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Originally Posted by Jimmy Marr View Post
I've seen this idea from you before, but it always seems to be presented in a slightly tangential manner like above. Can you develop it a little more here, or refer me to something elsewhere.

I kinda get it, and I think it's very important, but I could benefit from further elucidation.

Is it the public schools' refusal to teach phonetic reading technique that accomplishes the "mind binding"? How so?
Crushing Opposition Is Not Enough; Jews Must Make Opposition Impossible to Form - By Destroying White Bodies, Minds and Characters

By Alex Linder

It's my fault I've never marketed my writing particularly. I'm sure I've written fairly directly on this before, and I'm sure I could search all night and not find it.

What you refer to is an important concept, and easily explained.

There are different levels of things. One is easy to see. Others are subtle, secondary - but even more dangerous, even stronger.

Ok, so I'm an evil jew. I want to fuck up little Jimmy Marr's head. How do I do it?

The crudest, most obvious way: I create public schools. I force JM's parents to pay a 'public school' tax, or whatever I call it. I force young master JM to attend classes all day, like a day jail. In those classes I harangue him, I brainwash him, I boss him around, I ring bells at him, I make him march, I whistle at him, I make him wear ugly clothes, and square dance and if he points his finger like a gun, I call the cops. If he moves more than once an hour, I send him to the school nurse, refer him to the school shrink, get him on drugs. I stamp out any signs of masculinity, badthink or initiative. I make him docile, pliant, compliant, scared - I put fear and passivity in him, as much as I can.

But we get ahead of ourselves.

I can abuse you by brainwashing you. By telling you what you have to believe. By rewarding you if you parrot my line. And by punishing you if you don't.

That is the obvious intellectual terrorism (that our schools engage in).

But the LESS obvious is more interesting and more important.

As someone said, in every society there's an orthodoxy, and if you fall afoul of it, you'll suffer. That's unrelated to jew-specific political correctness, it's just an innate human tendency to groupthink and groupact and groupjudge. PC is simply a much harsher manifestation this tendency can be forced to to take, a channel it can be forced into. As opposed to, say, a Catholic society under Franco where you suffer if you get divorced, or wear a bikini at a public beach. That Is Not Done, and people look down on you.

So there's the top level - teaching us the party line. And punishing us if we disagree: here's what you must believe. Here's the state religion. Here's what we're going to do to you if you resist.

Easy to grasp. There's a partyline, set down by the powers that be, and you'd better believe it, or you will suffer.

The jews have achieved this power over us, to where they can set lines and dictate.

But they aren't content with that.

They don't just want no opposition, they want opposition not even to be possible. Not even to occur to people. Not even to be capable of forming.

That requires second-level operations. Beyond brainwashing/parroting. It requires salting the fields of Carthage, or destroying the machine-tool shop. It requires binding minds. And deforming character.

The ideal Aryan, according to the jews of the Frankfurt School

Any qualities of mind or character that can lead to independence, to continence, to self-control, essentially, for lack of a better word, can lead to jew-opposition. The jew would prefer you behave like the person in the cartoon above, from the story here. Remember the backdrop here: the Frankfurt school. Jews believe Aryan males are inherently 'authoritarian personalities.' This personality tends to lead to jew-opposition. Well ordered minds lead to well ordered lives and well ordered families in well ordered communities - in which the jew and the barrier-breaking and social destruction he prides himself on are unappealing and looked down upon. So this personality must be excised or thwarted or deformed. How is this done?

By character, it's done by promoting sexual laxness - promiscuity. This is why everything is hypersexualized in the anti-white media. Sex changes from a private matter of bonding and reproduction to a matter of public titillation and obsessions. This is why a host never discusses jewish power without getting a pink slip but is perfectly free to ramble on for hours about masturbation. Remember what the wise man said: they take your political freedom, your independence, and give you sexual license in exchange. That's been borne out over the 20th century.

By mind, it's done by teaching reading by a method that frustrates the student. Getting him to hate reading. Reading, after all, is the gate through which almost all learning must enter. So let's get the dirty little shaigetz and shiksa to associate it with pain. This is the 'look-say' method of reading instruction, where English is taught as Chinese - as thousands of different word-pictures, rather than a small set of letters (26) and sounds (roughly 70), whereby new words can be decoded, sounded out, they dont have to be memorized and remembered.

