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Beyond 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot': what if there's no indictment in Ferguson?
Hannah Giorgis

Hannah Giorgis

The hard truth about no justice for Michael Brown is that we must reassess our expectations to create a new kind of peace

A jury’s failure to convict George Zimmerman sparked a wave of black youth activism not unlike the awakening after the beating of Rodney King. What now?

Monday 10 November 2014 07.15 EST


Black lives matter? It’s tough to keep saying something like that – to shout it in anything but protest – with this impending reality: At some point in the next few days, it’s likely that Darren Wilson will not be indicted, by the US justice department or the state of Missouri, for the extrajudicial killing of Michael Brown – an 18-year-old unarmed black man – in Ferguson, in broad daylight, three long months ago.

It is at once horrific and predictable that a law enforcement officer may never have to answer for his crimes in criminal court, that his life will remained buttressed by the power of a blue wall as more black people are shot dead in America simply for existing, and by secret online donations from supporters with names like “Jim Crow” who applaud him for “taking out the trash”, like George Zimmerman and so many others before him.

No acknowledgement that the nigger in question attacked a cop, just invent the myth of the innocent gentle giant, murdered for just existing. Ignore the crimes he committed -- robbing a store, attacking a cop -- and the crimes committed after his death in his name - the destruction of at least 80 businesses. Whites should realize that blacks honestly believe the shit the writer is spewing. Blacks hate whites. There is no base of common sense of factual knowledge or behavioral restraint that is temporarily boiling over - the bedrock is hate. Hatred of whites. Hatred stoked and encouraged in the media. In the schools. By the ruling jews. Do you understand the long-term danger of this? If these savages had the numbers, they would simply kill us all. Just as they did in Haiti after their revolution. Blacks are not something cute or funny, they are dangerous wild animals jews are using to destroy our society with the ultimate aim of destroying us.

But to understand a non-indictment in Ferguson as simply par for the course in the United States case is not to say that Brown’s life is unworthy of defending, no it's the innocent white cop's life that doesn't matter to the nigger-criminal-defending nigger nor that his death and its international aftermath are unworthy of redress. This reality check simply locates another officer in the context of the white supremacist law-enforcement apparatus that defends him in lieu of protecting its (black) citizens, that operates with impunity. So this 300-lb beast attacks the cop, and he's not supposed to defend himself. The nigger was going for his gun. The niggers and jews in the media believe the cop should let the nigger grab the gun and execute the cop rather than defend himself. This is loxism. And for the rest of us to view black life as worthy of defending, to unequivocally repeat that black lives matter in a world that insists otherwise, is a radical act – if a tiresome one.

The hard truth about no justice for Mike Brown is that we must reassess our standards for justice to create a kind of peace – for his family, for Ferguson, and for those of whose anger and grief emerge anew each time a black life is taken without consequence. Yeah, you could start by thinking about teaching niggers not to steal and not to attack cops.

With the Missouri grand jury expected to announce its decision as early as “mid-November”, Ferguson community members are preparing a response and asking that they be given 48 hours’ notice to do so. Asking that the laws be bent in their political favor. The Don’t Shoot Coalition has issued a set of 19 demands – and they are, like the desire for Wilson to be indicted for a crime no one denies he committed, Of course the nigger knows that no one denies the cop shot the nigger, but shooting a nigger isn't a crime when the nigger's attacking you, it's self-defense, and it's legal very modest. Especially the first demand:

The first priority be the preservation of human life. That's what Wilson was doing. But the she-nigger means nigger life. Whites should sacrifice their lives rather than defend themselves against niggers. Blacks have the civil right to steal from or assault anyone they please, but if anyone fights back, he's a racist who should be thrown in jail. It sounds like absurd exaggeration, but this is pretty much what niggers actually believe. Niggers don't believe anything they do to whites that isn't deserved. That being the case, anything they do should be legal. They really do think like this. The ones that have learned to type can hardly keep it out of their statements. Blacks don't believe in neutral law at all, they believe in getting revenge on whites.

