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Alex Linder

On Christianity vs Science, with Disrespectful Nod at Southern Culture

By A. Linder

Originally Posted by Vance Stubbs View Post
Fair enough. I don't see why people refer to that as "universalism" though.
It's universalist because it says ALL MEN need its ONE TRUE PATH. Math/science are universal because the laws they uncover are in fact laws for all men, they are objectively and independently true. Christianity, the hapless hag that it is, has pretensions in the same direction - to universal validity. It just leaves out the whole evidence thing. What? Oh. It's playing by special rules. Oh, ok. In fact, it's just tennis with the net down, to use Frost's phrase. Lots of non-science claims try to leech off the cachet of the real thing, in order to steal its prestige and obtain its respect and power. This is not honest. But all leftism follows this path. Global warming is one scam that masquerades as science. Christianity is another, even though it came first.

These are the the important facts:

1) Christianity's central claim is not true.

2) No one needs christianity.

Are the Japanese not civilized? They aren't christian. Nor are the Chinese. Nor are the pygmies in Africa. All of them happily live their own separate and different ways. They don't need some fictional story about a kike to create viable societies. Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism - worked fine for them for 4,000 years, in case of the last.

Math is true. Christianity claims its claims are true. It can't point to anything we would call evidence in any other circumstances to verify its claims. Rather, its claims are divine revelations. Thems kind don't need no stinkin' badges. You're just to shut up and accept them. Southern man says, yessuh, ah will. Ah shorely and poorly will. By contrast, a man says, I got your evidence right here, you kike faggot fellating spiritual Q-RID sufferers. A white man laughs at what's dumb and wrong and pretentious and dishonest. He doesn't fall on his knees and fellate it. That is the difference. I'm not sure you can make it out, but that's what it is. The law of gravity is real. The law that you need to accept Jesus as your personal savior or you go to hell is an unsubstantiated claim. Gravity is real. Whether you respect it, hate it, you'd best be advised to take it into account. Now, a thing like that is on a whole other order of seriousness and reality than some kike fairytale about a fictional fruitcake named jesus. But no, no, you can find high-IQ idiots by the boatload who claim that science and christianity are on par. True in different ways, by different standards. It is not so. Do not ever believe it. Jesus-our-savior is mere opinion. Don't believe in Jesus, nothing changes, nothing ramifies. Don't believe in gravity, well, go jump off a cliff and see what happens. There's a difference there at least one in four Southerners might be able to make out, if he puzzle awhile over his cobbler. Rest assured, that one in four is me being charitable on this venerable holiday. (Insert Norman Fell Three's Company grin here.) Or Phil Hartman's acting-coach skit: This is something. This is nothing. Try to make out the difference. It doesn't matter how many dresses you put on Big Wopper. Men mock. Women believe. Doubt is what turns Third World into First World. Faith is what turns First World into Third. Religion is the opposite of civilization.

Science is universal, it uses the same method of analysis for humans and trees. Liberalism and Christianity don't. They have an entirely unique system of analysis for humans. "Humanist" seems like a more fitting term to me. The problem is that Humanism is strongly ingrained in the "Western" tradition.
Neither one of us knows what you're saying. You begin by misunderstanding universalism and proceed into darkness with the confidence of a bat but without its sonar.

To "reject the existence of gods" means literally nothing. Do atheists reject the "existence" of Chronos? No they don't, because Chronos is time. A concept, not a giant man. "God the Father" refers to a wide range of concepts, many of which ("the greatest conceivable existent") go into obscure metaphysics. Claiming that "the greatest conceivable existent" "doesn't exist" because "there's no evidence" means you fundamentally don't know what's going on in the conversation. It isn't like saying you don't believe that the events described in the bible actually historically occurred, or that Zeus will strike you down with lightning bolts if you don't sacrifice a calf to him.
Yeah, ok. I'm wasting my time with you.

Atheism, like anarchism, is more of a destructive impetus than a coherent belief. At best, an "atheist" is just a skeptic. At worst, they're edgy emo teenagers who hate anyone else having a sense of purpose or reverence. Usually they're somewhere in between.
Look, you can't think. And you can't realize that, it's above your level. Whatever wackiness drives you, the rest of us have to deal with the results. So your kind will be holding soup kitchens to pass out free food to hominid pigeons, i.e., niggers, drawing them to my area. Your kind will import Somalis and then call me a "hater" when those Somalis turn around and rape people. I'm the bad guy for talking about it. This is the insane world the lunatics of your cult have created, and I have to read on my own forum from dirt eaters about how this cult isn't fundamentally and essentially destructive. It is.

People on your level love christianity precisely for the reason I've said: it's thinking with the net down. That's a game you're qualified to play, unlike real tennis.

Well, they're smarter than people who believe the bible to be a historically accurate account of events. Their political behavior, however, is more destructive to society, and that far outweighs any personal virtues. We're basically looking at a demographic with the political profile of a Jew (though much less power). The epitome of what Brad's calling a "Yankee".
It's you dirt eaters out there murdering the jew's enemy. Serving in the jew's army. If you were as smart as the average rejecter -- or as principled -- you wouldn't be doing that. But you're Southerners. One expects little. Little is what you're capable of.

Southerners keep getting their ass kicked by more intelligent folk, but their solution is never to rework their culture to celebrate and promote thinking and organization, it's more along the lines of the cows in the add: EAT MOR DIRT. How's that working for you, Southern 'man'?

Well I'm not joining your anti-marshmallow crusade. I think they're fine.
As your attempted arguments show, you are what you eat.

