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Alex Linder

On Race, Media and the NFL
Sports is politics by other means

Jewish Owners & Antiwhite Media Delay But Can't Stop Rise of Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins

By Alex Linder [index]

January 23, 2014

The season is over. As I predicted, Nick Foles soon came in for Michael Vick, who got injured as he always does. I thought Foles would do well. He didn't. He did extremely well. No one saw it coming, except maybe him. He threw dozens of TD passes and almost no interceptions. He exhibited exemplary poise. He performed creditably in his maiden playoff game, bowing to New Orleans by two points. It looks like a bright future for 'rookies' Foles and Coach Chip Kelly and their exciting, uptempo, new-to-the-NFL offense.

The media pumped hard for Vick. He's not only black and speedy, and did I say black, he's proof that negros can reform. He and his thugs abused dogs, when they weren't spreading herpes or smoking weed. He went to prison for it. He came out and went to Philadelphia to be rehabilitated under Andy Reid. He had a little success, but not that much. He did what he has always done. Run around wildly. Be exciting. Fail at reading defenses. Get smashed and injured. Throw INTs and lose games. In short, and Vick is short, same old same old. It was predictable. Foles should have been starting at least a year ago.

The media were very unhappy when Vick went out with an injury early in the season. They wanted him back, stat. Nick Foles replaced him. He had a bad game early against Dallas. Professional (black) loudmouth Stephen A. Smith of ESPN's morning show First Take did his unhumorous-laughing routine to imply I-told-you-so. Scoffing at the very notion some silly white boy could replace the colored champion that is Michael Vick. Even though Vick is undersized, old, and dumb, black makes up for all that. Roughly 99% of black sportswriters and talking heads will support a black QB for racial reasons alone, independent of any other consideration.

White writers and analysts aren't much better. All of them are illiberals, and all of them are committed to The Agenda. In NFL, The Agenda dictates blacks replacing whites at QB. Smith's partner on FT is Skip Bayless, an aging white illiberal from Vanderbilt. He whined long and hard about D.C. drafting Kirk Cousins, because he thought it would make Griffin feel insecure. Why, though, if Griffin is the obvious number-one draft selection, as Bayless ceaselessly contended? Bayless' yapping brought Griffin the national publicity he needed to win the Heisman over Andrew Luck, a decision that will look increasingly wrong as the years go by. Bayless insisted that though Luck was almost uniquely well prepared and ideally bodied and minded to be a champion QB, Griffin nevertheless had a higher ceiling. Two years in, Bayless looks increasingly silly and PC-Pollyannaish. Luck might well be on his way to becoming the best QB of all times. I believe that's his destiny. Griffin is looking like a beat-up car. But for a very long time Bayless would simultaneously insist: 1) that Griffin The Third had the greatest upside ever... yet, 2) he was going to be unmade mentally by this white Big Ten backup the Skins took in the fourth round. If you're a man who goes in for thinking, you might see a contradiction there. Even the not very bright but sassy Smith could see the Bayless wails were at odds.

Bayless's doublethink shows that in their hidden parts, illiberals are as racist as anyone else. That means, when a racist and a self-described liberal look at a black, they both see the same thing. They just draw different conclusion from it. The lefist says to himself, I see that the black is inferior. I must, therefore, promote him and make excuses for him. Blame his failure on others. The racist (as the 'liberal' terms him) says: blacks are dumb and dangerous. We must protect civilized society from them. 'Racism,' as the educated know, is simply a dirty name for a clean thing. It's an epithet coined by an anti-white communist, Trotsky the jew, who wanted to open civilized white societies to jewish predation. Since illiberals in the vein and manner of Trotsky control the mass media, their terms rule. In sports, that means you can say that blacks are faster than whites, no problem. You're just being honest. But if you say that whites are smarter than blacks, which is just as true, then you are being hateful and racist. And you lose your job. The truth is and has been and will remain that fast thinking is more important than fast feet in determining the success of a professional quarterback. And the ability to think quickly and clearly is not evenly distributed across races.

