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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

I have listened to huge amounts of MGTOW material in 2017. It's quite interesting.

Here's how to look at it:

1) it is first and mainly an INEVITABLE, INDIVIDUAL, RATIONAL, SELF-PROTECTIVE response to the current legal structure (legal, social, media, academic, political, professional environment) favoring women over men

2) it's not a movement, except in sense of a class of people awakening to the same, real dangers at the same time for the same reasons, it's individuals deciding not to participate in a traditional structure that has been 180-degrees altered, because of the incredible pain, monetary and emotional, that can easily ensue if you contract legal marriage (or even if you dont, these days, in some areas, where a LTR [or even less than that!] is enough to incur legal risk). White flight is a thing (even if it's an anti-white propaganda term); well this might be called might flight - as men make the money, have the dicks, have the real engine power in this society, and they 'flee' from marriage for the same reason whites 'flee' from black areas - there's nothing but misery and destruction there.

In a nutshell, we've gone from men owning women up till about 1800, called coverture, a system in which men had complete legal power over and responsibility for (the part feminists leave out when they denounce women-as-chattel) women and children, to a system that today empowers women's whims - while forcing the man to pay for them. So the man retains the legal responsibility but the woman has the power. In the vast majority of divorces, which are initiated by women, the woman gets the children. And the man the responsibility to pay for them. And they've got their verbal cloaking in place - deadbeat dad and child support. Both are propaganda terms, neither is commonly realized as such. There are zero controls on how the woman spends the 'child support,' and many women spend it on themselves or their new boyfriends, even as they live in their ex's house. It is this System that men are opting not to get involved in - because they have already seen the results for themselves, typically by getting screwed in a divorce (losing house/kids but still having to pay for both), or having observed their male relatives and friends going through same. They are avoiding not just legal marriage but relationships with women generally, perhaps apart from renting a prostitute or some careful sex now and then. They are focusing on their own careers and personal development. Can you blame them? Not rationally. Their existence is an absolutely predictable, inevitable response to an anti-white, anti-male JEWED SYSTEM.

Essentially, the jew-feminists have turned marriage into a rigged game. MGTOW refuse to play it. The rigging has gone a lot farther than people who have not experienced it directly or have not listened to MGTOW videos would believe - and it's a system in place all over the western world. Indeed, Australia and Canada are two countries in which the law has perhaps gone farthest in anti-male direction.

What MGTOW don't understand or don't talk about (which still doesn't protect their videos from being demonetized/shut down on youtube) is that what they see as a war on men by women, which it certainly is, is yet just one front in a broader racial war of jew on white that is our theme here at VNNF. The game is to destroy white families and prevent white family formation. Feminism is just one of the approaches for doing that. The feminism MGTOW rises in response to is jews using women to attack white men by altering the laws to favor every sort of female irresponsibility. What MGTOW don't see is this is just one tine on the racial-attack pitchfork. The same people promoting anti-white, anti-man 'family law,' where the state replaces the man and makes decisions for him, ostensibly in the best interests of the child, also promote homosexuality and the rest of the destructive behaviors and identities. Whatever destroys the individual, his mind, whatever sets the sexes at odds, whatever makes white men and women unable to lead solid lives and form long-lasting, successful families, whatever disrupts white communities - these the jew will always, not 99% but 100% of the time, be behind.

MGTOW is akin to concealed carry in that is an individual solution to a collective (racial) problem. You can't do anything to change the 'integration' policies that prevent your community from excluding violent blacks, so the next best thing is to arm yourself in defense at what you know is out there. That's essentially what MGTOW is: the law has equipped women to destroy men, if they dare to marry and have children, and one rational response, upon realizing that, is to avoid entanglements with women. So, MGTOW might protect the individual man, but it does nothing to change the larger, social, racial problem. That's why it is incorrect to call it male feminism or even, really, a movement. That would be Men's Rights. Which does exist, but has done essentially nothing, since the powers that be oppose it. No, MGTOW is not a movement, not the opposite of feminism, which sought and obtained legal/social changes, it is rather a name given to an increasingly common INDIVIDUAL MALE response to a anti-white legal environment. Most MGTOW commentators, in my opinion, do not truly understand the greater racial context, and I doubt most are interested in it. Their criticisms are still useful and valuable at their level - pointing out the furthest reaches of legal insanity. As a response to men not getting married because it's legally/emotionally dangerous these days, courts are in some places moving to treat UNmarried couples as married, so they can force the same system on the man. I have never heard a MGTOW videomaker who believes the current system can be fixed, they believe it must run its course and fall apart. Similar to how Southern nationalists, traditionalists and libertarians view ZOG - it will die of its own insanities, primarily financial and demographic. Until then, all you can do is avoid getting crushed, and that will be quite enough of a challenge.

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