liberties.
Unarmed Party of the Swedes member gets severly stabbed while going to confront antifa-scum that had just vandalized and trashed his home, which is the usual modus operandi of these cowardly groups that targets nationalists. Despite plenty of witnesses to the event, the stabber walks... and gets his knife back.

Now, note, important distinction, this didn't take place in the guys home in the heat of the moment as he was being assaulted or anything, no, the guy jumped out of the window with a knife in hand as the nationalists walked from the car towards the appartment, and proceded to lunge at them and eventually stabbing and nearly killing one of the nationalists.

Nick Staffas acquitted of attempted murder - or the return of weapons

The left extremist who stood accused of having stabbed a nationalist, was acquitted today. However, he is sentenced to at night having smashed windows of a married couple.*

Published 2013-08-08, at 13:06**

Today, the verdict against the left extremist Nick Robert Staffas. Staffas was charged with attempted murder and vandalism. Eskilstuna district court frees him though on the point of attempted murder.

Some nationalists were tired of getting their windows smashed repeatedly and then they are a witness to the vandalism with a car number, they could identify one of the suspects. A woman should also have been beaten by left-wing extremists shortly before this event unfolds. They went to the offender's home to reconnoiter when any of the nationalists in anger over previous attacks smashed the box to the port.

Nick Staffas then jumped out of a window as a result of Dennis Miraballes. The condo was also Nikie Hallenberg but she stayed in the apartment. They shouted that they were RF (Revolutionary Front) and both were armed with a knife. Nationalists backed away for the knife but one of the nationalists tried to grab Staffas arm to disarm him. Staffas parried the attempt and then stabbed the nationalist.

Dennis Miraballes and his roommate Nikie Hallenberg testified how Nick Staffas encircled and beaten with blunt objects rough, much rougher than physical could show.Severly beaten with "blunt" objects, yet there is no physical trace of it... the anti-reality drugged leftists are so conditioned to make it up as they go that it's hard to be sure if they really think it is so in their deranged, delirium Pravda-world, or if they're just shamelessly lying per usual and deliberately bearing false testimony. Ok, probably the latter. It should be the duty of the court to judge according to what the evidence actually shows though, to reach a verdict based on the objective facts, and guarantee that everyone receives a fair, neutral, non-political trial. Alas, this is not the case in the severely sick and quickly descending 2013-multi-cult Sweden.

They argued that Staffas acted in self-defense when he was about to kill another human being. The district court says that it is difficult to know what is true and therefore chooses to free Nick Staffas from attempted murder. He may therefore also back his knife seized after the attack. However sentenced Nick Staffas for vandalism.

(The vandalism earlier that evening) A married couple was awakened by the windows to the house were smashed. Outside were several people with balaclavas and weapons. The assailants shouted, and then disappeared from the scene. There remained then blood at one of the shattered windows. The blood turned out to belong to Nick Staffas. Self denying Staffas to crime and says he does not really understand how his blood ended up on the broken window pane. But the court says this time he is not trustworthy and condemning him for vandalism.

This past year has been a lot of political attacks from left-wing extremists have taken place. When 19-year-old Nick Staffas now sentenced to probation and 40 day-fines and to pay 4000 kronorför shattered window panes will probably not deter. Staffas cleared of attempted murder and get back his weapon and the married couple receive no compensation for their suffering in connection with the attack.

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