It is a simple request, perhaps the simplest we know as humans – the desire to exist freely without imminent, disproportionate threat to our lives. I mean, you have to have a special lack of irony to write something like this with a straight face. The nigger in question, ten minutes off a felony, punches the cop in the head and goes for his gun. And she's talking about the desire to exist without threat? If she were a jew, this would be the brazenness they call chutzpah. Since she's just a nigger, it's simple blindness to appearance mixed with not having to worry about offending whites, since her job is safe even if she called for them to be killed outright en masse. This is how it works these days.

And yet, the weeks since Brown’s death have seen continued violence from the state, including the fatal, officer-involved shootings of two other young black men in nearby St Louis, Vonderrit Myers and Kajieme Powell. No acknowledgement these two niggers threatened cops, and one of them fired multiple shots at cops. How brazen is this nigress. She, of course, feels no need to argue openly what can only be taken as her position: niggers can do anything they like, including punching or shooting at cops, and cops must do nothing that might injure the negro in return.

The US justice system has failed to provide solutions to the problems it creates. It cannot reform a policing apparatus first conceived as a runaway slave patrol with cursory racial sensitivity training. And while outgoing US attorney general Eric Holder stressed the need for “wholesale change” in the Ferguson police department, his Department of Justice is limited by bureaucracy and allegiance to its own conventions. President Obama’s nomination of two-time US attorney Loretta Lynch to succeed Holder may offer renewed momentum, but renewed from what? From begging for some semblance of justice? From having to stage the most influential protest on race in a generation only to see absolutely zero decrease in the level of violence faced by the black community? Holding blacks to the barest minimum standard, ie not shooting cops (!), is too much to black champions. They, like little kids, must be allowed to do absolutely whatever they want with no restrictions, and anything short of that is racist. When blacks fail standardized tests, the tests are racist. When blacks behave like animals in school and get suspended in high numbers, the suspensions are racist. When blacks shoot cops and riot, the System is racist. Whites can't win. Shouldn't try. There is no way to make blacks come to senses they don't have. The sole concern must be to protect white communities from them. I mean, the chutzpah, the privilege (not out of place here) to write such gunk when 90% of interracial crime is nigger-on-white. What privilege this coon has to be afforded the chance to spew her bilge FOR PAY in a mass-distributed publication.

That we must beg for the government to take up the mantle for victims in cases where black folks’ blood has been unceremoniously spilled is not without precedent: Zimmerman was not arrested for more than six weeks following the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin. The jury’s failure to convict Zimmerman on murder charges sparked a wave of black youth activism that channels righteous anger and inexplicable pain into community-driven advocacy initiatives not wholly unlike the collective awakening that emerged after the 1992 beating of Rodney King.

Community members on the ground in Ferguson and in the surrounding areas have already been demonstrating the power of transformative, compassionate organizing. They are broadcasting it to the rest of the world, inviting us to bear witness and offer our support as they demand full justice – even if they don’t get it. For those of us on the outside awaiting an inevitably frustrating decision, the primary task remains to listen to local activists, and lend our support in the ways they envision it.

But there is work we can do in our own backyards: In confronting all this exhausting disillusionment and fear, we can boldly redefine our visions of justice such that they no longer privilege punitive, carceral responses to “isolated incidents” of wrongdoing – officer-involved or otherwise. What the hell does that translate into but letting black criminal run riot without intervening - which is just what happened. We actually already have the state of things this baboon wants. That's perhaps the saddest thing of all. All these niggers committing hush crimes are on their 35th rodeo when they finally get busted. And even when they commit murder and get convicted, many of them get reversed or overturned sentences a few years later when nobody's looking. Even in the most egregious cases. The System so far from being anti-black is ridiculously anti-WHITE.

We cannot indict white supremacy, but we can divest of institutions that enforce it by developing community responses to violence rioting, collectively monitoring police activity, and structuring our safety initiatives to protect the most vulnerable among us like 300-lbers who strongarm rob shops and then assault cops rather than relying on systems more likely to harm them.

We can treat the root of our pain and hold one another accountable whenever we take it out, sometimes violently, on one another. We may not have control of a justice system that suppresses the people it’s supposed to protect, but we have each other. And even when the grandest of grand juries dares to deny the sanctity of our lives while the world watches, we still matter. We always will. It's white lives that don't matter to niggers. You can be a violent nigger felon, and you're still more important than any white man who ever existed. Whether he follows the law, protects your community, it doesn't matter. He shouldn't be allowed to touch a single nappy hair on a single nigger predator.