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Alex Linder

On Language: The Unrandom Use of Random

By Alex Linder

January 22, 2014

This is my second column on language. I originally intended to focus on aesthetics, grammar and actual usage. Leave politics out completely. That will not be possible, nor, after a month collecting a mountain of stuff, does it seem desirable. We'll cover all the bases, at the length needed. The purpose of this column is to look at what's going on out there, how people are using language, how they're twisting and perverting concepts and terms in order to achieve some occult or nefarious end. Fun fact about 'nefarious.' My dad always said he knew he was at the wrong place when he got his paper back here at Truman State (then running under a different name) with his nefarious marked "no such word." See, the teacher's supposed to know more than the student. Otherwise, formal schooling really doesn't work that well. Presumably these problems lie in TSU's past, as it has gone from a normal school - that means a teacher-training school, if you're unfamiliar with the term - to a college to a university. Paul Fussell describes this common academic embiggening process in his remarkable book Class, which I highly recommend. Today, Truman State University -- named for the president from Kansas City, a man who had snakes legs to do with Kirksville and this side/part of the state, but nevertheless, that's how politics work. Anyway, nice short memorable name compared to Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, or some such. There's a lot to be said for short, memorable, easily spelled names. Keep that in mind when bestowing monikers on your offspring.

Now let's get to the words.

1) Random ain't used randomly

Random is a term which, in common journalist parlance, equates to driven by a motive illiberals don't want to acknowledge; most typically, most notably, most noticeably, most prominently, most commonly a racial motive driving a black's assault on a white. Blacks never, in the keyboards of the journalists, commit a "hate crime gone right," only a '(carjacking) gone wrong.' Random, therefore, represents spin. Its use nearly always signifies an attempt to conceal. Why would a 'reporter' attempt to conceal rather than disclose, as his name suggests? as his job title purports? But you could ask the same of any term commonly deployed by the ideological powers that be. Why do they call queers 'gay'? Because they're not. They're the opposite of gay. They're twisted, unhappy, heavily, seriously disturbingly off. So we see that it's not just that things are called what they ain't, they're called the opposite of what they are. It's a flip. An inversion. A photo-negative. Reality-reversal. It proceeds at multiple levels: not just the terms selected, but the framing of the story; indeed, the story's very selection.

The sophisticated media consumer knows that 'random' is a tip to a hidden racial motive. He knows that the System, its media and schools, spend all their time inculcating hatred of whites in coloreds - and then covering up the natural results of this inculcation in the mass media. In the jew-controlled media, it is whites who are always and everywhere driven by dark motives; blacks are only driven by creditable. Well, sometimes they do commit crime, but only because they need money. And of course, they're only poor because America was built on the back of their slave labor. They're just taking back what belongs to them, without any racial animus, of course. What I describe is the unstated morality underlying the bizarre misrepresentations of racial behavior and motivation that define the mass media, and have for decades. It's all understood but seldom layed out. The readers are frustrated. They have to guess. They have to fight the reporter for the story. From 'reporter' on down, everything is done to frustrate the reader rather than inform him. It's passing bizarre if you think about it, but it's very real.

The journalist is supposed to provide the facts. And then put them in context, depending on his knowledge and ability. But at least provide the facts. He doesn't even do that, most times. Reporters are simply low-level agenda pushers. The agenda is pre-set, and reality is not allowed to falsify or interfere with it. Terms such as 'random' do not appear political in the way a term like 'hate crime' obviously is. But in practice, they are every bit as political. There's a raft of ostensibly neutral terms that are effectively used as concealers (as in a woman's makeup) or masking agents. Random is meant to reassure the person raised in the illiberal worldview that the blacks were just out of money; it might discomfit or scare him if the reporter reported the facts - let alone dramatized them. If he told the reader that, yes, the black hated whites, targeted whites, and made no bones about it. And that there are millions of other blacks just like him.