If the purpose of a public school is to educate children, why is the main means of education (beyond personal experience) -- reading -- taught by a method KNOWN NOT TO WORK? How can that possibly be? There's only one answer: thwarting the ability to read and the desire to read is the real mission of the 'teachers.' It takes roughly 100 hours of instruction in the three Rs to produce a student capable of the basics - which are all he needs to learn anything else he needs. 100 hours is a few weeks. But public schools endure for sixteen years! And most victims go on to 'college.' The mission of this institution is clearly something other than the ostensible.

Public school is a funhouse - nothing is what it appears to be. From the name on down, it's a bunch of lies. The only purpose of the public school is to create stunted cretins who look to the state (produced by ZOG) to solve all their problems. The exact opposite of what America was created, as a political structure, to do, which was basically defend the coasts, and leave the people alone.

Basically, what I'm saying is that the jews go beyond simply putting out a propaganda line and enforcing agreement, they and their institutions actively work to destroy any ostensibly neutral intellectual or character faculties that they know will tend to produce 'anti-semites,' simply because they produce thinking, initiative-taking agents.

In my life, I've read more than anyone who's not a working academic, I'd suppose. The one and only time I came close to really hating to read was in junior high, when we were assigned Shane. The book the movie is based on. Very interesting stuff. But we had to write a synopsis of every stupid three chapters. It was absolutely boring and awful. And that was the intent. Even an interesting book can be made horrible by this kind of approach. What they're trying to do is get people to hate and avoid that icky reading stuff, and leave it to the trained perfessionals. let them do the thinking and the heavy lifting. Just content yourself with shitty pop fiction, if you must read. Leave the hardback books to the jews, the intellectuals, the leaders. Your job is to watch sports, jerk off to jew-produced porn, and obey, obey, obey.

Now obviously the jews cant destroy all other intelligence. But they'd like to. If they are ever able to locate what the jews call 'hate' or 'racism' in white brains, jews will lobby Congress to pass a law mandating 'hate' lobotomies. If you or anyone think I am kidding, you don't understand how jews think and operate. Short of literally cutting out pieces of white men's brains, jews can fuck up children's heads by creating a reverse reality in the mass media they alone control, and foster a hatred of thinking and reading, a hard-core anti-intellectualism, among the public schools whose teachers have been trained by marxist jews through the college system.

Besides teaching reading, the basic intellectual tool, by methods that don't work, in order to frustrate and retard students' intellectual growth, jews also attack agency in their language. They encourage students to participate, unwittingly, in their own character deformation and physical destruction. The latter through encouraging race mixing with muds, who are lower IQ and violent, all around less desirable, and characterwise by obsessing about their own looks and self-esteem, and coming to believe that their own opinion is somehow valuable in its own right, rather than valuable insofar as it corresponds to something in the real world. 'Students,' or victims of public schools, are trained to become selfish, passive clones. Public schools serve the agenda of the jews perfectly, but they also serve the agenda of giant corporations trying to stifle developments from bright individuals. This in fact, if you read the leftists like Gatto, was a huge influence on the American public school system from the late 1800s on. Of course, he is ignorant or doesn't mention the jewish/state agenda, because leftists prefer to blast corporations, as you know.

All kinds of research confirms what I'm saying. The problem is that nearly all explanations of the type I'm attempting here come from christians or former schoolteachers or neocon goys. They are fine as far as they go, but they leave out the jewish heart of the problem - today. Jews were not involved at the start of this problem, which goes back, in America, to a set of Protestant nuts in Massachusetts, but the system those moralizing control-freak zanies created fit jewish needs perfectly when they came to America and began propagating their poison through Columbia Teachers College, which is the one the other schools of education around the country take their bearing from. E. Michael Jones covers some of this. Christian homeschooling writers have their angle. Former PS teacher John Gatto has his semi-leftist anti-corporate approach. And of course we have our WN approach, we incorporates what we know about jews, specifically their hatred of whites, their belief that the way to destroy us is through promoting social looseness, particularly regarding sex.

So in conclusion, of course jews smack down direct opposition as hate, and use their institutions to produce parrots and weaklings. But it goes beyond that. They seek to destroy the white man in body, mind, and character - and they use the institutions they control, in a coordinated way, to do just this.

