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Alex Linder

John Murray Cuddihy, The Ordeal of Civility

PP 1-14 (1:30)

pp 15-37 (ch 1-2 on freud) (1:31)

pp 38-57 (ch 3-4, on freud) (1:17)

pp 58-84 (ch 5-9, on freud) (1:45)

pp 85-103 (ch 10-12, on freud) (1:27)

pp 104-116 (ch 13, on freud) (50m)

pp 117-150 (ch 14-17, on marx) (2:00)

pp 151-162 (ch 18, on levi-strauss) (58m)

pp 163-186 (ch 19-20, jew & irish, lachrymose history ideology) (1:24)

pp 187-202 (ch 21, 2 (((hoffmans))) ) (51m)

pp 203-222 (ch 22, black-jew struggle for #1 victim status) (1:18)

pp 223-238 (ch 23, conclusion - 3 findings) (1:02)

Notes: ch 23. CONCLUSION. 11th or diaspora commandment: thou shalt not reveal in-group secrets to the goyim. battle between BOURGEOIS jews (assimilation, status seeking, money chasing) and jew INTELLECTUALS. they CODE their criticism of fellow jews. what they dislike transmutes into GENERAL CRITICISM of advanced western capitalist culture. M&M Phenomenon. Miami vs Moscow. vulgar ostentation of lower east side manhattan jews in south florida vs refined intellectual yids spiritually oriented to moscow (communism). dont need civility when living among yr fellow jews. do need it when you're living among goyim. ritual competence. no distinction in jew history between fiction and history (!). "what is a jewish intellectual in the first place but a person who pretends to have forgotten his yiddish" (rosenberg). 'judeo-christian': "factitious phrase with its facile hyphen is part of...the cultural and theological illiteracy of our times." marx, freud, levi-strauss are great implacable jews exhibiting a principled resistance to the whole western "thing." or they're just white-haters trying to destroy white society. cuddihy never discusses that point. it's all about them fitting in or feeling comfortable. cuddihy has covered how west is experienced by "more profound jews". the west is an attractive nuisance, in legal terms - a "standing temptation" to leave their religion and become part of universal civilized mass. 2) rudeness and crudeness are part of jew religion. no symptoms of something. but essences of judaism. Einstein read Emily Post for laughs - the goy world of civility is utterly foreign and funny to the jew, and he experiences its strictures as torture. a sarah silverman is produced by the race called jews in the same way a spider spins a web. they are loathe to leave their crudeness and rudeness behind for goyish tact and civility because they dont trust these, they are not part of their tradition-race-religion-cult-history-experience. 3) modernity is wasp-calvinist syntonic - they alone were "present at the creation." bonhoeffer civility uber alles. last sermon in prison, worried about offending his neighbor, soviet officer.