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Originally Posted by Ironguard1940 View Post
I am not advocating joining the national alliance, especially since I have read they are no longer a membership organization. However, they do have some good PDFs that could be printed out as fliers to hand out to Whites.

Go to
Go to 'Get active' at top of page
Go to 'National Alliance Fliers'
Yes, use the flyers and some of the propaganda but do not pay to join the NA or until and unless this Will W. Williams
is replaced as Chairman of the NA.
He can not be trusted at all. I know, most unfortunately, from my own personal experience of his clownish behavior/unwise decisions.
He is the security leak because and with his multiple and unwise hiring decisions and due to his many demonstrable links to the SPLC.
He is a proven lying hypocrite as well, by falsely accusing me on SF of being any "friend" of the SPLC snitch Randolph Dilloway


that only Will Williams used and hired and abused and had actually personally met alone, and not myself.

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