I'll summarize by saying that it was clear to anyone watching First Take that no matter what his mouth said, Skip Bayless' brain doesn't believe that Robert Griffin The Third can win an open and fair competition with Kirk Cousins. He's probably right about that. As a racist, I don't feel confident saying for sure that Cousins would beat out Griffin. I think he would. But it would be close. And I might be wrong. I just want to see a fair competition.

As an aside, you reading this, unless you're in your nineties, have never lived in a world in which the mass media don't make excuses for blacks. Ponder the significance of that statement for a moment. . . .How much we've had to sacrifice intellectually and socially to fabricate the myth of racial equality. Kirk Cousins' personal contribution to the myth is not being allowed to compete for a job. Feeling the need to mouth in public for the cameras that the position and team belong to his competitor. How unnatural and wrong.

The NFL is presented as the ultimate meritocracy. It's not. Far from it. By its very nature, with a very limited number of games -- only 256 a season -- it can't be. There simply isn't enough time to establish valuations anywhere close to completely accurate. Even leaving race aside, the decisions about whom to draft and to play must inevitably be guesswork, however educated. Given that there's a very limited shelf life for even the best players, it's simply inevitable that much sweetness is bound to be wasted on the desert air, as the poet had it. Well, that's life in the big city. But the racial discrimination, in the NFL, is man-made. It doesn't have to be. But even though it's not acknowledged by 'reporters,' it does exist. And it hurts whites. Not one media analyst working for ESPN or any other major outlet will say that. Yet dozens of colored and uncolored analysts will leap to Robert Griffin's racial defense when he is benched after a 3-10 start. Think about that. Who advocates for Cousins? And his kind? Who's looking out for their white interests? Why do we believe, in 2014, that white interests isn't even a thing? When every other race and the mass media are chock full of open hatred for our kind?

Nick Foles's career was delayed, by at least a year, in my estimation, because of anti-white racial discrimination. Kirk Cousins' career risks being snuffed by it. The same is true for many other players. Go read the poem at the last link...and think about it. Life is short enough - a professional football life is much shorter. I like football. I want to watch superior white players, not inferior black ones. I don't think the game should be cut to fit the anti-white political agenda of ESPN jews...

To get back to our story, SAS was laughing out of the other side of his mouth when Foles went astronomical after that early weak performance at home against Dallas. Three weeks after the game that gave "Stephen A" so much merriment, not even the blackest tool in the shed could maintain Vick should be let out of his kennel. The pretense was kept that Vick was injured, even after he healed. It was a way to save face. For the media embrace the Brezhnev doctrine in matters racial: what's black is black; what's white is up for grabs. When blacks claim a QB position, it's lost to whites for all time. That's how the coloreds and their backing jews would have it. But it didn't matter. Foles was simply too good. Not to mention, he's younger, smarter, more talented than Vick. He reads defenses. He doesn't turn the ball over. He just throws TD passes. To white receivers like
Indeed, that was another untold story - the sudden flourishing of white receivers in Philadelphia when a white QB replaced a black one. For a racist onlooker, what a delight. The media gnawed their tongues for pain. Not much you can say about putting the black back in when a superior white QB records only the second perfect QB rating in a game in NFL history, as Foles did in Week Nine, throwing a record-tying seven TD passes without an interception.

Foles became a star somewhere midseason. The media didn't have to like it, but they had to accept it. They'd spent weeks anticipating Vick's return. But eventually they had to yield. They spent weeks claiming that Foles was unfit for Kelly's uptempo offense. But Foles's performance proved them wrong. The media said Vick was the better choice to run Kelly's uptempo, zone-read offense because it requires great footspeed. But it doesn't. It requires great reads. Which requires great mindspeed - the quick perception of what the defense is doing and the ability to exploit it. It doesn't particularly matter whether the Qb is the one running the ball - the QB's main responsibility is to make the right read. In fact, it's better if the QB doesn't carry the ball because it lessens the risk of injury at the most important position.

