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John Murray Cuddihy, The Ordeal of Civility

PP 1-14 (1:30)

pp 15-37 (ch 1-2 on freud) (1:31)

pp 38-57 (ch 3-4, on freud) (1:17)

pp 58-84 (ch 5-9, on freud) (1:45)

pp 85-103 (ch 10-12, on freud) (1:27)

pp 104-116 (ch 13, on freud) (50m)

pp 117-150 (ch 14-17, on marx) (2:00)

Notes: notion of crude vs refined is central to marx's thought. marx rejected father's way of conversion, being more serious intellectually and coarser. "Coarseness reveals; vulgarity conceals" --EM Forster. marx's first article was on censorship. 1843. marx wanted to go directly to the truth, not worry about form, which the prussian censorship law demanded - "serious" and "restrained." bourgeois society cares about form not content. cares not about nouns but about adverbs. how you do something is most important. bourgeois values sociability over truth. marx rejected this. prussia demands "prior" restraint - on his manners and style, not content. prior restraint. middle class triumph was bringing obsession into disrepute. no fanaticism! moderation. reasonable tones. compromise. opposite of radical. appearances. propriety. restraint. decorum. respectability. - how these can be used against white man if evil jew takes power! he will use them to enforce and hide his antiwhite politics! ... jews are not supposed to "tell truth in hostile environment" - ie, around or to goyim. about internal jew beliefs and behavior. marx was airing jews' dirty laundry, and he was vulgar, a goysin. double pariah. marx resigned editorship of rheinische zeitung, disgusted with censorship.published On the Jewish Question. paris, 1844. away from prussian censorship. awasy from battles over public propriety. beatrice potter (fabian mrs sidney webb) see as symptom of jewish social deficiency (lack of social morality; obeys law but nothing higher), marx turns into a general deficiency of bourgeois capitalism. marx's primal scene. jew ricardo - describing behavior not of man but of jews in whitechapel. the cash nexus (marx) all that mattered. untethered from any social ethic, just money chasing. purely contractual. purely utilitarian. maurice samuel agreed with marx: all just cover, just appearances over savage economic war. civilities are a game goyim play, and one jews dont understand beyond dismissing as hypocritical. ... Dohm and idea of Verbesserung - jews needed civic improvement, in manners, morals, etc. ... maimon and the princess who would kindle jew stove in future, according to dad. "world more attractive" - jews could see and not deny and only religiously exclaim the peculiar superiority of the gentile societies they came among. lachrymose historiography of the jews. "you did it to us." jews go from needing civic betterment (dohm) to needing emancipation, which hints they were slaves, and absolves them of all guilt or need to improve, lays blame on goyim.

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