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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Ford said expose the jew. He -- and not only he, but many others -- incorrectly assessed true power relations between white christian majority and jews. Jews were more powerful than he realized. He was soon 'forced' to apologize and back off his factual claims.

Pierce said build alternative platform. We've seen that done, and successfully, only to see the platforms destroyed. Jews KNOW they are the minority view. They know they will lose any honest competition. They destroy anyone who criticizes them, and they destroy any platform that allows criticism of them.

Killing jews is the only solution that can work. Judaism will not recur if jews are exterminated. And as I've said, if we exterminate termites for valid reasons, then the case for exterminating jews is 100x stronger. Christianity -- a religion that comes from jews -- is the reason we fear to look at jews rationally and treat them the way reason says we must - if we wish to survive ourselves, as a race and civilization.