The media are perfectly capable of seeing this. They just refuse to. For purely political reasons. It runs against their anti-white agenda. If they want Vick, then in their mouths and under their pens it becomes The Truth that Vick's qualities are what Kelly's system needs to thrive. No matter what the facts are. No matter what Kelly himself says. Of course, the media never acknowledge what they're about. But it's easy to see what they're up to if you don't share their bias. Foles is slower than Vick. True. All QBs are. He's the fastest QB ever. So Foles runs less. That's a good thing. He's better at reading defenses in his first season than Vick ever was in any season. That's because he's smarter than Vick. The media love to promote faster black foot speed but never mention the more important slower black brain speed. That slow brain speed is the reason blacks have never been successful, with a few notable exceptions, playing quarterback. It just can't be mentioned on tv because, you know, political correctness. But any time you hear about a QB's inability to read defenses, you're hearing a coded way of saying underbrained black. There are plenty of dumb white QBs who fail for the same reason most black QBs do. It's just that intelligence isn't equally distributed among races.

The tacit but guiding rule, which operates across all spheres, not just sports, runs like this:

It's only a black thing if it's positive. It's never a black thing if it's negative.

And, conversely,

It's never a white thing if it's positive. It's only a white thing if it's negative.

This rule is always operant in any mass media environment, as well as in any public institution and most private.
The running argument was never anything more than a pretext for trying to advance a black QB over a white one. Facts never, never get in the way of The Agenda. Not in crime reporting, not in NFL QB analysis. Don't ever kid yourself that anything in the US is played straight. If a jew owns the outlet, you're not getting the straight scoop. Ever. As the queen said about sex, the truth is too good for the common white reader. It's reserved for the jew to know in private. You? You are a subject only; fit for manipulation, not respect. You're there to be the butt and the tool. To supply the owning, dominating jews with shekels. So keep paying that monthly cable tv bill (what is it now, $150? 200?), keep buying that sports laundry, keep reupping for those seat licenses (lol!) and season tickets. Keep making the Richmans richer.

* * *

Meanwhile, down in Washington, Kirk Cousins never had a chance. The jew owner Daniel Snyder dumped millions on his black hero from Baylor. This guy was going to save the franchise, which has been in the dumps for more than a decade. Snyder wasn't going to give the white man a chance to beat out the black. Not when he paid him 21 million and gave away multiple first-round draft picks. Not for some fourth-rounder.

The media bowed before the man they called "Robert Griffin The Third." Never merely Griffin, like any other person. Always the full thing. Like the negro was some kind of king in waiting. Oh my gosh, a black man who knows who his father is. You don't see that every day. Let us worship him, like "King" Lebron James in the NBA. They ignored the white QB Cousins. He made one appearance on the Dan Patrick Show that I heard, and proved himself remarkably articulate and intelligent for a college kid. Very quick on the uptake. Good-looking and personable. A leader. Someone anyone would see as a good representative for his organization, or a good date for his daughter. Knows the right thing to say, and is funny too. But deferential and mildly PC in the way all whites are supposed to be these days, lest they appear uppity. His job is to sit on the bench behind the black hero. To affirm to the media that, if he gets the chance to play, still he knows this is Griffin's team. He said as much the rare times he got in. Even though he performed better than or as well as Griffin. You have to wonder at his real thoughts... Nah. Anyone in his position would think he could win the starting job if given the chance.

Griffin was taken second overall in the draft. Cousins was taken in the fourth round. But here's a fun fact. You know that guy Nick Foles I wrote about above? The guy who succeeded beyond wild expectations in Philadelphia? Kirk Cousins beat him out at Michigan State. That's right. Foles left for Arizona because he couldn't get on the field. Does that tell you something about Cousins' potential? It ought to. But jew billionaire owner wants what jew billionaire owner wants. And that is black players. Black players who will pal around with him. (It's not just incompetent black QBs jew Snyder likes. He has an incompetent black PR flack too. Even the illiberals at Gawker's Deadspin hate him.)

It's not the first time we've seen this from owner jews. The late jew Al Davis was the same way. (What? You didn't think someone named Davis could be a jew? Wait till I tell you about Green and Ross...) But when you pal around with some players, and don't give others a chance, you build resentment. Griffin seems to have developed an attitude. That's ok when you're winning. Griffin's first season went well. He put the team in the playoffs. He produced a lot of scores. But he did it with dangerous running. As with Vick, it resulted in his being injured - very seriously. His second major injury in the last couple years. He refused to come out of the playoff game. The coach said ok and left him in. The Redskins lost. They might have won if Cousins had been put in earlier, in the first half, when it first became apparent Griffin was seriously hampered. These are not easy calls. There's no need to second guess. But that's what the media do.

