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Paul Vogel
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Default Actually, Williams has lied in both the thread and to members.

"I have not lied about anything that I have put up here in this thread, telling the Alliance's side of things, and I certainly have never lied to our members."--Will Williams at SF

Actually, Will Williams has lied in both the SF NA Soap Opera thread and also to his members in his mailed bulletins to them.

Neither readers of that SF thread nor any NA members that read those bulletins have access to the facts and truth of Williams many unwise decisions and clownish behavior and lying hypocrisy and mostly all and only because these facts are all censored at SF by Williams's minions.

Only sometimes in VNNF does the whole truth and do all of the "politically-incorrect" actual facts come out all uncensored and unedited out.
Even known SPLC snitches do get their say, just as Williams is and does on SF, NV, and WB and in Hadding Scott's blog., etc.,
or sometimes on VNNF, like RD, etc..

Deceit and treachery and censorship are ignoble.
Honesty and loyalty and transparency are noble!


Williams has no credibility now and neither do his minions.
Only fools and traitors would have anything to do with him.

He is a known SPLC snitch and collaborator with them and
lying hypocrite and censor of any honest criticism of all of
his so many "unwise decisions" and his "clownish behavior".

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