Readers who have learned to see through the charade know exactly what's going on. The coverup becomes the reporting. If the reporter says 'random,' it's very, very likely there was a racial motive involved. The experienced reader knows that if a black murdered 27 whites and filched a gold ring off one of them, the motive would be described as robbery, or robbery gone wrong, rather than race-hatred. The smart reader understands that ideology on the part of the jews owning the mass media ensures that their reporting will always be queered against the interests of whites and in favor of the interests of jews and coloreds. 'Random,' like almost everything illiberals put out, is a form of gaslighting - telling you that what you see with your very own eyes just ain't so. The mass deny what actually occurs in the world. They brazenly asserts the opposite is actually going on. 'Random' is not used accurately in the controlled media. It is used to misrepresent the motives behind a crime it describes. 'Random' is thus a tool of denial, as the illiberals like to say. Of course, the illiberals don't want to take any responsibility for inculcating hate in blacks, and the subsequent attacks that spring from this hate. It's all just perfectly innocent criminal behavior in their typeups. Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. Just another random black(s) on white(s). Give it no heed. Pay it no mind. It has no meaning.

This is the respect paper and tv have for the white consumers paying their bills.

2) Sacco is a common jewish name....

Interesting thing I came across...the above assertion in a story-comment. Sacco is the name of the woman who tweeted a not-clever-enough illiberal mocking of racist white people so that she was taken for a racist herself. Even though she's apparently a jew, with a billionaire-businessman father in South Africa. I had only heard the name 'Sacco' in relation to the anarchists of the early twentieth century up in Boston: Sacco and Vanzetti. Famous radicals. I had never known Sacco to be anything but Italian, but if you look it up, it is both Italian and jewish. Very interesting. The Sacco and Vanzetti case is one of the bits always brought up in American high school history classes to suggest how anti-socialist and racist our country was back in the day. The two would fit whether they were Italian or jewish, but the apparent fact that Sacco is often a jewish name would strengthen the likelihood of that particular affair making it onto the high-school syllabus. Everything commonly taught in America public high schools is there for an ideological reason, at least in history and English. Assume that assertion is true until proven otherwise, and you'll seldom be wrong.

3) professional help is neither

mosestobymcgeethreeUNeetzan Zimmerman161 U
He beat the living crap out of her, and she thought this was punishment enough? Look at that picture! How could he do this? He needs professional help. This dunce cap treatment will do nothing to change the mentality of a guy who would do the damage that resulted in that picture.
People who can't separate external appearance from actual content love the term 'professional help.' They get a warm rush of "I sound really sciency, objective and expertical when I say this." They have come up with a solution. An appropriate solution! A solution anyone on a publicly televised talk show or situation comedy will agree is the only possible cure for the disturbed one in question.

