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Alex Linder

John Murray Cuddihy, The Ordeal of Civility

PP 1-14 (1:30)

pp 15-37 (ch 1-2 on freud) (1:31)

pp 38-57 (ch 3-4, on freud) (1:17)

pp 58-84 (ch 5-9, on freud) (1:45)

pp 85-103 (ch 10-12, on freud) (1:27)
pp 104-116 (ch 13, on freud) (50m)

Notes: ch13. irish parallel. a wilderness in the clearing - for jews, the situation - analyst room. for joyce, the interior monologue, free from restrictions of proper novel. modernity involves compromise. you assimilate, but with understanding of what you are giving up, and never go all the way to becoming a true goy. freud mediated yid-id and goy-superego. compromise. no illusions. marxists tried to bring about social change - restore the shtetl via communism. wilhelm reich tried to join marxism and freudianism, both diaspora ideologies for modernizing jews. marxists kicked him out, he went to US. reich galician jew parvenu. considered himself 'freud unbound,' releasing the political dynamite in liberal-compromising freud's doctrines. charles reich was successor. greening of america. conversation as truth killer. no real relationships (goyish cocktail party). everything at level of sociability. character-armor. character analysis. politeness as defense. always behind it critical views. freud is all talking. reich goes after the body muscles that are armored defenses. reich II said there are three layers: the outside polite social layer, the real nasty drives underneath, and the wonderful, unconcious natural man at base. justification for pushing free-love society, with hidden motive of destroying aryan society by doing that - in name of liberation. e. michael jones makes much of charles reich in his works. "As Freud and Herzl before him, Reich sees Europe's civility and its bourgeois-Christian restraint as a hypocritical facade disguising anti-Semitism." basis of 'Authoritarian Personality' - goy society must be sexualized to destroy this personality, empower jews for evermore. Herzl said gentiles come in only two forms: covert and overt anti-semites. jews hated the polite surface of western society, seeing it as nothing, as hypocritical, yet somehow as everything. The insincts were Reich's proletariat needed to be liberated from repression of polite fakery. various layers: chickenshit (hello, how are you), elephantshit (rationalizing, philosophy), death layer, then authentic layer - grief, orgasm, anger, joy. (Perls). ... civility as censorship. link between overthrowing property and outraging propriety.