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'White Privilege' cult alert: Sally Kohn says we're all born with it

Like many other cult members, advocates of 'white privilege' are vociferous in their advocacy and consider those of us who fail to see the 'light' as pathetic ignoramuses.

It's no surprise, then, that white privilege apologist Sally Kohn continues to preach her nonsense. After all, you'll never meet a cult member who knows she is a cult member.

(See Kenn's Law #14.)

Wrong - and weakly or deliberately so. Kohn is a typical jew:

Sally Rebecca Kohn was born on March 27, 1977 in Allentown, Pennsylvania to Donald Kohn, an engineer, and Melinda Kohn, a computer programmer.[4] Kohn's mother introduced her to volunteering and community organizing at age 12, when they began volunteering together at a local domestic violence shelter. Kohn was raised Jewish.

Sally_Kohn Sally_Kohn

White privilege is a psychological lever utilized by cultural Marxism to infect our minds with the guilt virus; a malady that is best cured by rational thinking. The word was concocted as a palatable synonym for bourgeois.

Half-right. It's intended to lubricate whites for dispossession by making them feel guilty, which paralyzes their ability to perceive and resist what's actually going on. It's not a synonym for bourgeois, though, because it's applied against all whites, not just those of a particular class. Rational thinking as a counter-measure would include identifying the true source and nature of the attack, not just pointing out why it's technically wrong in rational terms. 'White privilege' is an attack on whites by jews. That's the important part. And that's the part that conservative yokesites like DailyKenn won't tell you.

It's also a racist pejorative.

Kohn makes her case for white privilege, stating that we're all born with it. The CNN commentator's views were published in the Washington Post and alluded to by last week.

Indeed there has been at least one study that confirms that white people are born bigots. That study, no doubt, was precluded (Kenn's Law #8) and funded with a government grant, compliments of 'white privileged' tax payers.

Actual studies have found that whites, white babies in specific, are less xenophobic than non-white babies. Whites in fact are the most individuated and least racist race on earth, which is why they find it hard to perceive themselves under racial attack and defend themselves.

The concept of white privilege emerged as a concession when the predatory left was forced to acknowledge the disparity gap between people groups was more than sociological; it is inherent.

They've known this all along. White privilege is the demand that blacks be treated like whites while behaving like blacks. People treat everyone like their group or subset's average, if they don't know them individually. This is rational. All do it. It's problematized into anti-whitism by loxist jews. Whites never earn anything, they merely enjoy privilege. It's beyond ridiculous, but jews have the media power to make it stick.

White people tend to be innovative. That fact is made evident by virtually every convenience that enhances the lives of humanity. Cultural Marxism attempts to demonize white innovation by slapping it with the 'white privilege' label and, thereby, imposing guilt.

We are all freeriders on a tiny handful of Aryan geniuses; this is true. The concept of white privilege is a monstrous imposture, given that most blacks owe both the quality of their lives and their very physical existence to white culture and science, technology and medicine. Being ignorant of this, and feeding off it while working unwittingly to destroy it - these are the ultimate privilege. Privilege, I hardly need tell you, is black.

Because white innovation is genetic, it cannot be redistributed through sociological methods. That is, if wealth were redistributed equally today, tomorrow white people would still have a penchant for innovation. The only means to redistribute DNA is through cross breeding.

Which is promoted unceasingly by the jews Kenn won't name.

Meanwhile we suspect that Kohn lives in a white, Jim Crowish community where she is not obligated to redistribute her privilege.

More like an enclave of jewish privilege. What is gained by not calling Kohn a jew? Nothing. What is lost? Everything. The source of the attack must be identified if it is to be stopped. DailyKenn ilk are like mopping the floor with head down, refusing to look at the hand turning the tap.

Instead, she redistributes her nonsense.

So why to highly intelligent white people allow their minds to be infected with the 'white privilege' doctrine?

Answer: The same reason white people allow themselves to be deluded by any other religious gult.

It's all they hear. It comes from authority. There are penalties for not going along with it. No one they respect speaks out against it. Most people are conformist clods, not brave, freethinking individuals.

The inherent problem with cultist lies is that we 'act out' our beliefs.

(See Kenn's Law #15.)

That is, our actions and words are predicated by our beliefs.

When people believe the wrong things, they say and do wrong things.

When people believe dumb things, they say and do dumb things.

Kohn's op-ed is evidence of that fact.

No, Kohn is a jew. Your assumption she's white and wrong is incorrect, and might as well be deliberately so. Kohn intends to destroy white society. That's what jews do. Not calling her a jew accedes in the destruction by covering up for the destroyer.

It was also made evident last week when a college student who was mugged by a black thug excused the attack, citing his white privilege.

Guy named Friedfeld (sp?) is likely a jew himself, like Kohn.

Cult brainwashing makes us behave in the most peculiar manners.

Attempting to reason with a convert to the 'white privilege' cult is maddening. It's no different than reasoning with any other cult member.

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