'Professional help' the concept as ordinarily employed represents impacted error. First, it ordinarily alludes to psychiatry. Yet psychiatry isn't a real science. There may be body of doctrine taught to a budding psycho -- there may be fifteen, depending on his school -- but there is no genuine science in it. Nor is there any proof that what psychiatrists sell equals help. When doing nothing produces results as good as being 'helped' by a 'professional,' seeking help becomes a very problematic, as illiberals love to say, bit of advice. Who pushed psychiatry as valid? Who pushed it as science? Who pushed for it to be reimbursed? Who's behind most of the different schools? Who celebrates and promotes this pseudo-science in the media? Jews. Open and shut. Psychiatry is a jewish religion. It's for warped kikes who live around Vienna. For goyim, it's not valid. There's a reason jews popularize shrinks through their media, their movies and prime-time shows, comedic as well as dramatic. They're trying to normalize one of their many ways of making money out of thin air. If they get people to believe their quacks have authority, and can solve problems, then they prosper. They drive people away from belief in agency and personal responsibility and into the arms of the excusers and explainers-away. When enough of the country agrees that these million and one forms of counseling are valid, then they find their ways into the court system, which guarantees expensive reimbursements. Many of which are paid by sane taxpayers who don't believe in the secular religion psychiatry. What psychiatrists offer isn't "help." They charge for it. And it doesn't work. No better than pills or doing nothing, anyway. "The talking cure" is simply a way for jews to transfer money from goy wallets into jew bank accounts. Of course, jews are never content with money profits alone, they want to advance their political agenda. That happens two ways. First, as mentioned, they chip away at agency. Everyone but the person in the room is responsible for his problems. Blame your parents. Blame your spouse. Never blame yourself. Now pay me 200/hour for disbursing this "professional help" you sought. Second, jew quacks promote the bogus idea that by digging through your entire past you're somehow going to solve your problems. Endless rehash doesn't solve problems. We live moving forward. We can decide how we feel about what happened, but ultimately we must leave it and move on. Otherwise we give others the power to make us feel a certain way, which is a form of thinking women are particularly susceptible to. It's no accident that women in particular are drawn into this secular religion of blaming others and endless talking about one's feelings. That would be the second major political achievement psychiatry achieves for the jews who concocted it. How neatly they've insinuated it into the white middle class acceptance by playing up to their snobbishness with the 'professional' bit.

'Mental health' is an allied concept. To its fans, its services are always underfunded. It perfectly parallels global warming or climate change: they demand the money in the name of science that, upon inspection, ain't there. They rely on the science ruse because trying to sell morbid sex or high-tax communism on their own don't appeal to people. Dress them up as something respectable: Mr. Science and Mrs. Professional going to the good opera. They fool people. They inure people through continual repetition and absence of competing concepts. American people don't read. Or think. They watch tv. If all they've ever heard is of the need to "seek professional help," how likely is it they're going to have any doubts about this concept? Not very. They'll swallow it whole as self-evident.

4) "stay classy" creates backlash

Originally used by Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, Stay classy (San Diego) has begun to irritate people. It was funny enough, I suppose, at the start, but it's been overused. Good place to observe the difference between how the average person conceives humor and what humor actually is. Humor is something original and pertinent that makes others laugh. Something that's a twist on something else is perfectly valid as genuine humor. Repeating what others have said is something different. I have to go with what E. Michael Jones said about music, mutatis mutandis: It's better to make second- or third-rate original music than always be playing someone else's perfect recordings. You get more out of it. Music is for participation, not just enjoyment. Now, think about the human proclivity to be dumb and conformist. What does that imply about the average person's conception of humor? It implies he has no internal ability to recognize or create humor, he can only identify it when it's literally labeled 'joke,' in a book or text, or appears on Comedy Central, or other people of known 'professional' or otherwise impressive social standing have certified it by laughing at it. And one hastens to add in 2014, laughing at it without getting fired. If they approve, then little guy approves. It's for use. He can say "serious as a heart attack," with appropriate eyebrow caterpillarings. He can say, because its known funny, undeniably funny, comes with a funny certificate of authenticity, "tell us how you really feel." Pat, trite, cliched - verbal equivalent of comfort food. What the average guy does not understand is that telling jokes doesn't mean you're funny. Even if the jokes you're telling are. You might be funny. Telling jokes is no guarantee you're not. But a proclivity for tellings jokes makes it likelier that you're not funny but think you are. We'll get back to this in later columns, but that's enough for now. Let's just say there's a canyon between those who dislike readymade language and those who prefer to work their words. Those who like 'the way everyone says it' feel, and I do mean feel, that words and expressions that have stood the test of time are to be cherished and not departed from. The more confident the man, the more penetrating the gaze, the less trust and liking for congealed word patterns, the more the felt need to describe more closely and anew the e'er-whirling world.

