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Alex Linder

If that’s true, how would you explain that the Iberians blundered on a
I'm talking about whites living among themselves - not political stuff just daily life. For the education, yes. But I think all needs done is government doing what I've said WN should do - have a K-PhD curriculum or -ae for whites to homeschool, or use in such schools as they devise.

Public schools are tyrannical. Education is an individual, private matter, not a thing for government to worry about. Like I said, have one elitest state university for defense. I'll go that far. For the rest, the people will do better thru voluntary associations than thru more NEA type garbage.

continental scale precisely when they became extremely Jew-wise? 1492 marks both the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and the discovery of the American continent—and the Iberians rapidly mud-blooded their gene pool with both Amerinds and then with imported blacks. (Take note that by then the Inquisition targeted the crypto-Jews as the Old Christians had already detected the tricks of the so-called New Christians, the converted kikes.)
Not really sure what you mean. Back then people didnt know as much about race as today. It's always a matter of what the elite do, the average person can mostly just react.

It’s precisely because whites are so screwed up (in addition to MacDonald’s writings on “white pathology” see the diatribes against degenerate whites in both Pierce novels) that we must conclude that the Führer’s way is the only way (see e.g., “Niflson responds to Linder”).
Far from it. These guys are ignoring biology. The average person isn't fit for much thinking. His thoughts are instrumental - enough to run his own life. If the System isn't poisoning the media continually, and if the elite aren't subverted, his natural instincts will be to act the way Aryan people generally do. Which is not how they act when literally every authority they come across or labor under is a jew or jew-coopted. The view you're describing is like someone freaking out about drugs, in my view. The casual use goes up and down depending on style but the hard core perversion or serious users are stable. That's how it is. Get rid of all jews and muds and monitor the media as a matter of defense, the Aryan default will reassert itself. I mean - look at my Linder's Law about media - how the comments on the bottom half are always to the right/white side of the writer editor. That is the white default you're seeing. When that is liberated, people will go back to acting normally, like they always did. All you need is a Singapore-on-drugs policy for people who want race subversion. You kill them. The population gets the idea real quick. And it already agrees with it, 95% of it. The rest are dead or gone or shut up.

Also, professional state employees and bureaucrats perhaps tend to underestimate the deformation of the white character that occurs under ALL socialism. We see that now in Sweden. They're soft and passive. Their women get raped, they do nothing. Who made it so that white men look to government to save them? The socialists. The first people in the US weren't like that, they would fight over anything, for a long, long time. You can't restore that if you're going to treat them like farm animals.

We need the Germans for the how-to (defeat jews, gain power) but not for the everyday everyman shit. There, we need something more akin to Scotch-Irish ferality. In my opinion. It fits our American heritage better. Along with good solid markets - fits our Anglo heritage, its good aspect.

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