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Sean Gruber
Default Anti-White term: "Whataboutism"

Criticizing "whataboutism" is rejecting reciprocity.

Contrary to these anti-White critics, it's right to ask for proof of good faith before cooperating with people (especially nowadays). For instance: Do you want me to weep over blacks getting shot in Chicago? Then first cry over Whites getting murdered in South Africa. If you do that—if you prove your good faith in that way—then I will spare a tear for the Chicago situation. My attitude is: if you want my cooperation, then offer me something upfront, otherwise fuck off.

"Whataboutism" is what they call our demand for reciprocity upfront, in other words for respect. They are outraged by any suggestion of our equality with them. "How dare you mention your tragedy when I am pointing out mine, which takes precedence infinite times more than does anything you care about," is their position. The reason anti-Whites won't reciprocate—the reason they want it all one way, their way—is that most of them are jews, and jews don't consider Whites to be human. One doesn't reciprocate animals or insects, one just uses them. That's how they see us.
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action

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