5) 'committed suicide,' he did

Guess what bothers someone about this term? Redundancy? Ha. I like the way you think. But of course, no. Someone is bothered by its excessive accuracy or implicit emphasis on agency. Isn't there a nicer way we could say it? Well, I don't know. Was he bitten by a rabid lawn mole? If so, then I say we go with that. If he took a revolver and painted his den wall bood red, I say we say he shot himself. If he looped a hempen strand over the rafter, we say he hung himself. Pardon me, hanged himself.

quirKyleeURebecca Rose471L U
Is there anyway Jez could start referring to this as "died by suicide" rather than "committed suicide"? It's something one of my professors, a grief counselor and scholar, pointed out to me... Language is powerful and the language of "committed suicide" and that responsibility is hard on the family and friends of the person who died. He only died by his own hand in the literal sense. He was really the victim of depression, a disease. We wouldn't say that someone who died from another disease was at fault for their death. Just a thought.
That doesn't make sense. If he was living with depression, then how did it kill him? He killed himself. There's a two-fer observation here: 1) the attempt to put 'mental' problems on par with genuine diseases; 2) the attempt to deny agency. People kill themselves all the time. You don't know why. There's a famous poem we study in high school about this: we don't know what goes on in the heads of others. You may think you do. You do think you do. But your opinion is not the same as knowing, which is the root of the word science. You can't see what killed this guy under a microscope, like you could with a real disease. So let's not play games with words to pretend your opinion is on the same level as the actual knowledge we call science.

6) mano a mano, not mano y mano

Mistake that has become common in last twenty years. Dopes, don't try to use phrases you don't understand. Too many adults are like babies, just babbling sounds they hear in the atmosphere without any actual grasp of meaning. Babies can be excused for that, it's a natural part of their growth. Adult's can't. If you're on the public airwaves, you have a duty to use language correctly. The morontsia are listening; don't let them down. Mano a mano is Spanish. It means hand to hand. Mano y mano means hand AND hand. Big difference. A little thing can be gotten right as easily as gotten wrong.

7) decimate doesn't mean what you think

Unfortunately injuries always decimate teams and cost head coaches their jobs.
I'm not even going to look; I'll just assume this is another example where the $2 whores known as modern dictionary compilers open their greasy leaves to the new wrong use of this term. For the elect, which you reading this just might aspire to nearly belong to, decimate is known to refer to a Roman martial punitive practice in which every (guess? guess?) tenth man was killed. Decimate - decimal...get it? (Ten is diez in Spansih; dix in French - both Romance languages; Romance probably has to do with Romans, don't you think?) So when you use decimate in the way of the morontsia -- as synonymous with slaughter -- you' can I put this...wrong. If you only ate ten percent of the carrot mash your mom fed you in your highchair, would she exclaim, "Wow, you really laid waste to those carrots! Good job!" No. She's say, you've only eaten two bites of that stuff! You're going to sit here all night until you finish, or you'll be seeing those carrots for breakfast!" probably wouldn't say that to a baby. But you get my point: people using decimate are thinking 90% in their head but use a term that means quite literally 10%. Just a small thing that half-educated people know and the others do not.

8) An example of a Politically Correct redefinition of PC to mean something that actually promotes PC

"Whatever happened to nice boobs and tush in this forum? Kinda turned PC or something."
Promoting promiscuity to destroy goy youth, hence goy future, is the very point of the Frankfurt School. PC is the speech and ideas code to maintain compliance with that-which-destroys-the-jews'-hated-enemy,-the-white-man.

Yet often we see the term politically correct misused, usually unwittingly, to mean something that is promoting traditional morality, or some kind of personal or social continence. But self-control is the opposite of political correctness, not the result of it. In most cases the person using PC in the aw-yer-no-fun sense is not aware of his misuse; he picked it up somewhere else. But as PC is the only recognized term referring to the extremely important phenomenon of the judeo-left's drive to remake society and genocide whites, it is important to blunt its effect. You do this a number of ways. First, by the term itself: it should be, as Joe Sobran pointed out, Semitically Correct. It is the jews who set PC's agenda. They and they alone determine what's politically correct and what's politically incorrect. Second, as said, and as will be said many times again, jewish 'scholars' of the Frankfurt School believe that the way to destroy goyish society is to get it obsessed with sex. Get it to, to as big an extent as possible, forego the arduous path of family raising and spousal loyalty for the hedonistic thrills of cheap sex and Chinese-trinket consumerism. Destroy the man, destroy the marriage, destroy the community, destroy the nation. That's what they're after.

