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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
ColdFire, have you seen this lady around Bremen?

Weathergirl from German TV

(Yes, I recognized Anneke Durkopp from your above post)

Hahaha ! !

I can't believe what happens on this forum sometimes . .

I have heard about her . .

Little story . .

As it happens I once had a friend ( we no longer have contact . .) who had a relationship with 'Coni' ( Constance ) . .

Believe me , as we in Germany say "Not everything is gold which shines . ." . .

Optically she may be eye-candy ( nice substructure . . ) . .

. . but concerning her character . .

On television she acts cool . .

. . but my friend had absolutely nothing good to tell about her . .

First of all , she must have been a total brat in school . .

She did some temporary jobs during her school days to better up her pocket money , among others served as a waitress where she was fired because she was too nasty to the visitors . .

He told me a number of other stories but for reasons of decency I'll stop here . .

If you are a total brat , at least try it as a jouralist . .

After all my friend told about her I'm glad I didn't know her personally . .

I somehow feel sorry for him for having had a relationship with this brat though. .

Glad she wasn't "my bitch" . .

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