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On the Necessity of a New Right
Greg Johnson
14-frazier-glenn-miller-mugshot812 words

I have been asked for my opinion of long-time White Nationalist Frazier Glenn Millerís shooting spree in Overland Park, Kansas, on April 13, 2014, in which he murdered three white people, including a 14-year-old boy, outside a Jewish Community Center and a Jewish old folks home, apparently while shouting Adolf Hitlerís name.

Thereís no point in lingering too long over the layer upon layer of idiocy and evil in this act. Miller wanted to strike at Jews, whom he blames with good reason for the ongoing destruction of our people, and he killed three of our people, hastening the day when whites become extinct, increasing public sympathy for Jews, and putting White Nationalism in an even worse light. If the white race still exists on this planet in 200 years, it will be no thanks to Glenn Miller.

Even if he had killed three Jews, did he really imagine that by randomly selecting three Jews in Kansas, he was striking at the leadership of the Jewish community? Or did he think that all Jews are equally responsible for what their leaders promote? And even if he had struck down three Jewish leaders, did he imagine that this would do anything but increase our peopleís sympathy for Jews and reinforce negative opinions of White Nationalists?

Didnít Miller believe that Jews control the media and thus have the power to paint his actions in a way that helps their cause and harms ours? Of course, that is easy, because only a fool could think that Millerís actions help our cause.

And why was he taking Hitlerís name in vain? Did he really think that Hitler would have approved of such pointless terrorism? Even if Hitler were every bit as evil as his enemies make out, he wasnít stupid.
This is too dumb to comment on. The levels of disingenuousness are nearly off the charts. That's become a thing with greggy in recent years. Words and stray tadpoles are coming out of both sides of his mouth.

The reason I wrote my essay ďNew Right vs. Old RightĒ in May of 2012 is because I wished to draw a bright clear fuchsia-colored line between the project of the North American New Right and what I call the Old Right, namely classical National Socialism and Fascism and their latter-day imitators, including people like William Pierce, Alex Linder, and, down at the bottom of the barrel, Glenn Miller, Wade Michael Page, Anders Behring Breivik, and other gun-toting, spree-killing retards.
This is what I love about intellectuals: the second they see profit in it, they lose all ability to make distinctions. Because I advise others to study NS techniques for dealing with jews -- precisely as does his own Andrew Hamilton -- I am therefore become a Nazi. Even though I overtly, publicly, from day one have said I believe in decentralization combined with racial-collective defense. I am not a socialist. It's that simple My entire public career confirms it. Whites need racial defense. That's darn near all they need. Like it or not, that's my view. Always has been. I don't believe there is anything fundamentally wrong, or suicidal about whites, and I've met a lot of white people over the course of my life. There was no golden age in the past, nor will there be in the future. The problem am mounts to biological racial competitor understanding how we tick and how to control and manipulate us, and having put itself in position to do that. That is what must be addressed as job #1.

The North American New Right rejects the totalitarianism, terrorism, imperialism, and genocide of the Old Right.
And there you go. Disloyalty. Who can trust you? Have the enemy given up on totalitarianism? Terrorism? Imperialism? Genocide? Why, these drives fairly define the neocons running the US these last two decades. But you go on and bash dead whites who were braver than you.

The sad thing is, thinks-he's-smart guy, your craven attempt to throw your betters to the wolves won't slake their hunger for your blood one bit. All you're doing, faggio, is passing out appetizers for your own main course.

It was perfectly logical for the National Socialists and Fascists to form uniformed paramilitaries when they were battling Communists who wished to impose a totalitarian dictatorship by terrorism and force of arms. And, given the proven inability of liberal democracies and old aristocracies to resist Bolshevism, it made sense for them to set up one party dictatorships which suppressed dissent and unified their nations by dint of propaganda and force ó although they were never so ďtotalitarianĒ as the Bolsheviks. The Old Rightís methods were, in short, perfectly adapted to the methods of their enemies. They merely took a gun to a gun fight.

But Jewish political dominance in America was not imposed by Bolshevik methods. It was achieved within the framework of liberal democracy by first attaining metapolitical hegemony through propaganda and institutional subversion. Thus the New Right proposes to fight them the same way: through changing minds, culture, and institutions. One fights bad ideas with better ideas, cultural subversion with cultural renewal, institutional subversion with institutional renewal.
It's been said many times, and it remains untrue. The jews took over America by illegal actions far more than by legal actions. Just because the violence wasn't on the same scale as in Europe doesn't mean it didn't happen. Every successful white and black nationalist organizer was undermined by jews or the agencies they controlled, such as the FBI. That's a matter of fact. For you to pretend they won some kind of ideas battle is simply a veiled way of pretending your preferred strategy of writing long boring essays is some kind of clever winning strategy.

Again, greggy, if you have one shred of intellectual honesty left, explain Golden Dawn, and its course over the last two years, in relation to your theory. Professor Al will grade your attempt. Explain how, without any recourse to your beloved metapolitics, whatever that is, Golden Dawn was able to build a remarkable democratic following in Greece, and then, out of the blue, suddenly found its leaders thrown in jail. With the entire press functioning as cheerleaders for a tyranical decision taken out of New York City jewish back rooms. Explain again to us dullards how this is a battle of "ideas" we're engaged in.

These counter-measures are not just appropriate to the enemyís attack, but they play to our strengths. The moral, scientific, and historical case for White Nationalism has never been stronger, even though we lack money, organizational competence, and political power. The enemy, by contrast, has never been richer, better organized, or more politically powerful. But they have never been weaker on moral, scientific, and historical grounds. And as human beings, they have never been more corrupt, decadent, and repulsive to healthy people.
Man, you really are a Sunday School teacher, through and through. God knows I've sat through enough sessions to recognize them. Again, for those not in a Swedenborgian trance, li'l greggy can't quite grasp the difference between a no-holds-barred fight and a moderated, timed debate.

What is the Old Right response to this strategic situation? Based on Alex Linderís Vanguard News Network Forum, which Glenn Miller frequented, the Old Right approach is to drop our strongest weapons (particularly morality), to put together a cadre of people who are even more repulsive and crazy than the enemy leadership, and then to charge the enemy at his strongest point.[1]
Greggy bends the strawman over his soapbox and just plows away.

You go, Greggy! You show that strawman who's boss!

Old Right types typically accuse me of bringing a pen to a gunfight, but I accuse them of bringing a gun to a battle of ideas. Glenn Miller shows us how well that works out.
Battle of ideas. Where is this battle being waged? On your tiny website that three people have seen? Seriously, only a high-IQ academic could be this dumb, and not even see it after it's pointed out. We can all see what Miller did, and judge its wisdom for ourselves. But the idea that we're in a battle of ideas is simply ludicrous. It would be more accurate to say we're in a battle of decibels, and we have a 1970s transistor radio, and our opponent has a jet engine. But that's thinking of higher caliber than you're, a, really suited for. Now scuttle on back to spermtides and rearrange some flowers.


1. Linder, who has never heard of a spree killer he hasnít liked, has been silent since Millerís rampage. Some are speculating that the SPLC will use Millerís connection to VNN to try to shut down Linderís tard hatchery. But this is wishful thinking. Why would the system shut down VNN Forum when Millerís actions work entirely to the systemís advantage? Objectively, VNN Forum is an enemy asset. If I were them, I would be donating to it.
Oh, "objectively," huh? What do you have any canceled pay stubs? Any picture of me meeting with people? Any proof whatsoever? Or are you just doing the reasoning backward that Rockwell denounced: anyone who disagrees with my opinion or my way of doing things proves by that very fact that is an anti. Yes. that's exactly what you're doing.

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