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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
(The Enemy of Europe, by Yockey)

pp 36-61

The Morphology of the Third World War

we can only view race "horizontally" now. that is, the spiritual race one FEELS one belongs to means everything; the anatomic-nationalist group one is born into means nothing. so he argues race is a spiritual thing, not a biological thing. or much more than a biological thing. he says it was tragic that the bio notion of race was "engrafted" onto the "European Revolution of 1933" since there was no necessary connection. idea opposed to what most of us would think.
Yes, and here again we see the great, tragic flaw in Yockey's thought: he denies that race is a biological reality, and instead consigns the concept of race to some wispy, insubstantial "spiritual" realm.

Yockey himself was one-quarter Jewish (paternal grandfather), so for him, any biological definition of race was psychologically unacceptable. Instead of the White race or the Aryan race, he speaks of a "European race," which is an elective affinity: anyone can belong to it, regardless of ancestry, if they share its "rhythms," as Yockey obviously thought that he did.
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