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Alex Linder

John Murray Cuddihy, The Ordeal of Civility

PP 1-14 (1:30)

pp 15-37 (ch 1-2 on freud) (1:31)

pp 38-57 (ch 3-4, on freud) (1:17)

pp 58-84 (ch 5-9, on freud) (1:45)

pp 85-103 (ch 10-12, on freud) (1:27)

pp 104-116 (ch 13, on freud) (50m)

pp 117-150 (ch 14-17, on marx) (2:00)

pp 151-162 (ch 18, on levi-strauss) (58m)
pp 163-186 (ch 19-20, jew & irish, lachrymose history ideology) (1:24)

Notes: ch 19. jews and irish. latecomers to modernization. atimia = disesteem felt by undeveloped nations enterining the modernization-stratification system the more advanced already formed. ostjude were "last community to emerge from Middle Ages," said isaiah berlin. formed parishes, papers, yeshivas, lower east side. dioceses. irish saw americanism as heresy from rome. attribution war: all agree jews act shitty (pre-emancipation). what effect will emancipating them have? sunlight clean them up? or letting them out of jail to run wild? pro/anti religious/enlightenment people were on both sides of this question. some jews blamed "persecutions" for why their community acted so rottenly. all agreed jews in shtetl were backward and nasty - but WHY was not clear and argued over. so it is with all modernizing peoples. blame themselves or the colonizer. 'delayed modernization' is painful, and marxism appeals to subcultures undergoing it. ideology as defense against culture shock - yr not of the majority. it colonized you or is mainstream culture you're sidestream to. you must justify its apparent superiority. court jews didnt want to fit in. but next generation of political intellectuals did or was ambivalent. eventually from elites wanting some participation w the colonizers you get to full blown nationalism. these ideologies to justify jew-backwardness were many: marxism, zionism. hebraism - yes we're worse, but we're morally purer. everything you have is from us and our bible. "Marxist the mirror opposite: a 'progressive' manifest content is the carrier of a premodern, "secret" latent content appealing to the "wholeness hunger" endemic in modern man." (cuddihy). ch20. edward shills: the intellectual between tradition and modernity: the indian situation. 19th century was century of liberation. "In France, as in Germany, the fundamental factual assumption of the Emancipation debate -- the underdeveloped state of the Jewish communities -- was never itself in question." (p.176). jews were a backward and barbarous people. were these characteristics due to "persecution" or were they innate? obviously time has proved they were innate. jews and apologists invented "lachrymose" history to justify springing the kikes. ie, bogus history of persecution. their cultural backwardness will disappear if we let them out of jail and quit "persecuting" them. "The 'lachrymose' ideology of Jewish history was created by Jewish intellectuals and their Gentile allies to justify the civic emancipation of Jews to the Gentile community." ALL jew ideologists of 19th centuries used this bullshit persecution lie to explain anything unseemly about jew culture. before, they had said they were degraded because they had turned from god, but after Emancipation, all blame shifted to the hated goyim. bricolage vs seamless robe: can we pick and choose elements of modernity, or is it all one package? modernity is interdependence? the "brutal bargain" - the jew gets more than he bargained for in emancipation. it's not as easy as picking and choosing, trying to be equal in public and jew in private. jew hebraists claimed "superior moral heritage" to account for their backwardness. "moralistic style" of modern oppositional intelligentsia.also found in provincial US, in cooper, twain, james - asserting backward provincial USA's moral superiority to more cultivated cultured Europe.