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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Observations on the Duck Dynasty Contretemps

By Alex Linder [index]

1. Notice that old clown Robertson only turned to the cult after he got tired of partying. It's hard to respect that.

2. Freedom of speech...I use the term but don't understand it (applies to everyone who mentioned it in this thread). It's a protection against THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (not even the state governments) interfering with your speaking or in most other ways expressing your political opinions.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Notice it says Congress. It doesn't say anything about what state governments do. Nor does it say you're entitled to be treated with respect by anyone, nor does it offer protection against being fired by a private employer. It's purely a protection against the federal government. Did the federal government prevent Robertson from saying anything about fags? No. Did he get arrested and thrown in prison? No. Did it interfere with his freedom of speech in any way, before, during or after the GQ interview? No. Edward Snowden has grounds to complain about his Constitutional right to freedom of speech being abused; Duck Dynasty guy does not.

3. Conservatives complain: There Is A Double Standard!

OMG, you're right. The enemy controls the media and uses them against us. I am shocked. The enemy uses his media power to let the 2% minority (jews) and the 1% minority (queers) dominate and dictate to the 97% majority! Is that illegal? No. It's just common sense use of real power, from the enemy's point of view. But like good little conservatives, let's keep talking about that double standard, like god or some referee is going to step in and correct it. Only our own activity will bring change. God will do what he always does: nothing. In fact, let's pretend we have no enemies. We've already taken the step of not naming them - why not go whole hog and just pretend they don't exist at all? Bang, so it is.

Nevertheless, whether we call them jews, as we should, or liberals, as we shouldn't, or employ any other evasion including denying their existence entirely by saying we lubs lubs lubs everybody -- as Robertson himself does -- no matter what we do or don't do, our enemy will continue to control not just the media but the legislatures and the law schools. So he can turn our views into illegal discrimination while his views remain matters of private contract. Thus, A&E is free to fire Robertson for anti-queer views, but a bakery in Oregon isn't free to refuse business from homosexuals. Tapping "like" on Facebook to support Robertson won't change that.

4. We see again that profits are secondary to politics to the jews controlling the media. They did not intend Duck Dynasty to develop the way it did, from reports. They wanted to make money off people laughing at this clan, rather than identifying with it. They tweaked their 'reality' show but still couldn't create the stereotype they wanted. The money rolled in, and they liked it, but ultimately it wasn't enough to overcome the bad politics. So they allowed some of Robertson's beliefs to come out in an interview with one of their organs, GQ. This served as a good pretext for ending the show, deposing the patriarch. If the media truly were driven by profits, they would be asking themselves what was so appealing about this man and clan, and how could they get more of it? Believe me, the jews producing this show are well aware it's the one show on tv that treats 'that type' with any degree of respect - and that is why the show is wildly popular. Because jews are driven by bigotry rather than bucks, they go nuts to undermine their own highly profitable show! That bears thinking on, for those out there who think jews don't control the media. Of, for those leftists who unthinkingly repeat the lie that media content is best explained as material corporations consider likeliest to maximize profits.

5. The only interesting thing here is Robertson hasn't backed down, at least not yet. He has kept to his anti-queer-behavior view, while insisting like most christians that he jes' lub ever'body.

6. Love the christian spiritual-queers and submissives Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee leaping to Robertson's soon as it became clear which way the wind was blowing.

7. Christianity is a pathetic cult. The fact it dominates the white mindset is the very worst criticism of our race that can be accurately leveled.

8. Duck Dynasty is simply rural conservative businessmen and jew-queer big-city liberal producers mutually trying to use each other to make money. And score political points off.

9. We get versions of this particular fight pretty often, and all I ever notice is that flesh queers and jews are man enough to say they hate their enemies. And denounce them by name. And use epithets against them. Christian spiritual-queers aren't. They lubs ever'body. The christians are the real fags, one might conclude.

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