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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Henry Ford, The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem

Introduction and Ch. 1: Jewish History in the United States


Ch. 2: Angles of Jewish Influence



- concept of naming the jew. need a "fair" fight on campus and in society between Jew ideas and Anglo-Saxon ideas. jews deracinate white kids by denying them of racial knowledge in public schools (K-12), then steep them in jew-radicalism in college. ford sees Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race as creators of all civilization, Builders, creators, whereas jews are perverters and destroyers. Anglos MAKE stuff. Jews GET stuff. Jews are all about GETTING money by any means. No pride in work, per the Aryan way, just GETTING money by means fair or foul. Ford believes aryans will win any "fair" contest, but it is explained that jews know this and won't fight fair. so much white stuff written in 20s-30s is spitting in the wind as the jew dopplers right on by the white man. we are in worse position today, but the concept of polarizing the public between TeamWhite and TeamJew is pretty much what Ford was advocating back then, though he phrased it differently. ID the jew. "Name the Jew." Call him by his name. Remember your racial heritage as Builders of America, and the world, and fight under that banner.

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