Loose sex - spreads disease. Weakens bodies. Reduces reproduction. Weakens family ties. Exhibits a ratchet effect or multiplier over generations. To children never conceived, no children can be born. To children perverted into homosexual behavior, no children will be born. To children dead of AIDS, or made barren by chlamydia, no children will be born. So it is with drinking and drugs. People fucked up on them will have fewer and worse families. People who race mix will have inferior families, less threatening to jews because of their inferior behavior and lower mental ceilings, compared to white families. The more mixed families there are, the harder for white families to maintain their success rates and success patterns. The laws, media and schools are all worked to create what jews would call a 'hostile environment for whites' if the sides were reversed. Everything is done to make solid white society impossible and, barring that, undesirable.

Destroy the character of a man - get him hooked on vices, drugs, sex, rock 'n' roll. Get him to accede in lies - this is the real purpose of PC. It destroys character. Tens of millions of white men are knowing going along with statements about diversity they know aren't true. In an anti-intellectual culture as the jews have created in AmeriKwa, this seems like no big deal. We all lie a little. But it is a big deal. Integrity does mean something. You can't continually accede in lies and keep a solid charcter. The jews know this. That's why they're so hot to make sure that no esteemed public figure ever gets away with saying something unPC. Example is the discoverer of DNA, forced to resign and apologize because he voiced an accurate generalization about black mental aptitudes. We're a society far gone when our heroes give in like that, and we sit by and watch and do nothing. We're in a dark age, made dark by our cowardice, more than any other factor. The jews aren't so smart. They do dominate us though. Why? Because we are afraid of them. We have chosen to be cowards. We should be ashamed of ourselves. But we're not. Jews have promoted a culture of shamelessness, we can note.

Intellectually - we've been over this. They train us to read by methods that don't work. So we're smart enough to read a menu at a Macdonald's but no smarter. We don't want to read anything serious. We don't want any serious thoughts. We want to watch tv, cheer football teams, be satisfied with the utterly jejune and reality-reverse stereotyping in any pop fiction we read during our annual week at the beach. We are consumers. We are unindividuated individuals. We are voters. We are democrats. We are clowned clowns who don't realize what's been taken from us under our nose. We are fools and idiots who think we're free and independent agents. We are pathetic.

The notion of agency is what triggered all this. Free will. Who is responsible for human actions? Individual men, or social forces and fate? Most people say the first but believe the second. The interests of the jews and the state dovetail. They both find an interest in promoting the idea that people need the state to serve their needs. Jews play on and off agency as suits their purpose. Nigs are never guilty of their actions. White (nationalists) are always responsible - not just for their own actions but for the actions of the blacks they 'hate' too! I'm not exaggerating. This is exactly how the jewsmedia plays it. For example, any white murdered by a nigger he said anything the jew can construe as epithet to is responsible for what happens to him. Jews also like to blame WN for their own destruction, implying or stating its because of their ideals they are brought low. They are trying to get whites to think: if you hold these beliefs, bad things will inevitably happen to you. Yeah - because of jews. Jews do bad things, but hide their hand. Most goyim are religious idiots. Another example is the meme among christards that "god blesses those who help Israel, and hurts those who don't." Jews play with agency and responsibility as serves their purpose, and they enlist or enmist their ins and outs with secular-religious mumbo-jumbo. Same with homosexuality. It's a noble and moral thing when two queers want to go public or get married, but it's also a thing of scandal if one of their enemies is revealed to indulge in the behavior. Jews turn everything to their purpose. What is most damaging to Aryans generally, to anyone generally, is what they do in their schools: teach against concepts of agency. Downtalk enterprise (business, free markets), talk up service and 'needs' and 'victims' and 'legacies.' No one is ever responsible for his actions until he opposes the jews, then he's responsible for everything. This is the white man as guilty class. As some have pointed out, the white man takes the place of the capitalist in marxist ideology. Like a witch, he's capable of every sort of evil, and no stone goes unturned in discovering his evil pale hand.

These thoughts are quick and not as well organized as they could be, but let me try yet another summing:

The first level is to tell you what to believe.

