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John Murray Cuddihy, The Ordeal of Civility

PP 1-14 (1:30)
pp 15-37 (ch 1-2 on freud) (1:31)

pp 38-57 (ch 3-4, on freud) (1:17)

Notes: Jewish Emancipation. ticket of admission to European society is not civil rights but bourgeois rites. podhoretz: association of jewishness with vulgarity and lack of cultivation. where marx has revolution, freud has sublimation. neurosis = ambition unprepared for sacrifice? (rieff). Anno O, first patient, cured of fear of drinking water thru catharsis of speaking about seeing dog drinking out of governess's glass. after she talked about it, fear dissappeared. she had been living off fruit for six weeks, went back to drinking water. cathartic cure of problem brought on by disease of civility - she couldnt mention the dog drinking because it was impolite. psychoanalysis sprang from this: realizing strangled emotions produce neurotic symptoms; these syptoms disappear when the unconscious strangulation reason is made conscious. essentially, freud says bottling up or misdirectly anger leads to neuroticism his talking cure can fix. jew passes from rural poland to polished vienna. he rises economically and professionally but at a mental cost. freud lets him revert to his primary socialization as dirty yid, inside the consulting room. ... collision between non-modernized and modernized peoples - is how cuddihy sees it. but this only one way to look at it, and not the best way, for it doesn't account for how jews see themselves and the goyim, particularly the whiteskins, they move among. cuddihy doesnt pick up enough on jewish hatred of goyim, nor its depth. henry james also a psych, also a rebel, but worded his shocking insights or arguments smoothly, whereas freud deliberately made them rawly offensive to the christian-bourgeois mores of his time. ... ch 4. freud's father had his hat knocked into dirt by goy, did nothing about it. this is the heart of freud's hatred of goyim, and it led him to identify with hannibal's father, who made hannibal swear revenge on rome. "machmores, jud" - step aside in narrow way, mind your manners. manner conceal libido or aggression, the 2 faces of the id. core theory of psychoanalysis comes from freud's attempt to explain why Oedipus Rex had such a hold over him - he generalized the idea of loving mother, wanting to kill father - to humanity. oedipus road scene = scene with freud's father and "enemy of our people." moral parricide. replacement of father with better example. freud refused to close window on train, against angry christians, challenged them to a fight, they didnt accept. he saw moses as gentile because he was angry and would fight.

pp 58-84 (ch 5-9, on freud) (1:45)

Notes: 'guilt of shame' concept. feel shame for parents, moral parricide. feel guilty for this shame. jews moving from east, raw, to civilized west. moving up social scale. mixing with gentile culture. feel subjectively torn, shamed over abandoning culture of parents. "shame is an exposure, not a deed." (like guilt). deep woe is produced by jew-gentile encounter, which can only be cleared up by revolution, which leads to rewritten history. (now that jews are on top, they rewrite history to make whites the bad guys). freud turns jewishness from historical "tragedy" into scientific problem. jew's desire for shiksas, or for commingling with goy culture, is also medicalized/psychologized/scienc-ized into universal desire to have sex with mother. jew taboo against intermarriage becomes universal incest desire. ... ch6. jews go from id to ego, but not superego, that's goy. freud wants the benefits of modern science for his people without assimilating to goy culture. and then rips away at fakeness, hypocrisy of goy gentility. he and marx show the "real" drives that are at bottom of goy pretenses economically and sexually. their manners our morals - how the rural looks at urban (and jews were the rural in this sense, coming from shtetl. opposite how we think of them today). jews did not believe protestants had transformed sex into love. "schadchen" turned all human values into money in bargaining for mates - vs protestant minister's uplife. jew view: sex and greed remain what they always were, the bourgeois-christian has not transmuted them into love and fixed prices. ... ch7. sublimation: refining coarse drives into refined ones. feudal court evolved 'love' and 'courtesy.' revolutionary jews call these not self-control or refinement but hypocrisy, and call for revolutionary de-repression, a la marcuse in 60s. (where e. michael jones ties in - linking radical politics, revolution, with sexual craziness). love was goyish invention of church and court. jews looked at sex naturalistically and as business matter (schadchen marriage broker). jews see our culture better than theirs, so they deny it exists and come up with 'scientific' ideas and reasons to destroy it. ch 8. jews against assimilation, and being 'courtly' was almost definition of it. ... ch9 if not for goy jung finding way to freud, psychoanalysis might have been a "jewish national affair." psychoanalysis not a science but a countercultural adversary to bourgeois-christian "ethos" of civility and respectability. jews cant just shuck talmudic thinking like that. they also believe all goyim are latent or active anti-jews. Freud quote: "Basically, all are anti-semites. They are everywhere. Frequently anti-Semitism is latent and hidden, but it is there. naturally there are exceptions*). "* An exception Freud cited here was the Catholic Count Heinrich Coudenhove-Calergi --J.M.C." that's the guy who created the plan to race-mix white europeans out of existence! one of the rare non-anti-semites. how about that. C-C was himself mixed race. cuddihy makes point that jews DEFINE civility as a mask for 'anti-semtism.' they define it as refined 'anti-semitism.' freud saw adler as a sellout - he made the truth polite, and was rewarded by goy society. freud refused to do this. stayed true to his inner yid and yiddishkeit. psychoanalysis is a jewish movement, not a universal science. freud never trusted a goy again after jung split. was what freud said TRUE or merely VULGAR. freud didnt know, says JCM. see freud's work as ethnic attack masquerading as science.

pp 85-103 (ch 10-12, on freud) (1:27)

Notes: ch10. outward assimilation only; inwardly all these jews feel jewish and tied to other jews. ch11 was freud first to see something or say something? "which was it? scientific discovery or social breakthrough?" freud had idea of sexual etiology of neurosis suggested to him by at least three others. he felt he was regarded as monomaniac by bourgeois society, as obssessed with sex. did he discover something or just speak it publicly? "Freud was openly using resistance to his claims as an index of their nature and merit." (ie, he had discovered the greatest, deepest truths). breuer, charcot, chrobak. ch12. civility is separating man from his ideas, a la christian sinner and sin. freud doesnt do that. apostates are reviled, whether jew (adler) or gentile (jung). modernization is recognizing a responsibility to others, and taking care of appearances. i think it is if good necessary or inevitable, to extent, also feminizing and weakening and time-wasting. it has a cost, in other words. ... galician jews: little grace and no manners