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Stewart Meadows

Meet the satanic jew Harry Benjamin who performed sex-change operations on Western children in the 1940s:

Harry Benjamin (January 12, 1885 – August 24, 1986) was a German-American endocrinologist and sexologist, widely known for his clinical work with transsexualism.
In 1948, in San Francisco, Benjamin was asked by Alfred Kinsey, a fellow sexologist, to see a child who "wanted to become a girl" despite being born male; (...) Despite the psychiatrists with whom Benjamin involved in the case not agreeing on a path of treatment, Benjamin eventually decided to treat the child with estrogen

A couple of years ago, Benjamin's Wikipedia page clearly stated that he was a jew:

Benjamin was born in Berlin, and raised in an observant Ashkenazi Jewish home.
But eventually somebody replaced the above paragraph with the following nonsense:

Benjamin was born in Berlin, and raised in a German Lutheran home. His mother was German and his father at least part-Jewish in ancestry.

Do you see what they're doing? They're basically trying to portray this despicable jew as a white Christian.