The deeper level is to deny you the tools to reason rightly yourself. So that you can't even form wrong opinion, wrong meaning perceived-as-dangerous-by-jews. This second, deeper level is achieved by the coordinated use of the major institutions of society to create a milieu that is White-uncomfortable to white-impossible and meant to lead to the deepest and final level: white-nonexistence, as declared for quite openly by jew Ignatiev, among others. Also involved, at the instrumental level, are the use of certain techniques to warp the mind, such as the look-say method of 'teaching reading.' All this is wrapped, of course, in the smothering plastic of 'gaslighting,' whereby none of what is going on is ever spoken about, or admitted when charged, or acknowledged in any way. Studies have shown people sweat bullets when they disagree with a few others on the length of a pencil, so how in the world can they brave the rare perception that something as profound and awful as what I describe is actually happening when no one around them ever says anything! But it is happening, it is by design, and it is intended to warp and confuse our people, and to lead, ultimately, to their disappearance from the face of the earth. Christ - which jewish 'holiday' - literally holy day - is NOT a celebration of another race's genocide! That right there ought to tell us something.

Let me try it again. Jews don't just tell you the right things to say and believe, they don't just give your the lines to parrot, they do their level best to destroy your moral character and your ability to reason. And they have overwhelming media and public-institutional control behind them.

Is said Great minds think alike. Better said, minds functioning correctly arrive in the same place. They may not feel the same about the destination their right-reasoning leads to, but they will end up at the same conclusion. That's what makes reason reason, and what makes it pro-social, as opposed to anti-social religion.

Destroying the reasoning capacity of competing races is 'good for jews.' Not just filling heads with bad and self-destructive ideas, but preventing heads from thinking at all. That's where their safety lies. Next to getting rid of competing races physically and entirely via genocide. Anyone who can think and who applies his thinking mechanism to a study of jewish behavior will reach the same conclusions I have expressed about what jews are doing. He may not then draw the conclusion I have - that we should fight back against the jews and the world they're trying to create, but he won't be able honestly or rationally to deny that my description of their behavior and motives fits their historical record, and is demonstrably manifest in what they actually do in daily life. This fact - that what they call 'antisemitism' is one very likely reaction, the normal reaction I have said, to their proven historical pattern of behavior - represents a threat to jews, potentially even an existential threat to them, if I can persuade enough people my solutio to the threat they pose to Aryans and other goyim is best -- and they are not going to sit there while even the POTENTIAL for opposition exists.

Jews have mostly destroyed their real opponents. Now they are worried about potential opponents. You certainly won't learn the truth about jews in the schools they control by indoctrinating the education majors who become the teachers, you will only learn the truth about jews by either dealing with jews directly, which is likelier to give you indigestion than comprehensive intellectual understanding, or by reading certain material, and thinking your way to a conclusion. This kind of intelligence is rare enough, but by deliberately making public education about socialization rather than intellectual development, jews can shrink the pool of potential 'anti-semites' as they call them. Here they work hand in glove with the non-jew Deweyites who, in America at least, preceded them and, as it were, set the table for them. Dewey wanted cogs for a central-government bureaucrats serving a new world order; jews want cogs and clones for their own reasons - so they can rule and everyone else can serve them as retarded, mixed-race slaves. The public school system serves both agendas - the racist jews and the anti-racist NWO WASP-Anglomanic high-minded universalist one-worlder crowd.

So jews have two theaters of operations:

Lies and lie-enforcement (hate crimes law, thought crimes enforcement)


Destruction of hostile intelligence, real or potential. The fewer 'anti-semites' there are in the world, the fewer men, parties, publications, the easier to defame and destroy them; the more, the harder. Beyond this, they work on sowing the fields with salt. That means anti-intellectual education focused on social attitudes rather than genuine learning as the basis of public education. That's been going on in America since the 1920s, at least. That's the notion of progressive education, which jews have adapted to their own ends, so that little white kids-to-be-mentally-warped are force-fed Anne Frank in both history and English.

Whatever traditional i.e. real education promotes - intellectual and character Bildung, basically - jew-controlled public 'education' works to destroy. Destroy the body with promiscuity, destroy the character with by encouraging or forcing accession in known lies, (instruct the youth of the goyim in doctrines WE KNOW TO BE FALSE, as the jews say in Protocols), and destroy the mind by focusing it on base things and personal details and attitude-striking rather than genuine factual learning about the real external world.

The fruit of jews' labor is to produce grabbag mixed-race 90-IQ helots with no idea who they are, living in a world dominated by racist jews who know exactly what they are.

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