Griffin spent all off-season rehabbing. He didn't participate in all the usual drills. This would be used to excuse his poor performance in year two.

As the much anticipated 2013 Redskins season fell apart, what emerged down the stretch, amid media hatred of Shanahan, was that the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach had actually wanted to draft Ryan Tannehill, who ended up in Miami, rather than Griffin. So that meant it was, most likely, Shanahan behind the drafting of Cousins. He liked Cousins because he ran a pro-set offense at Michigan State. Whereas Griffin led a spread offense at Baylor. That means Griffin had a lot more to learn than Cousins, coming in. It means, had he been given the chance, Cousins could well have beaten out Griffin - or at least started until Griffin were up to speed. But Cousins never got that chance because the owner wanted his big-paycheck man and personal friend to play. The owner and the coach were at odds, and the owner always trumps the coach, who is his employee. And of course the media were all pushing Griffin. This little internal dispute and problem always existed, but it was under wraps until 2013, because the 2012 season went well.

If every fact I cited were race-reversed, the media would have been all over Shanahan to give the black fourth-rounder a shot. And screamed racism if he didn't. They would have emphasized what I mentioned above - the difference in scheme experience, the black's being farther down the learning curve than the white having to learn a new system. Let the (black QB) play while the (white QB) learns from the bench, they would have advised. Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick! they would have said. But since the big-name pick was black, all that stuff goes by the boards. It seeps out years later when the black QB suddenly isn't doing so well. The media 'analysts' are just politicians by another name. They don't believe a considerable amount of what they say, particularly where race comes into play. Only those on the outside with no career or money at stake can state the easily documented proof.

I would guess that if Coach Shanahan had his way, he would have opened up the QB position to competition. And I suspect he would have found Cousins winning that competition. I found this:

I can’t count the number of times Shanahan has praised Cousins when we’ve spoken privately about the Redskins’ quarterback situation.
That's a black columnist in a Washington Post blog column saying that. Here.

Was the jew owner forcing the white coach to play the inferior black QB ahead of the superior white QB? It sure looks like that might be the case. Shanahan is now gone, fired by jew Snyder, so we'll have to wait for a tell-all book that will probably never come. Even though the white head coach waited until the lousy black QB had completely lost the season, he was still called
by media analysts when he finally substituted the white backup. You just can't win. Either you fall in line with the anti-white agenda, or you endure taunting abuse.

* * *

The media always have and always will, so long as they are owned and managed by jews, run interference for the Vicks and Griffins. Why? Politics. QB is the most political position in sports. The most visible, the most powerful. Hence, it can't be ignored by the powers that be. They want people preaching The Company Line in that position. That means speaking out against racism. Supporting diversity. Loving queers. You know how it goes. In the other football, in Europe, the sport is completely communized. Slogans exactly the same as you'd see in the old Soviet Union are visible before, during and after the games at the field. On the field. In the advertisements. In special commercials, the top football stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo speak out against racism. Players literally read statements against racism through a field microphone to the spectators before each and every World Cup game. Merely by playing professional soccer you are gang-pressed into a political position you might not support.

Typical banner, from a 2010 World Cup match between Ghana and Uruguay

If you're a nationalist making any one of a number of gestures or shouting any one of a number of slogans, you risk prosecution. Euro-football is a totally politicized game.

American football isn't that bad, formally. The problem is more informal. It just so happens that everything the league says and does, and everything that come out of the media covering it, is politically correct. But there are formal elements. The Rooney Rule, for instances. All teams must interview at least one 'minority' candidate before hiring a new coach. When it comes to QB -- by far, the most important position on the field -- there's a tacit agreement through the league to practice affirmative action - racial discrimination against white QBs and in favor of blacks. Wherever possible, give the black coach or QB a little extra help.

