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Default ‘Gottlglaubig’

Top far right the word ‘Gottlglaubig’ is clearly printed alongside the groom's name. 'Catholic' alongside the bride's

"Also the document pictured is the only reference I can recall I have in the file which contains the reference to the man's ‘Gottlglaubig’ beliefs. As you can see the Groom is Gottglaubig and the Bride is Catholic, so we have a non-Christian marrying a Christian. Not unusual but the only document I have which shows his religion.

To my understanding Gottglaubig is completely non-Christian. A source for an explanation as to the belief from the period comes from Martin Bormann." Quote(2):

“When we National Socialists speak of a belief in God, by God we do not understand, as do naive Christians and their clerical beneficiaries, a manlike being who is sitting around in some corner of the spheres. Rather, we must open the eyes of mankind to the fact that in addition to our unimportant Earth there exist countless other bodies in the universe, many of them surrounded, like the sun, by planets and these again by smaller bodies, the moons. The force which moves all these bodies in the universe, in accordance with natural law, is what we call the Almighty or God. The assertion that this world-force can worry about the fate of every individual, every bacillus on earth, and that it can be influenced by so-called prayer or other astonishing things, is based either on a suitable dose of naivete or on outright commercial effrontery.

In contrast, we National Socialists call upon ourselves to live as naturally as possible — that is, in keeping with the laws of life. The more thoroughly we know and attend to the laws of nature and life, the more we adhere to them, the more do we correspond to the will of the Almighty. The deeper our insight into the will of the Almighty, the greater will be our success”.
Martin Bormann was not an atheist. He was Gottglaubig.

Armin Bauer
Armin Bauer was born 13-10-1919 in Neundorf.
In 1937, when he was around 18 years old his mother died.
He was in the Hitler Jugend where he got the HJ Ehrenzeichen.

Armin´s religion was written down as Gottglaubig, you don´t see that often.
I quote from Der erste zug: "Gottglaubig was the term Nazis used for people
who believed in God but rejected the regular organized churches. It was the
"politically correct" religion, especially if one had aspirations"

UNDER THE SS SHADOW is a true story of a Hitler Youth, an SS major's son,who runs for his life in war-torn Europe. He sees his father shot down by guerrillas, rebuilds his life from the ruins, leaves Hitler's SS emblem for another symbol.

"In an official declaration, my father stated that he and his family had left the state church. We were Gottglaubig. The SS symbol became the point of reference for our family."
Apparently, Traugott Vogel converted to Gottglaubig, and then back to Christianity after the war.

According to Evans, by 1939, 95% of Germans still called themselves Protestant or Catholic, with 3.5% 'Deist' (gottgläubig) and 1.5% atheist - most in these latter categories being "convinced Nazis who had left their Church at the behest of the Party, which had been trying since the mid 1930s to reduce the influence of Christianity in society".[24] Gottgläubig" (lit. "believers in god", had a non-denominational, nazified outlook on god beliefs, often described as predominately based on creationist and deistic views[25] Despite all the promotion for positive Christianity and the gottgläubig movement, the majority of the three million Nazi Party members continued to pay their church taxes and register as either Roman Catholic or Mainline Protestant Christians.[26]
Religious_views_of_Adolf_Hitler Religious_views_of_Adolf_Hitler
Gottgläubig: The Religion of the Blood

Socialist People's Community: Volksgemeinschaft

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