They've seemed pretty damn ruthless historically. Still, their "crusader" stance only works when their enemies profess a different religious doctrine. It was utterly useless in Mexico, for instance, where the Catholics let the whole place go mestizo. If there was some great Christian revolution in Europe against the "Muslims" the Arab and Black "Muslims" would just convert to Christianity to keep their welfare checks coming. Oops, Reconquista failed.
Christianity is what PREVENTED whites from simply killing off their enemies. You fucking Southerners, anti-intellectual idiots, don't make necessary distinctions, tho it trip you 1,000x running. Parallel between Patsy Decline and the church. If the jewsmedia attack Pattycake, why, he must be one of us. That make Southern sense to a man. If the fucking leftists northern elite book-reading bastards you hate say white religious Euro-invaders committed genocide against the native pee-pulls, why, that must be true, we jes' don't agree it's a bad thing, since we're WN, it's a good thing. When are you idiots going to stop being idiots? Yeah, I know, the answer is never, but let's pretend it's "sometime!" just so I don't cry myself to sleep. Pat Buchanan IS NOT ON OUR SIDE. And, the parallel, EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS DID NOT GENOCIDE brownskin pee-pulls. They inadvertently killed many by new diseases, borne on germs they weren't aware of, but all these white men were there to CONVERT the savages. To civilize them. To make them into good little christians. ALL THEIR RECORDS REFLECT THIS. But you fucking idiots don't believe in words and ideas. They don't really matter. Distinctions? What are those? Them sound kinda faggy? I'm going muddin! You are not humans in any serious sense, that's why I call you dirt eaters. That reflects your true cultural level. Eating dirt out of jars. Unable to think like real men. Go worship in your church. It's all your good for. Go die for Israel. It's all you're capable of. You're not white men in any real sense, just skin color, like the liberals you serve say. White men don't act like Southern 'men.' Southern culture is as far from white culture as it's possible to get. Yeah, Boers, I see your raised hand and acknowledge your claims too. You may well be even dumber and more gullible, I can't deny that. But we're dealing with the South tonight.

Words mean nothing. Ideas mean nothing. It's all just faggy intellectualism. Real men are Jim Giles or WISH they could be. A pinhead and a bonehead. A pone-head! They don't sit around thinking. They're either eatin' dirt or swooshing around it in pickups, or off creeping through it with rifles to shoot somebody for Uncle Shmuel.

Who can respect this region? Who can admire the 'men' it produces? Christ, out of every 100 hominids, only two can read above a fifth-grade level. One of them is the lawyer who ran from his own words when some Purdue cunt hailed him on the honker; the other is Brad Griffin.

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, shit or scream. Maybe all four at the same time?

What is a white man to do with this lot?

So this church that you dirt-eating spiritual queers just love and cry when I deride and by deride I mean describe accurately says AND HAS ALWAYS SAID we are ALL GOD'S CHILDREN. Christians have always believed that. Whether they believe one race was better than another or not. That underlying belief, that profound and unalterable doctrine, that rock-hard dogma, was always there and cannot be removed. Either way, whether you're egalitarian or racist, the CHRISTIAN whiteskin man's duty and burden remained to educate and civilize and convert the dusky heathen - to be the darky brother's zookeeper, as the per-verse has it. That's still what white men believe today, whether southern or northern christian. The northern socialist-atheists you deride are ALL products of an essentially christian mentality. Rejecting the imaginary christian god by pointing out its nonexistence doesn't imply anything else. I understand this is too fine a point for you to grasp, but others might be able to. I deserve blame, too, though, come to think of it. I never should have gone along with the common parlance and called my position atheist. I should have come up with something better. So from now I'll be a rejecter. That's my position. I reject bogus claims, unevidenced claims, particularly those related to fictional entities. I use 'rejecter' to distinguish my position from the rejecters who go on to tie that single valid position to other political positions I don't necessarily share.

See, now, Vince, your stupidity has actually helped me, so I thank you. I am being the change I seek in the world, and embodying my criticism of Southerners by showing them a different and superior culture to their own: I changed something in my ways because it was failing. I made an improvement. I puzzled out what it was I was doing wrong, and changed my behavior, in this case my un-thought-through choice of a term to describe a certain position I and others hold. I changed a failure pattern by studying evidence, hard, clear thought, willful decision, executive action. That's how functional culture works. That's the White way. It is the opposite of the Southern way. I deserve no praise, though. I never should have made the mistake in the first place. Me who prides himself on thinking, intellectualism, and above all his ability to see how words, particularly political frames, are used. But I missed this key one! Terrible job on my part. <--------------- Self criticism. Not Southern. White. White-cultural essence and necessity. No development without it. Without thought and correction, feedback from reality, white man is no better than non-white man. But not all white men are capable of white culture. Christianity serves that crowd. That's one thing. But what's not acceptable is that christ-insanity JUSTIFIES THAT CROWD. By lying to it that its childish faith is just as valid as adult thinking. It is not. Jews realize this. It's why they run things while whites run to fetch water for them.

I wish Christianity was better designed, then I could go be a traditionalist Catholic or fire-and-brimstone Baptist. No such luck.
You don't understand what the thing is. The takeaway is that the parts in it that can't be changed, the things that don't move, are either anti-white or untrue (and sometimes both). The stuff that can change and move simply rides with Caesar - see the current pope pushing socialism and praising the niggers invading that Italian island, Lampedusa. But you Southerners will simply dig up any period in history when whites were doing better than today and claim it's because of christianity. I have proved it's not, but you can't accept proof because you come from a culture that doesn't believe in thinking. We're fahtin' men, we are. Jim Giles is you. A fisthead looking for a punchup. Not human in any genuine sense, but Southern through and through. I know something better than yours, and that's why you're here and I aint there. That goes for Southerners and Christians, and Christian Southerners. So fucking listen to me and learn something.

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