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Alex Linder

that's old the nigger now is torkson or something, and he overtly wants to be pope

the point is there are like 123 cardinals (estimate) and olivolio has already appointed like 47% of them. and will be over 50% in a year, most likely

so the liberalism will continue, that's what the top radicals militants or trads all think.

the main ones to watch are

e. michael jones (
michael voris (church militant)
dr taylor marshall and his west coast italian looking buddy whose name i'm not familiar with but looks just like judd nelson

these all give excellent historical perspective on church and its true dogmas and doctrine and the goals, intentions and achievement of the subverters

it appears that, parallel to america and the west, there was rot in the church for a long time, but it really accelerated in later sixties...when all the bad changes happened legally and began socially...and today, the subverters rule.

they still have a ways to go. their agenda is women priests. homos allowed receive communion. essentially, they want to do away with all moral judgment. except against people who judge them. those you can and must judge. so it's the exact same thing we see in broader society.

the white-positive part of the church -- the only part, the rest is lies (the jesus cclaims etc) -- is the proper grounding of the family - ruled by the father. married to the mother for good. no divorce. no birth control. no abortion. this makes for stable, settled hearts, characters, men, women, families, ultimately societies. and this is what jews seek to destroy. jews promote loose sex to destroy our race - and this is what the catholics CANT see or dont care about because catholicism is not a racial doctrine. all men need it, is their claim, regardless of race. so they resist for moral/doctrinal reasons as well as practical - they know where the changes the liberals (jews, queers, feminists) are pushing will lead - and have led. and they try to get the church back on course by identifying and criticizing liberals and queers and their networks.

so what's "good for whites" is white men defending solid laws and customs that make for solid families. but the christ stuff is bunk and anti-white. the overlap between catholicism and white nationalism is sexual normalcy, and that's about it. the catholics, from jones on down, will use jewish lies about hitler and NS without giving them a second thought, even as they complain about jewish lies and sexual subversion directed at their institutions and men.

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