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Paul Vogel
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Default Key examples of Will Williams lying hypocrisy.

Originally Posted by Paul Vogel View Post
The National Alliance under WWW from 2016 to ....?

From "A New Hope without EG" to just another new "Soap Opera" under and due only to WWW.


Actually, "Nationalistreturns" has mostly all gotten it right.

See from:

And this:

Originally Posted by Paul Vogel
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...He has my number as well, Michael. The ball is in his court.

The ball is in my court, Mr. "Vogel," and you will remain on the sidelines, out of the game. You resigned from the Alliance; I won't be calling your number. I prefer building our Alliance with a solid team player like Michael who is never insubordinate, always cooperative, never a problem. You have become an off-topic gadfly here in this thread.

Why not go back over to VNN and repeat your line there that, "under Williams, the NA is now a Christian organization"? It's from you, Cosmo, that NARRG came up with the lie that NA does not accept Christians as members, only Cosmotheists." And it was from NARRG that Don Black repeated the nonsense that "NA doesn't accept Christian members, only Cosmotheists." Mr. Black now understands that that statement by you and NARRG is false because as Alliance Chairman I assured him it is false.

Now, because you didn't get your way -- trying your best to make Christians ineligible for NA membership -- you say NA is a Christian organization.

We need ethics; we need values and standards; we need a world view. And if one wants to call all of these things together a religion, then we need a religion. One might choose instead, however, to call them a philosophy of life. Whatever we call it, it must come from our own race soul: it must be an expression of the innate Aryan nature. And it must be conducive to our mission of racial progress. -Dr. William Pierce, in NATIONAL ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP HANDBOOK"

... till end.

Stormfront did delete the whole truth of what actually happened when I revealed it ALL there and most likely WWW's "JackBoot" aka "Lick-boot" censored many posts and inactivated my SF account.

"Cosmotheist" resigned from both the NA and WB due to Will W. Williams' "unwise decisions".
Both in promoting Michael O. and his limited interpretation of Cosmotheism vs my own and also in firing RD with such "butt-hurt" that RD only ran to the SPLC to spill the beans on all and everyone and everything that he knew or all before I had emailed RD about my own resignations and all without WWW telling me all beforehand of that RD breach of security.

I was not EVER any "subordinate" nor any paid "employee" but was only posting ADV to WB weekly all only at WWW request.
That false charge of "insubordination" was and is just more nonsense to cover up only for WWW own incompetence and own lack of good judgement in hiring and firing staff like M.O. and GD and most especially RD, just for a few examples.

See from SF:
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Bob DeMarais
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Bob DeMarais
Default Re: The new National Alliance endures a soap opera

Will Williams has hired only three people to work at the Hillsboro headquarters. I am a neighbor and have been since 1996.

Employee Dilloway: In December 2014, Williams brought Randolph Dilloway to the Hillsboro HQ, and told me what a wonderful guy Dilloway was. Williams knew Dilloway quite well and for some months. Within weeks, Williams was badmouthing Dilloway. In April, Williams bragged to me that he challenged Dilloway to a fight on the roof of the two-story Main Building and chased Dilloway off. On 3 May, two law enforcement vehicles came charging in the gate, after Dilloway called 911 and reported that Williams had attacked Dilloway at his residence and chased Dilloway away. Williams gave Dilloway a $5000+ pickup in exchange for Dilloway signing a “purported” employment severance agreement and Dilloway leaving HQ immediately. Dilloway is rumored to be in a witness protection program; in any event, apparently he is in hiding.

Employee DeCourcy: In April 2015, Williams sent Ms. DeCourcy to the Hillsboro HQ and told me what a wonderful person DeCourcy was. Williams said that DeCourcy’s job was to supervise Dilloway, because Williams could not communicate with Dilloway. Within a few weeks after Dilloway left, Williams was badmouthing DeCourcy. By 15 September, DeCourcy was deathly afraid of Williams. Williams complained to me that he could not communicate with DeCourcy. On 30 September, Williams attacked DeCourcy and tried to choke her. Michael Oljaca pulled Williams off. On 31 October, Williams broke into a storage building and hauled off all of DeCourcy’s stored belongings. DeCourcy obtained a temporary protective order against Williams. A warrant was issued for Williams’ arrest. On 16 December, six or seven law enforcement officers came charging in and arrested Williams.

Employee Oljaca: In July 2015, Williams sent Oljaca to the Hillsboro headquarters. Williams told me what a wonderful guy Oljaca was and that Oljaca’s job, as Chief of Staff, was to supervise DeCourcy, because Williams could not communicate with DeCourcy. On 15 December, Williams attacked Oljaca while they were discussing the choking incident; Williams’ could not communicate with Oljaca without resorting to violence. On 16 December, a Magistrate granted Oljaca a temporary protective order. On 21 December, Oljaca testified in a hearing concerning a protective order against Williams. Before Oljaca could return home, deputies came charging up to the property and arrested Williams after Williams broke into Oljaca’s residence. Williams bonded out upon condition that Williams not return to West Virginia until 26 January when Williams has three court hearings.
---Bob DeMarais


It is high time that ALL such "Leaders" are held alone accountable for their own "unwise decisions"
and that "no more cover-ups" like that over at SF or within the "new" NA will be tolerated by either
members, staff, or any BOD's, or ALL of these are also to be held equally complicit in these snafus.

It is time for a new Chairman of the NA that ACTUALLY upholds Dr. Pierce's true Cosmotheist ideals, values, goals, and standards.
Or will we ALL just see the FINAL END of a revived corpse of just a zombie NA that's under WWW or "heaven forbid" CI NARRGs?

Time will tell.

The NA saga, in any event, now drags or it limps, or just shuffles along still into 2016!
The NARRG lawsuit has ended but now the JM one has just begun!
Will those responsible for destroying Dr. Pierce's true legacy be finally held accountable?
Time again, will tell.

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