* * *

The first year, 2012, things went well for Griffin. He played well. He broke rookie records. He got the team to the playoffs. But he ran a lot. He put himself at risk. He's not short or small, really, but he's not thick, either. He has muscles, but not much padding to absorb blows. Worse, he lacked the instinct for getting down or out of bounds when collision neared. NFL players are much faster than college players. That's the biggest difference newcomers always discover. Defenses love to smash QBs when they get the chance. Griffin gave them chance. Sooner or later running QBs always pay the price. With Griffin, it was sooner. He couldn't make it through even one year without getting injured, eventually requiring his second major knee operation. Badly gimping in the playoff game, he refused to let Shanahan yank him. This became a big debate.

If Shanahan had replaced him with Cousins earlier than he did, late first half instead of late second half, there's a good chance D.C. would have won the game. But Griffin didn't want to come out. It's the coach's responsibility to make that decision, the media said. But of course if Shanahan hadn't yielded to Griffin's insistence on staying in, the media would have blamed him for not giving the black QB a chance to overcome his injury and lead the team to victory. You can't win if you're Shanahan. Old white guy vs young black hero, the media will side with the latter every time.

In year two of the Griffin Dynasty, D.C. disintegrated. Expected by some to contend for the Super Bowl, the Redskins ended up in last place in their division, with a 3-13 record. Nobody expected this. The disaster of a season let to great recriminations in the second half, culminating in the firing of Mike Shanahan.

Stung by criticism he left the QB in too long in the 2012 playoff game, Shanahan didn't let Griffin play a down in the 2013 preseason. He saved him for game one - and got blown out. What was the problem? Hard to say. Fans kept giving the black QB leeway. First it was two games. Then four. Then eight he needed to get back in the swing. Then the season was over. Griffin never got anywhere near last year's form. Why?

Not clear, but speculation is that Griffin never fully recovered from his 2012 injury. Or that he did fully recover, but lost his footwork somewhere along the way, due to lack of practice or fear of getting reinjured. And his accuracy was significantly worse. Possibly his running speed too. The excuse was proffered that he'd missed training camp drills during the off-season because he was in rehab. For whatever reason, the Griffin of season one was gone. The Griffin of season two was a much worse runner and passer.

Griffin, remember, came out of a spread offense at Baylor. He had a longer learning curve for Shanahan's system than Cousins would, since they play pro-set at Michigan. Some of the difference can be made up by altering the playbook, and calling stuff Griffin is used to. But after the injury, it makes sense to limit QB runs. If a QB goes from a runner in a spread offense to a typical pocket passer, he needs to be as accurate as the old-fashioned, slow, white dinosaurs: you know, the quarterbacks of yesterday rather than of the future. But like most running black QBs, Griffin wasn't that accurate. Even though he had been in year one. When your QB can't run anymore and throws inaccurately, the result is losses. And that's what happened. All that's left is to argue over the why. Most fans liked what Griffin did in 2012 well enough to give him one more year to rebound. If he doesn't play near the level of 2012, even the black-loving lefty fans of D.C. will lose faith. 2013 was simply horrible. The difference is that far longer than the fan base of any other city, the fans of D.C. refrained from calling for Griffin to be benched for Cousins. Anywhere else, there would have been grumbles after week two, and loud yelling after week four. But D.C. didn't make much noise till the end of the season. When Shanahan decided to sit injured Griffin down for the last three games in a lost season, just as many fans were critical of him as were saying "It's about time."

What's the point? Contrary to what the media claim, black QBs are given more time than white QBs to prove themselves. Contrast the treatment accorded Tim Tebow with that accorded Robert Griffin III. Tebow took a team in a tailspin to the playoffs that same year, and got to the second round. After that, he was fired, traded, and then out of the league. Yes, he took a team to the playoffs in his first full year - and then couldn't get another starting job! Unprecedented. Imagine the outcry if he were a loved and protected black rather than a hated christian white. The media would have screamed Tebow's case to the skies until he was given a starting QB job. Griffin plays poorly an entire season, but most of the blame is heaped on his white head coach. That's the racial reality of the NFL and its coverage. It goes unmentioned, but it's all too real.

You should notice that the media never like to hold blacks responsible for anything, whether they're murdering people on the street, or playing lousy football. If they murder someone, the gun gets the blame. If they fail tests, the school gets the blame. If they fail at QB, the coach gets the blame. Always something or someone else responsible for their inadequacies. Shanahan never gets any credit for what Griffin does right, but he gets nearly all the blame for what Griffin does wrong. This is ridiculous. It is also sportsmedia normal.

