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Default Hey Smoky, why bump up this old thread?

Because I have to deal with three 70-year old men, who I know are nuts, still typing about me on their keyboards, making up shit along the way.

This is Stan replying to someone recently asking about me. I haven't talked to Stan in four years.

November 20, 2017

Stan Diggs:
Yes, Will is solid. He helped Smoky and Smoky tried to destroy him. No good deed goes unpunished. Smoky & Craig did the same to me. Smoky owes me $1,600 and Craig owes me $900, but both assholes say I'm a rip-off. Just don't try to pick up the soap around either of them.
I do not owe Stan Diggs anything. Mowed and landscaped his property from early March until middle of June 2014 for free after working 60 hours a week job to pay off the debt. That's when Stan's stepson told me I did not owe Stan anything.

Stop taking his calls. Stan gets mad and demands I give back a $200 used laptop he bought from a pawn shop and an old Stanley shop heater or he will call the police. I called up his stepson and he came right away to pick up the two items and apologized for Stan's behavior.

As for Will Williams "helping me," that's a whole different thread:

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