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Originally Posted by Hunter Morrow View Post
Green niggers is a nice way to put it. As a "former" Green Nigger I put it right up with your appellation of "badge fag."

Where did the worship of these useless at best, actively criminal at minimum, people come from?
Government Needs White Men

By Alex Linder [index]

The state. All its institutions brainwash freemen to think that Holy Government provides 'needed' services; without it, we'd be bereft. We'd all starve to death. Everyone who works for the government is a 'hero' who is 'underpaid,' whether she's a teacher, cop, fireman or marine.

The state and its handmaiden media join forces in the production of this ubiquitous white and black stereotype:

1) noble, selfless, underpaid public servants;

2) evil greedy selfish private businessmen.

All in order to distract the goydolt from the bottom line: the government makes its money the same way the thief does: by taking it at gunpoint. The businessman has to serve someone to get paid. The businessman is the public servant; the government thug is the greedy bastard. The businessman the good guy, and the thief the bad guy - if you accept traditional morality, which considers theft to be wrong. Most people do. So it becomes the job of the state, through its schools and its FCC-licensed presstitutes, to obscure this underlying moral difference between rape and consensual activity. The tyrants aren't even satisfied with moral equivalence. They demand a complete reversal - just as they do on race, you'll notice. The rapist becomes the good guy, in their institutions and media. The economic partner becomes the bad guy. Again, perfect parallel to the way race is played.

How do the mass media, which we know are owned by anti-white jews, stereotype businessmen? Do you deny thusly?: They only care about making profits. They are overpaid. They have easy access to an endless stream of capital to carry out their nefarious plans. Ignored is the fact that most businesses fail within five years - because actually serving people is HARD, not easy. Most people live in an ego cloud. Have you noticed that? They pay no attention to others. It's all about what they want and need. Businessmen have to come out of that cloud. They have to pay attention to people. Take them seriously. Listen to what they want and need. Supply it. You know, one definition of love is taking someone seriously. Businessmen do that. Government agencies do not. They are so not about caring for people that the DMV uncaring idiot is a comedy staple. That an anti-government trope could be normalized is more impressive than a guy head-butting his way through fifteen bricks, because that's how strong the pro-government screen through which the mass media are filtered actually is.

Unlike private businesses, government agencies never fail, they only expand. Until the whole government collapses. After decades of stealing from honest, competent, successful men to feed greedy, tyrannical parasites. No one has any right to speak of 'public service' or 'customers' when the government retains a monopoly, forbids competition, and blatantly pisses off its forced-user base without EVER suffering any consequences for it.

The same media that make the nigger out to be the good guy lionize the government parasite. Too many WN haven't figured this out. Giant, centralized bureaucracy is not the white man's friend, it is his enemy. A man who needs central government for anything but collective defense has no right to call himself a white man, as he is no different from a Detroit nigger. Even if no jews or minorities existed, giant, centralized bureaucracies staffed wholly with whites would serve the worst elements in our race and exercise a very real dysgenic effect.

In 1900, the US was solvent. Was in great shape. And the federal government was comparatively tiny. Now look at it: the opposite. A gigantic, centralized bureaucratic monster has been created that eats white men to sustain itself, and does nothing but damage wherever its feet or tail hit the ground. The USA was sovereign and respected - then. Now it's 17 trillion in hock, and hated around the globe. Jews + giant, centralized state have really worked out well for us, haven't they?

What's remarkable and very sad is that many racialists can't see through the pro-government propaganda the way they can the racial propaganda. I'm asking you power-eagle fans to think about it. Is an institution that overtly discriminates against whites likely to be white-positive in other ways? Do you really believe the anti-white policy of affirmative action and general disrespect are the exception to the rule? Or is anti-whiteism in the very warp and weave of centralized government?

I'm telling you it's all of a piece. Whites don't need centralized government. Centralized government knows that. Centralized government needs whites! To supply the taxes it can redistribute to empower itself and the kind of creatures it favors - leftists, jews, 'minorities,' sexual deviants - defectives of a thousand sundry quirks. It's the motley crew of subsidized semites and sickos against normal whites. That's all. What I'm saying to you is that THE ENTIRE THING is against our racial interests, not just the overtly anti-white discrimination part. The DEA is anti-white. The Department of Education is anti-White. The DOD is obviously anti-White. So is every other department. Every single one.

Whites can handle their business. It's almost what defines them, with a nod to Asian competence. That's why decentralization is the only genuinely white political form. The other races need central dictatorship to make their decisions for them. Centralization is necessary for niggers, as they're retarded. It's a necessary tool for jews, who require it to manage a hostile, alien population, and yoke it to serve their tribal interests. But it's useless for the white man apart from one purpose: defending his racial kind and community from hostile aliens. Collective defense is central government's only legitimate function among white men. For the rest, he can devise private solutions.

Try it backward: If public school teachers (or cops, firemen, soldiers) were so great, would the jew-controlled mass media endlessly praise them? They wouldn't. They praise them because they're all part of a system, and that system is inherently and ineradicably anti-white. That is the basis on which our country was RE-established over the course of the 20th century. Government employees, witting or unwitting, are paid agents of the anti-whites who created the new system. They are 'change agents' who are to live well off the taxes on the unwilling while ushering in a new world order in which white nations have disappeared. Yes, you are forced at gunpoint to subsidize the creation of their anti-white utopia and the endless abuse and discrimination necessary to bring it about. This is tyranny, as Jefferson defined it.

The government feeds itself the same way all criminals do: by force. Private businesses feed themselves by persuading people, without the use of guns, to use their products or services. That is the fundamental difference between the two. The private sector actually serves the public; the public sector merely claims to. Again, it's directly parallel to the racial reversal. Anyone should be able to see that.

The only service the government actually renders is to itself: entrenching and ensconcing itself, like Ted Kennedy in the back room of an expensive French restaurant, getting liquored up en route to raping a waitress. Always expanding. Always creating new problems so it can spread into new areas. Always denying its own responsibility for the problems it created or exacerbated. Always blaming the private sector for problems caused by its own regulations or operations.

Imagine if the government ran a pizza shop.

1) It would outlaw all other pizza shops.

2) It would be open from 9am to 4pm.

3) It would offer one topping: cheese.

4) It would jack up the price of cheese pizzas every six months.

5) The media would claim if it weren't for the government, rural people and minorities wouldn't have access to pizzas.

6) The media would advocate for Pizza Department expansion into cheeseburgers.

The natural and inevitable tendency is for all governments to evolve into East Germany.

White men need government?

Incorrect. Government needs white men. To feed on.

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