Shanahan -- or any white coach -- the yappers and typists can attack with impunity. You would think the fact he coached two Super Bowl victories would shield him. Nope. That was all Elway. He was just along for the ride. Or maybe it's his kid, Kyle. That's nepotism, hiring your kid to run the offense. But when Cousins finally came in for Griffin in the last three games, all of a sudden the offense ran fine.

Cousins’s first-half passer rating of 141.2 illustrated his effectiveness. Play-caller Kyle Shanahan stripped down the offense, removing the zone-read option plays he installed for Griffin. Directing the Redskins’ basic offense, in which quarterbacks move often on rollouts, Cousins did a lot well. The Falcons only had one sack. In the Redskins’ previous three games, Griffin was sacked 16 times. Link.
The media and fans became vicious in their insults. Shanahan was a red-faced bastard. This was an odd feature of the criticism. Shanahan has oddly reddish and leathery skin. And he coached the Redskins. Which name itself was, of course, remains the center of a media-generated pseudo-controversy. Yet the white coach was attacked quite personally for his literal skin color. One can only shake one's head. Meanwhile, the jewish owner was widely hated. But never attacked for being a jew. Even though his behavior hurt the team and fit a time-honored pattern of jewish anti-whiteism.

As I said above, what finally transpired was that jew Snyder really liked palling around with certain black players. The ones he bought for tens of millions of dollars. First, LaVar Arrington, then Albert Haynesworth. Then Robert Griffin. Just like Al Davis used to do. The late Davis was probably the first great promoter of the black QB. It didn't work well for him, but he never stopped. Ideology that led him to sign JaMarcus Russell may have hurt his team, but it made for good politics, by the leftist-jew way of doing things.

The problem with hanging out with players is it builds resentment in others when they see certain people get favored treatement. Griffin was one of those players:

One Washington player said in a text to me that, "95 percent of the players agree with decision to go to Cousins." Link.
Black players generally feel the same racial loyalty black media do (many or most of the blacks in sports media are former players), but careers in the NFL are short and the money, unlike in other sports, isn't guaranteed. They have to produce to get paid. They get paid based in large part on their numbers. If the QB can't get them the ball, it hurts their income. If the QB can get them the ball, they don't care if he's white. They prefer a black QB, of course, but in the end, they want to get paid, yo, and if the white QB can put them in position to make stats better than the black guy, their loyalty only goes so far.

After one game it was reported that no lineman helped Griffin up after he got sacked. Poor line play was the reason Griffin took many sacks, but he too was responsible for some of them. Yet he didn't seem to acknowledge that in his press conferences. He seemed to blame coaches or teammates, resulting in some private hostility. Even the jews at ESPN came around to saying that Griffin was a victim of his own swagger. Kirk Cousins showed how the QB is supposed to do it, at the press conference after his first start.

And, oh!, what about this interesting nugget, re Griffin's playoff injury in 2012:

David Dorman Maurice Barksdale • 2 hours ago -
Mike definitely has some blame with the injury, but so does Robert. There was audio from Trent Williams on the field when he asks Robert "are you alright?" Robert then says something like "Not really, but don't say anything". He was checked by the doctor and asked to his face and lied about it. I don't really blame either one of them, Robert was being a competitor and Mike was trusting his QB. I think everyone deserves a little blame for that one.
If blacks were held responsible for their behavior, that would be a damning quote. But they're not. This nugget is precisely the kind of thing that is heard and could publicly be noticed by a sports media analyst but never is - because of the racial agenda. You have to look around on the Internet to find it. The media powers that be just ignore it and go on blasting the (two-time Super Bowl winner) dirty old racist redskinned head coach white guy.

2013 Griffin wasn't doing a good job leading or playing QB. Nor were the media giving him his "fair share of abuse" (Rolling Stones). Griffin, though, is not your average black. He comes from an intact family with a military background. He's married to a white woman. Some blacks see him as a cornball brother (see definition 5). One ESPN analyst got suspended for saying so. He has tweeted about America being overcome by Political Correctness, suggesting an ordinary conservative mindset in a very dark-skinned negro with cornrows. Griffin in some ways does seems whiter than black in his mindset and behavior. That might even extend to his personality flaws. He's not obnoxious or stupid in the way many blacks are. But he definitely exhibits some unattractive, unhelpful passive-aggressiveness towards others. That's not precisely a white thing, but it's certainly far from the average perturbed-black thing - profanity leading to violence.

