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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
Part of the problem these days is that there is no Pope of White Nationalism, such as Dr. William Pierce de facto was.
Some of Anglin’s commenters are wrong in those threads. They say that enough is enough and the debate must end. The exact opposite is truth. The Colin & Greg girls must be thoroughly exposed.

Alex is right: it’s within the white nature to quarrel. I am old enough to remember every Sunday the comic strip Prince Valiant by Hal Foster. In times of peace the only way the knights found a healthy way to control their fighting drives was organizing tough tournaments: the Aryan way. Today’s WNsts of the type that recently visited Hungary are the opposite. They have become feminized beyond recognition. The coming crash of the dollar—:

—, the ensuing chaos and eventual racial wars in the largest US cities (and also in London and Paris and Amsterdam) will vindicate Pierce. When it hits the fan (see the above interview of Jim Rickards) no angry white will ever listen the softer voices in WN.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
He [Hitler] tried to reform the people pretty directly. I don't agree with his approach, I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with whites. It truly is the case, I believe, that if you remove the jew, with its incessant lying, poisoning and degeneracy promoting, things will snap back to normal in short order. I really believe that.
If that’s true, how would you explain that the Iberians blundered on a continental scale precisely when they became extremely Jew-wise? 1492 marks both the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and the discovery of the American continent—and the Iberians rapidly mud-blooded their gene pool with both Amerinds and then with imported blacks. (Take note that by then the Inquisition targeted the crypto-Jews as the Old Christians had already detected the tricks of the so-called New Christians, the converted kikes.)

It’s precisely because whites are so screwed up (in addition to MacDonald’s writings on “white pathology” see the diatribes against degenerate whites in both Pierce novels) that we must conclude that the Führer’s way is the only way (see e.g., “Niflson responds to Linder”).