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Default VNN Overall Mission, Funds Drive, Etc. $2500/quarter

Bottom line: VNN needs 2500 a quarter, or 10k a year to be stable. If that money isn't in, then VNN will be off the air for some period of time, starting November 16.

Our next bill is due mid-November. I don't have the money to pay it. I can no longer pay my own bills, let alone VNN's. Basically, I have reached the point where "anyone who writes for any reason but money is a fool." I have never felt that way, and don't now, but I fully understand it.

We have people fucking with our race. People showing up on my doorstep asking questions. Harassing my relatives. I don't have anything to fight them with. I don't have a car, health insurance, anything like that. Haven't for years. Bills are as low as I can make them. I live at probably 1/10th the cost of 90% of you. Which is fine. But I can't live any cheaper. There simply has to be some lubrication, or I am going to forced to look elsewhere. I can shut this forum down 50% of the time, and simply write books and sell them. That's not what I want to do, but I simply can't carry the burden of this place alone, and that's what's going on, at this point.

You want to fight jews? I have the will and ability to do so, as proved over two decades. These fucks are making 150k a year to harass me. I need 10k to fight back. I am begging. It's humiliating as hell, but I am.

I don't like writing this because I consider myself above it, but...I'm not. This stuff crushes you. I signed up for that. I will never leave. But I'm saying, I simply can't mentally go on bouncing on the bottom.

If you want something that keeps a truly radical line -- unlike all the garbage that is simply conservatism or double-talk with a racial veneer -- and something that will be here tomorrow, then support VNN. Support me. I'm not going anywhere. I don't pay for cable or netflix or any of that jewshit. How many of you can say that? Well, put your money where your politics are. Please. I'm begging you.

I have come about 60% back from a truly draining and miserable chronic problem. I will never reach 100% but I have enough to make life living, and I think things will continue to get better. I have energy to do work.

Here's how I envision us going forward.

1) we have the 10k/year to keep VNN/me solid. This way I have mental security. Poverty is not a problem. Absolute poverty is a big problem - it impacts health and exerts a grinding-down effect resulting in, really, death, and in very few years.

Before I got involved in this stuff, I thought it all the way through. It's a purpose worthy of dedicating a life to. It's a thing where dedication might make a difference. I believe VNN has made a difference so far, and will continue to do that in the future. I see more and more stuff taking a VNNlike line, and that is very heartening. It shows that we are right, and if we just keep going, we are ginning up more and more people. And we have ZOG on our side - they are the most powerful, if implicit and unintended, WN out there. And they won't and can't reverse course. Things are going our way.

Here's what I'm going to do:

Go back to original VNN format, but this time at This will begin November 1. I will write spintros. I will post original articles (there first, and later here. Stuff on forum is buried too much. This place is best for discussion and archiving (sticky threads well filled and arranged). And I will do a letters page. I will not post articles from others, nor will I attempt to nurture talent - there. I will use my personal site to funnel interested parties here to the forum. And to my twitter.

So...we will have twitter, and VNNForum, all mutually promoting and ideologically reinforcing. This seems the best way to do it, so that we can attract and draw in the maximum number of people.

Whereas I did a huge amount of writing from last november to the start of this June, in the last several months I have worked on streamlining my personal affairs, with an eye toward writing some longer stuff when I get in my fifties, within two years. That's one form I have not tried yet, so it seems like it might be the way to go. And it would produce more money.

Now, for this forum, what I envision is...and am slowly working on...

a) we want to have the best and biggest database in the world of educational materials. That means not just collecting them free and online but arranging them logically and cohesively and persuasively. The way that you know something matters or you love it or it's important is that it keeps coming up in your head unbidden, like your gf or bf when you're on the road. The idea that keeps bubbling in my head for fifteen years now is the need for what i think of as whitecontexting. In a sense all we do furthers this goal. That is true. But the more formalized - into edu-bricks that together form a massive edifice of knowledge and understanding - the better. K to 12 to Ph.D., even. This is what will be in The Massive. This is a long-term undertaking. At the same time, we also want to produce the best database of hush crimes. Through this we want to give whites the clearest picture of what is actually going on. Where they come from (their history, white hebrew school, as it were, or Aryan School), and where their context is today - who runs things, what he intends, what is actually going on, and how we all can change it.

There are two prongs: the hard and the soft. The hard is physically fighting our enemy. That is not the purpose of this forum. So we need to do the soft stuff the absolute best we can. I think we have done well, but we can do more and better. As always, I will lead, but I'm open to suggestions from anyone who has good ideas for arrangements. I consider I have created the concepts whites need. As a professional journalist and ideasmith, basically, I understand better than anyone (not a boast or claim, I honestly believe that) how to prosecute the verbal war. And I have not seen anyone come up with a (better) or really any political strategy than fighting a simultaneous war with the conservative underbrush and the jew-leftists who are our main enemy.

Anyway, I need 10k a year to make this stuff run the way it should. That breaks down to 2500 a quarter. That is doable. I hope all of you who get something out of here and want to see the above plan move forward will do your part.

Donations extremely gratefully accepted at:

A. Linder
POB 101
Kirksville MO 63501

I can take paypal, send me a PM for address.

I am working on other options (bitcoin) but not up yet.

P.S. will open november 1. I will be taken letters intended for publication and response at my email, [email protected]