Jews make endless films mocking anyone concerned with self-control and morals as religious bigots. See Porky's. See Footloose. See a million other films and all tv shows. Showing moral control is the opposite of political correctness. Yet, it's not quite that simple. For women, jews have put out the poison labeled feminism. One strain within feminism has concerns that can seem to overlap with those of traditional morality, although they are coming from a completely different direction. So the non-intellectual can be confused, and think that feminists whining about, say, body issues, or models being photoshopped, the male gaze, 'rape culture,' or female objectification is the political correctness that is preventing him from enjoying boobs and tush. But feminists aren't against those so much as they demand they be viewed in the right way. You've got to get your head right, then it's ok. But this is far beyond the interest of the term user, of course, it's fairly subtle.

Then you've got jews completely flipping the concept of PC, and equating, in their movie PCU (1994), which I reviewed here, political correctness with the view of an obnoxious, blond Reaganite. From the review:

The climax of the movie is a rant by Spade before an assembled throng where he foams loathing on all the liberal groups he can name; feminists, hippies, peace creeps, vegetarians, dope smokers, etc. In other words, political correctness really means oppression by the right, not of the right.

It is interesting to watch a term evolve. Let's see, the left has "racist," "anti-Semite," "Nazi," "sexist," "homophobe," and the all-applicable "hater" or "hate group" -- plus the media power to make them stick. None of these words was heard of before last century. Now you can hardly write an article without them. Against the left the right has damned little in terms of terms. "Politically correct" is about the only one. As best I recall, this term can be traced to cartoonist Jeff Shesol in his days at Brown University, where he created Politically Correct Man, or some such. Now, for all I know Shesol himself may be Jewish. With a name like Shesol, I wouldn't be surprised.
(He is.)

Showing PC to be a creature of the goyish right rather than the jewish left - what a perfectly race-typical brazen lie, precisely the type of thing jews celebrate as 'chutzpah.' Political Correctness, the term and concept, came from Lenin. Lenin was a quarter-jew. Enough get him into Israel as a blood citizen. His surrounding radicals were mostly jews. PC meant in line with the Lenin- or Central Committee-set political line which anyone diverting from needed to be stomped back in line with, hard. Killing them would be a perfectly acceptable way of getting them back in line. But jews, rather than own their history of murderous shenanigans and lying choose instead and as always to blame the other guy. They brazenly turn the one semi-formal notice of the tyranny they've installed into yet another attack on the evil-white-goy stereotype their Hollywood and mass media have invested decades in defaming. It's a tricky world...

What's genuinely unPC when it comes to sex? Mating only with heterosexual white women; getting married and staying loyal to your husband or wife; raising a family of white children. Anything other...not so much. What IS politically correct as relates to sex? Any kind of sexual deviance, including pedophilia, polyamory, lesbianism, queerness, transsexualism, cross-dressing, sex toys, speaking publicly about pornography and masturbation, 'gay marriage,' denying that a family consists of a man, woman and children. That's a start on a listing. Wherever you have continual innuendo that sex and money are the only real human drives, you are dealing with classic Political Correctness.

9) thrasonical - vain, boastful

Good word that I've never used, but should. Maybe you should too. Notice the a is long, not short: thra(y)sonical. The term comes from a Roman play, from a soldier who is a braggart. Hear it pronounced thru this link.

Back next time with many exciting more... If you have any particular questions or interesting terms or ideas, let me know, and if I have any great ideas, I'll use it. //

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