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Konstantin Vasilyev (II)

Дар Святогора (1974) / Svyatogor's gift (1974)

"Svyatogor (Russian: Святого́р) is a Kievan Rus' mythical bogatyr (knight/hero) from bylinas. His name is a derivation from the words "sacred mountain". Svyatogor's tale, Ilya Muromets and Svyatogor, is a part of the Ilya Muromets cycle."

Text by Wikipedia.

Дар Святогора (1974) / Svyatogor's gift (1974)

Илья Муромец и голь кабацкая (1974) / Ilya Muromets and poor drunks (1974)

"Ilya Muromets (Russian: Илья Муромец), or Ilya of Murom, sometimes Ilya Murometz, is a folk hero of Kievan Rus', a bogatyr (akin to knight-errant) and a character of many bylinas (East Slavic medieval epic poems). In the legends he is often featured alongside fellow bogatyrs Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich.

Although Ilya Muromets's adventures are mostly a matter of epic fiction, he is believed to have a historical prototype: a medieval warrior, and in later life a monk, named Ilya Pechersky."

Text by Wikipedia.

The cartoons - http://vnnforum.com/showpost.php?p=1948718&postcount=31

Илья Муромец освобождает узников (1974) / Ilya Muromets liberate of prisoners (1974)

Бой Добрыни со змеем (1974) / Dobrynya's battle with a dragon (1974)

"Dobrynya Nikitich (Russian: Добры́ня Ники́тич) is one of the most popular bogatyrs (epic knights) from the Rus' folklore. He is a professional archer, swimmer, and wrestler. He plays the gusli, plays tafl, and is known for his courtesy and cunning."

Text by Wikipedia.

Василий Буслаев (1974) / Vassily Buslayev (1974)

"Vassily Buslayev is a Novgorod character of the Bogatyr epics.

Vassily Buslayev - a Novgorod hero, representing the ideal youthful and boundless prowess. He is one of the most famous characters of folklore, bearing the name Vassily.

From a young age Vassily showed no constraint; he always did as he pleased, without regard to consequences. Antagonizing the majority of Novgorod, he gathered a group of like minded daredevils to rage more and more. Only his mother had a slight power over him. Finally at a feast Vassily became drunk and belligerent and bets that he and his group could beat up all of the men of Novgorod. As the fight began, it quickly became clear that Vassily's wager was to be seen through. Only his mother's intervention was able to save the men of Novgorod."

Text by Wikipedia.

Вольга (1968) / Volga (1968)

"Volga Svyatoslavich (Russian: Вольга Святославич) is a Russian epic hero, a bogatyr, from the Novgorod Republic bylina cycle."

Text by Wikipedia.

Вольга и Микула (1974) / Volga and Mikula (1974)

"Mikula Selyaninovich (Russian: Микула Селянинович, Mikula the Villager's Son) is a Russian epic hero, a bogatyr - plowman, from the Novgorod Republic bylina cycle.

A common plot trope in bylinas involving Mikula is that another bogatyr of warrior type turns out to be weaker than Mikula: cannot pull his plow out of the soil, cannot lift his bag, cannot race him, etc., because Mother Earth loves him."

Text by Wikipedia.

Алеша Попович и красна девица (1974) / Alyosha Popovich and lovely maiden (1974)

Literally it is "red maiden". The word "red" had additional values "beautiful, clear and bright" in the old days.
For example "the Red square".

"Alyosha Popovich (Russian: Алё́ша Попо́вич, literally Alexey, son of the priest), is a folk hero of Kievan Rus, a bogatyr (i.e., a medieval knight-errant).

In Byliny (oral stories) he is described as a crafty priest's son who wins by tricking and outsmarting his foes. He is known for his agility, slyness, and craftiness. Alyosha Popovich is fun-loving, sometimes being depicted as a "mocker of women," and may occasionally be a liar and a cheat. He defeated the dragon Tugarin Zmeyevich by trickery. In later versions the dragon was transformed into the figure of a Mongol Khan."

Text by Wikipedia.

Настасья Микулишна (1968) / Nastasya Mikulishna (1968)

"Nastasya Mikulishna is the youngest daughter of epic hero Mikula Selyaninovich and the wife of Dobrynya Nikitich."

Text by Wikipedia.