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Sweden_Democrats Sweden_Democrats
(not to be confused with the Party of the Swedes):

- "Jewish ethnostate for Israel!"


- "...however an "ethnic Swede" cannot really be defined, no such animal really exists. Sweden belongs to everyone on Swedish land that adapts to Swedish cultural norms. We like to go on about the threat of islam, yet we will not directly adress the problem with muslim squatters on Swedish soil. We want to decrease the rate of the mass-immigration from this point on forward, but we accept as Swedes the millions of non-whites that have flooded the country already (that will even now eventually displace us at the current rate through higher-birthrates and miscenegation).

We have, despite having strong winds in our sails as more and more people are starting to realize the really horrific magnitude of the murderous third-world invasion that is being waged against us, and being now able to side-step the traditional hostile media through the rapidly growing alternative-media-sites, decided to adopt an absolutely non-sensical "non-tolerance for racism". This in effect is turning the knives on our own members, and gives the media ammunition to endlessly harass and put pressure on the party, and in essence turns us against our very core-voters, against our very reason for existance. And we will, rest assured, apply it in the most arbitrary of ways, and you might find yourself being thrown out of the party at any time, especially if you have showcased any actual ability and competence and might be suspected to pose a future challenge to the gang of opportunistic bullies that make up our current mediocre leadership.

To in any way criticize or even talk about the growing jewish influence on and infiltration of the party is furthermore strictly verboten anti-semitic conspiracy theorizing, and will result in an immediate exclusion."


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