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Robert Ransdell
Default The Slogan Has Caught On With Black Israelites...LOL

With Jews We Lose!!!!

They put back in the "you", took out the "we" but these guys are respectable Blacks. Wasn't going to post but these guys really set themselves apart at 12:20.

"Who do you think got Obama elected, he is a puppet of the Jew."

"He's not even a Negro."

"He looks like a homosexual playing golf."

They are not fooled like 98% of Blacks, as they said, Obama is just another Jew puppet.

I only watched through 15:00 but will watch the rest later, thought it might be of interest to post.

"We say this, you don't have to be red and you don't have to be dead, not red, not dead, dead reds."

- George Lincoln Rockwell concluding his speech at Brown University in 1966