Griffin was a little too free in hinting that others, not he, bore the burden of the Redskins' terrible performance in 2013. He at least hinted that the coaching staff and his line are the reasons the team has done poorly. That's not how the QB is supposed to act. He's supposed to lead, and take the blame himself, since he's the leader. Let the analysts break down the problems at a more granular level.

Griffin was the beneficiary not only of a huge rookie contract but of endless undue hype from ESPN and numerous commercial opportunities -- all before he'd ever played a snap. That could go to anyone's head. It's even speculated that his post-injury Adidas "all in for week 1" campaign might have pushed him back onto the field before he was fully recovered. That would be particularly ironic in retrospect. But this is how things are these days.

Studies have shown that young black men have higher self-esteem than any other group. Their esteem may be akin to the smile of the retard, but it has real-world consequences. To that self-adulation add hype from draft 'experts' like jew Mel Kiper and endless puffing from white illiberals like Skip Bayless. Top it off with international apparel companies and fast-food chains throwing millions of bucks your way to wear and eat their products. Imagine how hard it would be to keep from thinking you're God's gift to football, even if you were unusually controlled and level-headed for your race. It could be real, real easy not to believe that you were the source of any of your problems, since everyone's blowing smoke up your ass about your greatness. But the NFL is a tough league. It takes some doing to be a top QB. Griffin is surely aware of this after his second season. Whether he can recover full mobility and speed and get his accuracy back remains to be seen.

It became clear to observers and teammates that Griffin was getting special treatment. Maybe not a lot, but some. It was time to give Cousins a chance. Past time, actually. Cousins probably should have started the season, in retrospect. I've always believed that if Cousins had started the season, D.C. would have made the playoffs.

The three games Cousins did start at the end of the year tempered my enthusiasm for Cousins, but only a little. I mean, you can't sit the whole season and not expect to be rusty when you finally do get in. Cousins played well enough that I would take a chance on him, if I were a GM. He proved he can execute the offense and move the ball down the field. He did bad things too. Just a matter of whether those bad things - off-target throws leading to interceptions - would decrease with experience. I see no reason not to give him the benefit of the doubt. The Skins were terrible. Fumbling the ball all the time, not blocking, lousy defense - just all-around terrible play.

But we'll see.

What does 2014 hold for this most interesting racial competition, however undeclared and unallowed?

I suspect the Skins will not trade Cousins, though I hope they do. I wouldn't if I were them. There is no guarantee the 2012 Griffin will reappear. It didn't all 2013. You get leg injuries, you lose speed. Without the running, you need accuracy. Griffin supporters assure themselves Griffin's 2012 accuracy and/or his leg speed will return. I wouldn't bet on it myself. In 2014, if the wins aren't there, the leash will be much shorter. Cousins or someone else will get a more meaningful shot. I'd prefer to see Cousins traded and get a chance to start somewhere else, because I think jew Snyder won't give up on Griffin for at least two more seasons, and that's too long for Cousins to waste away on the bench. It's not like there are dozens of great QBs in the NFL. There are only about fifteen that are first- or second-tier. Cousins is worth a shot somewhere. Many somewheres, in fact.

If Griffin fails, the media will just move on to the next great black hope. They promoted Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville as their number-one black QB prospect all 2013, and he's nowhere near as good as they make out. It never ends, and it all conduces to the same end, and pursues the same agenda. Even if the hyped black QB fails, he still got opportunities a white QB did not. Even if he fails, there's always another dark guy in place to get pushed ahead of the competition by jewsmedia tailwind.

The big-time media lie about everything. Here's a great example. Don't think for a moment they won't lie about racial QB differences as readily as they lied about WMD in Iraq. If you know their agenda, though, you can see through their lies. You can see them coming before they're even concocted.

I'll be writing on the NFL regularly in the 2014 season. //

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