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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
So much more to come. You definitely came to the right place. I can go on for years
Thank you brother for your input and I hope you'll be contributing to this thread up until your last day. You know we have very complicated relationship but we Serbs are on the same side all the time and always share same views.

Now it goes about Radovan Karadzic, the person who we used to respect and to cry about. We fairy considered him a Serbian hero, a fighter against Croat Nazism.. but it turned out he was a usual Zionist too. Look what he said in interview to Serbian and Greek media:

Is it true that the Serbs helped evacuate the Jewish community of Sarajevo to safety out of Bosnia?

Karadzic: The Serbs and Jews had shared the same fate in World War II. They feel very close-there were never significant anti-Semitic feelings among the Serbs. The SDS [Dr Karadzic’s Serbian Democratic Party] supported a Jewish man for the seventh member of the Presidency in the 1990 Bosnian elections. It cannot be said that the Muslims in Sarajevo were against the Jews, but some fundamentalist Muslims allowed their hatred of Israel to spread to all of the Jews. During the war, I facilitated the evacuation of the Jews from Sarajevo at their request after meeting with British representatives of the Jewish community.